This or that challenge!

Thank you so much Butterfliesandboundaries (@xSineadxAnnax) for tagging me in this challenge, it is such a fun little thing to help people get to know who’s behind these posts a little bit better!

I tag:

Megan (Pixieskiesblog)

Lauren Ann Beauty


and whoever is reading this post to do it and send me their post about it!

Question 1:

Shower in the morning or evening??

Evening for sure! I cannot stand waking up early anyways and the thought of waking up even earlier than I need to be to shower in the morning makes me want to cry (yes I’m melodramatic but your girl loves her sleep)

Question 2:

City centre or close to nature??

I have always lived close to (basically in nature) my entire life so it holds a special place in my heart. To be surrounded by fields and farm animals makes me feel safe and happy. However god small town life can be boring, so I do love going to cities to explore. I would love to live in a city for a few years but I would definitely come back to my roots and bring up a family in the countryside. It’s not a worthwhile childhood if you’re not constantly having wild wee’s and walking around fields until your heart is content. (Yes my childhood was strange)

Question 3:

Bright colours or neutrals??

I love bright colours, they make me feel instantly happy especially yellows and oranges but I simply never wear them. I have a few statement tops/jumpers in orange or yellow but my wardrobe is mainly black, white or other neutrals. However when I get my house I am definitely painting my kitchen bright yellow!!

Question 4:

Spring or autumn??

I am a spring baby through and through, my birthday is in May so it is my favourite time of year. The weather is warming up, the spring flowers are making their way through and lambing time has always been a great time when I was a kid. Spring always feels like a fresh start whereas autumns feels like the end of a good time.

Question 5:

Mint or cinnamon??

Mint! I cannot stand the scent of cinnamon!!

Question 6:

Planned or spontaneous??

Simple spontaneous plans such as “I’m off work now and I was wondering if you wanted to grab some lunch?” Are always appreciated but grand spontaneous trips bring me massive anxiety. I hate not knowing things and it ruins the whole experience for me. So definitely planned!

Question 7:

A movie at home or at the cinema??

A movie at home for sure! I can get as many snacks as I want, I can choose what I watch, I can sing along as loud as I want and I don’t have to pay for much. Plus I can talk as much as I want, I am that person who will chat through a film and that’s not okay at the cinema so definitely a movie at home

Question 8:

Espresso or Latte??

Neither. Even the smell of coffee makes me feel sick!

Question 9:

Hugs or kisses??

Since I said neither for question 8 can I say both for 9? I love both of them. I love sleepy cuddles and forehead kisses, I love big warm hugs when you feel like shit but also passionate kisses (cheeky!)

Question 10:

Spicy or mild food??

A happy medium please. Not too spicey but not too mild either.

Question 11:

Leather or lace??

Not going to lie to you never owned an item of clothing of either material. I am a sweatshirt/t shirt and jeans kinda gal, I don’t bother with fashion enough to put myself into the realm of anything other than cotton or polyester. However I would probably lean to more lace because I’m OBSESSED WITH WEDDING DRESSES.

Question 12:

Overdressed or underdressed??

Underdressed definitely, I am not a fashion person and I go for comfort at all times. I would feel so out of place if I was over dressed.

Question 13:

Adventure or comfort??

Comfort 100%. I am an absolutely home body, I feel so much better at home relaxing or cleaning with a candle burning whilst blasting music. I do love going places and exploring but I am always so happy to get back to comfort of my home.

Question 14:

TV Series or movie??

Probably TV Series, they last longer😂 anything I love to watch is either a tv series or a film I really NEED to be made into a TV series so that I can get more and more of it. If you would like a blog post on my favourite TV series or films do let me know!

Question 15:

Rock or country music??

If I had to choose I would say country just because I love anything acoustic but there are a few rock bands I am partial to.

Question 16:

Red or white wine??

White wine, the fruitier for better. I’ve still not found out how to enjoy drink for the sake of drinking because I will only drink something that tastes nice and as little like alcohol as possible.

Question 17:

  • Working alone or in a team??
  • I would get so lonely working alone and yet I hate group work. However that is only like college group work, but in my job it would be harder to stay creative and motivated if you worked alone. Definitely in a team, I find a team worn dynamic so helpful for making you productive.
  • Question 18:
  • Swimming or sunbathing??
  • Probably both. On holiday I love to swap between being in the pool and being on the poolside reading my book and trying to be less pale than I already am.
  • Question 19:
  • Fast food or sit down restaurant??
  • Sit down restaurant, nothing like sitting with someone you care about in a restaurant and enjoying their company and some amazing food.
  • Question 20:
  • Matched or mismatched socks??
  • Matched.
  • Question 21:
  • Dancing or singing??
  • Singing all the way, I am a musical girl through and through and if I could afford it I would do singing lessons for the rest of my life. I sing all of the time and music is such a huge part of my life. Please someone give me unlimited money for music lessons thank you.
  • Question 22:
  • Phone or internet??
  • Internet probably, the internet is an amazing thing we have access too. I love being able to keep connected with the people I care about who live away and also to connect with people around the world I don’t know yet.
  • There are my answer for the this or that challenge, what have you guys learnt about me so far then? Pretty sure it’s that I’m a Taurus through and through and that I used to walk around fields all the time as a kid talking to myself!

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