A book, a song and a film that changed my life.

Have you ever read a book that has left you thinking about it all night after you put it down? Have you ever listened to a song that you’ve deeply connected with so much you felt emotional? How about a film which has made you see the world differently? If you answered yes to any of them questions this post is for you.

Music has always been a huge part of my life and so I’ve had so many songs that have had a significant impact on me but I am going to tell you just about the most recent one. Recently I fell upon a beautiful song whilst listening to random playlists on Spotify, and the words just genuinely brought me to tears. It brought up feelings that I have been trying to avoid but it just made me come to a huge realisation in my life that I really needed. This song is Like I’m Gonna Lose You by Jasmine Thompson, please give this song a listen and see if you feel the same way I did. Her voice is so magical and the words really made me feel deeply. I was lying in bed late at night playing this full blast in my earphones and it made me realise that the people you love are so easily lost and taken for granted. The whole chorus just gets me.

“I’m gonna love you, like I’m gonna lose you. I’m gonna hold you like I’m saying goodbye. Wherever we’re standing I won’t take you for granted, because we’ll never when we will run out of time”

I think I was in a place in my relationship where I felt frustrated, which is natural, I felt like we weren’t moving anywhere and I couldn’t make us any happier. Then I lay in bed and listened to some music to distract me and I came across this song, it made me realise that we’re not promised tomorrow. We may not have the amount of time we think we do so stop taking everything so seriously and placing so much pressure on one person and just love them like you’re gonna lose them. Now that is a lot and I know it seems like such a negative way to think of love, however it just threw everything into perceptive. For someone who is absolutely terrified of death I still never really connected that I could lose someone at any given moment and I just need to let go and love with my whole being. Now I feel so moved and strong about this song and the way I deal with relationships in my life.

The film that changed my life is a bit more positive than the song and the book, but just as powerful. As most of us interested in history will know, the fight for women’s suffrage and other rights was a huge important aspect of (mostly) British history. Now I of all people adore the suffrage movement, so much so that I dedicated my A Level History coursework to researching different historians views on the likes of the suffragists and suffragettes and how much of an impact they actually had; spoiler quite a big impact thank you. So when I saw that they were making a film on the Suffragettes I was so excited, this was something I had spent so much time researching and finding the exact quote to explain my points that I just couldn’t wait to see it brought to life. To keep a long story short I was not disappointed and I felt like it was so greatly done, despite the lack of Pankhursts or Fawcetts. This film really solidified what I had admired and loved about the teamwork and strength that the suffrage movement represented to me. I left that cinema feeling so powerfully grateful for all that they had done and to be a strong woman who speaks her mind just like they did all them years ago. I could honestly talk about this subject for hours but I won’t, so what I am trying to say is that this film meant more to me than it might to the average person but I still recommend watching the film and educating yourself on such an important movement.

As a child I was a massive bookworm, I could read for hours and hours without even noticing the time going by. There were certain books I have read which have just stuck with me for weeks and affected me so deeply I had to change the way I thought about things. To me those stories had just as much of an impact as significant people in my life who have influenced my thinking.

The book which I’m going to be talking about is Five People You Meet In Heaven by the incredible author who is never hyped up enough called Mitch Albom. He writes in such a philosophical and meaningful matter that I have to stop half way through and reevaluate everything because it just makes you think. This book is about an old man who works on a fair ground, suddenly there is a freak accident and he dies..yes, that’s the start of it. However it follows his journey of meeting five people who have influenced his life to take the path life has taken and it highlights who really gave him the opportunities he got. The story shows him parts of his life that he didn’t find significant and shows how significant they really were. I first read this book when I was 12 because my dad came across it and he just wanted to share it with everyone. Then at 18 I decided to read it again and it was so much more meaningful than before. I found myself thinking “who has been the most influential for me?” And “who did I meet that changed my direction in life to where I am now?” It is such a deep and thought provoking book that I never really got over it. If you take anything from me or my blog please be that you read that book. In light of that I would like to start a giveaway here on my blog including this book! If you would like to win this book and go read it because you’re into books and you want to read something life changing then just be active on my blog and twitter (@allthingsalexx_) which I will link for you and I will choose someone at random. I want someone to read this and see it the way I see it so if you are looking for your next impactful read let me know. Thank you so much for reading this post guys and please let me know in the comments any books, songs or films which have really impacted you if, any at all.


  1. So weird that my dad gave me that same book when I was younger as well!!! I never gave it a read through, but I might do now. I love how personal this post is, I’m so happy I read through it xxx

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  2. Suffragette is such a good film, I’ve always been so happy that they did it right almost. Definitely need to get onto that book too, I remember you mentioning it years ago but I’ve never gotten round to it xx

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    1. Get on it woman!! It was amazing, I wrote about it in English in year 8😂 yeah suffragette was amazing and it did them justice, but it also was mainstream so that people went to see it. If it was too niche it wouldn’t have got the views I don’t think xx


  3. I LOVE this post. Was listening to the song as a read it (and found your insta) , and it is so so beautiful! Kind of song that really makes you feel and think. It’s now in my most beautiful songs Spotify playlist, so thank you for sharing it! I haven’t read that book, but similarly I have just popped it in my amazon basket for my next book order! Great post. Love how personal it was. Xx

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. It is such a beautiful song and it really created a moment of change in my life. Yes get on reading that book and let me know how you get on with it! Thank you for your kind words I really appreciate it x

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