Self-Care September Week 4! (The final week + overview)

Welcome back to my last update of this challenge, it is finally the end of Self-Care September and here is my final week of challenges.

22nd September!

Watch an interesting documentary!

Tonight I sat with the kids I nanny for and we watched a documentary about bears. All the bears. Polar bears, brown bears and black bears. I found it hella interesting but the youngest spent the whole time holding my arm saying “scaaarrrry”.

23rd September!

Write down 5 things you’re proud of

  1. I started driving lessons despite the fact I had such strong anxiety about it
  2. Making the decision to not go to university for the sake of going and just waited for life to give me an opportunity
  3. That despite the fact I was really struggling with my anxiety I still worked hard enough to be offered a bank staff job at my work placement
  4. My little kiddos, despite the fact we aren’t blood they’re still my family and I am always so proud of their attitudes and actions no matter what the situation is
  5. My friends and family in all of their achievements

24th September!

Spend 20 minutes doing nothing!

Not much to report on this one, just came in from work and napped. But I bloody loved it.

25th September!

Get crafty for 30 minutes

This worked out well, in college we had to create a room plan of an enabling, language rich environment so I had to get creative then and draw that out, and then make a 3D shoe box version of it. Thank you universe for sorting this one out for me on the right day.

26th September!

Create a positive quotes board on Pinterest

27th September!

Deep clean one room in your house!

With this Mrs Hinch cleaning craze going on right now deep cleaning is very on trend. I am not quite on the bandwagon but I have felt the benefits of having a clean environment. So I spent my evening deep cleaning the kitchen/living room and I feel so much better for it.

28th September!

Slow down..whatever that means to you

I looked ahead at this and took full advantage of it, I took a night off work. If you knew me in real life I don’t take time off work for anything. At first I decided to go for a night out with a few gal pals but then I felt like for my mental health I should take it off and do nothing but go out for dinner with jack and relax.

29th September!

Set yourself two achievable goals for next month!

  • Pass my theory test
  • Get on top of all my college work and keep on top of it

30th September!

Reflect on your month. Remember the good times and think about what you can change for next month.

September has been a very rollercoaster month, it has been a month of new beginnings, of loneliness, of family time, of change and of reconnecting. This will be the first month of really caring about my blog and trying to upload regularly and I am loving it, however it has also been a month of sadness because despite the fact gaining online friends I’m losing ‘irl’ friends. With my friends going back to uni I know that the wedge is well and truly there with some of them and that my team is no longer who it used to be. But that’s okay, and you need to grow and change and if people don’t fit into your life or you don’t fit into theirs then it’s okay for you to not be a part of their life. I’ve found myself reconnecting with my college girls and I have loved having them there for me when I need them. This month has been great but different, here’s to October being even better.

My reflection on Self-Care September!

I have really enjoyed this challenge, to be aware that I am doing little things to help myself and my mental state has been a really positive experience. However I couldn’t see myself doing one of them everyday because I struggled to squeeze them in in that order, but it has given me ideas and options on how to treat myself well. For example I am gonna do more pamper evenings and I’m really enjoying deep cleaning things, they make me feel like I’m looking after myself and my environment. One thing I loved the most about this whole thing was that it allowed me to be creative and gave me no choice but to try and fit it into my life which is really what I needed some days.

So that’s the end of my first monthly series, have you enjoyed it? I have another series set up for October which I’m excited for you to see! If you have any other challenges or tags you would love to see me try let me know in the comments.

Which challenge out of Self-Care September did you like the most? Mine was to slow down, god did I need that.


    1. Yeah it was great, there should be loads around the internet or you could just use the September one for this month and see how you get on? Xx

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I love this idea and am definitely going to look into doing one for October! It’s always good to keep a record on how much self care we do, and I know I could use a little more! Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much I’m glad you enjoyed it! Yeah find one for October or use the September one and add an extra day. It’s a habit I would love to get into though more regularly because self care is an area I’m lacking in! x


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