Self-Care September Week 1!

Saturday 1st September!

Today’s Self-Care September challenge is to start the day with a positive affirmation. For people who don’t know a positive affirmation is a positive quote or phrase that you repeat to yourself to inspire or motivate yourself to feel better. I find positive affirmations very helpful when I am feeling down or demotivated because they help me change my mindset even if it is just for the shortest amount of time. I found starting the day with a positive affirmation set the day off to be a good one. I found that if I felt a bit flat I could just repeat my positive affirmation and give myself a boost and a different perspective.

My positive affirmation:

Sunday 2nd September!

  • Today’s Self Care September challenge is to get outside for at least ten minutes. Today I took my book outside with a G&T and an ice lolly and just read. I spent at least 45 minutes outside and it really made me feel calm. When I have bad mental health days I do like to leave the flat and head outside for a nice walk to clear my head so I’m glad this is part of the challenge.
  • Monday 3rd September!
  • Today’s Self-Care September challenge is to write down two things you love about yourself. This is such a lovely thing to include on a self-care and kindness challenge because it is about accepting yourself and knowing your worth which is such a hard thing to do. Usually you’re picking up on things that are wrong with yourself but to be ‘forced’ to talk about things you love you’re showing yourself in a more positive light. So here are two things that I love about myself!
  • Tuesday 4th September!
  • Today’s self-care September challenge is treat yourself to something nice! Which is what I did, I bought a unlimited photo pass for Blackpool Pleasure beach which I am going to on Wednesday so I could have some nice memories to cherish. I had such a brilliant day and it was so nice to have some physical copies of some fun times!
  • Wednesday 5th September!
  • Today’s task was to meditate for five minutes, I have never really done much meditation apart from with my RE teachers before exams so I did a little bit of research before I did my five minutes. Firstly I looked on YouTube for five minute meditations and browsed through to see what was popular.
  • I clicked on the first one because it had 2Million views and I felt like that was the best bet for someone who had never really dabbled in meditation before. I listened to it and it was very soothing, I lay in a dark room with my headphones in and just listened to the calm voice. I also found the natural imagery really soothing due to growing up in the countryside. I did enjoy it and when I feel anxious or low I may come back to meditation and hopefully I can find a place for it in my life.
  • Thursday 6th September!
  • Today’s challenge was to sit for 30 minutes with a book and a drink of my choice. This was an easy one for me as I am in love with reading. I have been a book worm all my life so that didn’t feel like a challenge but it was nice to give myself half an hour break from life to do what I love and enjoy a beverage. My drink of choice was a nice peach iced tea and my book was Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland.
  • Friday 7th September!
  • Today’s challenge was to have an hour off social media so today on my lunch break I decided to leave my phone in the office at work and spend my hour outside. I took my college work out to the local park outside of work and sat and studied instead of being on my phone. It was nice to have a break away from social media because sometimes I use it to distract myself and to procrastinate. It gave me a real productive feeling to go back into work after getting some work done.
  • That’s the first round up of Self-Care September and one week down. I’ve really enjoyed these tasks and challenges to do, I find them very beneficial but easy ways to care for yourself. Stay tuned for next weeks round up.

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