Self-care September Week 3!

We’re a third of the way through now people and I’m feeling super inspired and productive to look after myself!

15th September!

Share 10 posts from other creators you love!

This will be a mixture between bloggers and YouTubers because I honestly couldn’t choose!

  1. My queen Shane Dawson!! He creates such entertaining, funny yet touching content and I’m loving where his channel is going so my number 1 shoutout goes to him|
  2. Emma’s Rectangle! She is a Youtuber who is such a style icon and does beauty and lifestyle videos as well as my favourite videos of all time RENOVATION AND DECORATING VIDEOS! Check her channel out!
  3. Aisling from Dramatic MAC on YouTube who does lovely daily vlogs as well as interesting beauty videos and I just adore her personality.
  4. A blogger I’ve been loving is Megan from Pixieskies_ who creates such cool, interesting content such as advice with uni, travel diaries and music recommendations. Definitely go and follow her blog and twitter.
  5. Another blogger who’s content I’ve been loving is Jenny from Jennyinneverland. She recently shared a blog post all about sexual health and I felt really touched that someone would speak out about this tabood subject in such a respectful, informative and personal way. She also has really interesting content on how to use your blog to its potential and is making a blogging ebook which is super exciting
  6. A blogger and youtuber I adore is Katie Snooks, she has such a lovely aura about her and she is just so lovely to watch. I always go to bed early with a peppermint tea and watch her vlogs because her voice and her life relaxes me. I also love to read her blog and I think her photos on her blog are PHENOMENAL!
  7. Another blogger and youtuber I’ve been enjoying recently is Lauren from Laurenannbeauty who has posts on different beauty ranges, holiday content and restaurant reviews which I find are eloquently written and photographed.
  8. An Instagrammer who I have been loving recently who creates quite niche content is @mrshinchhome_x_ and she does really motivational cleaning content. Now this lady is a guilty of pleasure of mine and if you can’t bring yourself to get into a routine of thorough cleaning she will inspire you too so definitely check her out
  9. A mummy youtuber who I love is Mrs Meldrum and her videos/instagrams make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside because she just has such a lovely family and a lovely home. I love how real and sweet she comes across and it makes me always come back to watch more.
  10. Another blogger I love to read is heyyitschloejade who is bringing awareness and providing advice for people struggling with mental illness, chronic illness and disability who has really deep but well written pieces on mental health and illness to try to reach to as many people as possible

16th September!

Write down exactly how you’re feeling today!

Today has been a full day off which is very rare for me. I have been so productive which leaves me feeling so satisfied at the end of day. Today I got my whole to-do list done and that has given me a real calm feeling. I deep cleaned the flat which made me feel so much lighter and relieved. I did all of my college work which meant I have no stress for the week ahead. I did the food shop so the fridge is stocked and lunches/dinners are all ready for the week. I have been productive and that has made me feel really happy about myself. I feel really good today.

17th September!

Rewatch one of your favourite movies!

Today after a long day of work I cuddled down on the sofa and watched Tangled. My favourite Disney film ever!! It was so nice just to wind down with a glass of wine and sing along

18th September!

Support a charity/small business any way you can!

I was struggling to think about what I could do for this one because I just couldn’t decide who I wanted to support. When I went out for dinner with my dad and my boyfriend I noticed a donation box for the National Autistic Society which made everything seem to fall into place. The youngest I nanny for is autistic and I knew that today was the day for supporting a charity so I put a fiver into the pot and felt really pleased with myself.

19th September!

Declutter just one item!

THIS WAS A HARD ONE! I haaaaate getting rid of things. IM A FUCKING HOARDER!! But I had loads of books I had read and knew I wouldn’t read again so I sorted out a pile of them for my dad to read whenever he goes into hospital and sent the rest to charity. God it was hard but I was ruthless.

20th September!

Do that thing you’ve been putting off!

Jack and I are hoping to be moving into a house together next year and since we made that decision he has told me that I have to sort through all my stuff and get rid of things that I won’t need in the new home (see above for reasons why). So today after I finished my work placement I sat and sorted out my wardrobe, and god was it hard. I put my summer clothes into storage boxes and kept out only things I would wear for college. So thank you for forcing me to sort my shit out by making it my challenge of the day!

21st September!

Spend time cooking/making yourself a meal!

Here comes the dreaded Friday night where I can’t do yet another challenge because I have work 9-3 and then 3-11. I could not spend time cooking myself a meal however I made the kids I nanny for one? Does pasta count? I’m gonna say yes! Chicken pasta for the win kiddos!!

This week hasn’t been as easy as the last two, I haven’t been in the best of head spaces but I have done it and I feel better about doing it. I’m sorry this post is up late and I haven’t been as present I’ve just needed some time away but I’m back and I’m trying to get my shit sorted. One more week left of Self Care September, has anybody been following along too?

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