Worth the hype?: The Imogenation x Revolution eyeshadow palette edition.

“Worth the hype?” Is a series I would really love to start on my blog, it is going to be a series where I only use that one product Or brand for a month so I can fully say whether it is worth you spending your money on or not. My first product in this series is the Imogenation x Revolution palette which came out this summer. If you don’t know who Imogenation (Imogen) is then you really need to get to know (huns you get me) who she is because she is an angel. She is a Youtuber who has really made an impact on my life. I have actually talked about her on this blog already in my “why I stand by social media” post a while back. Imogen is the sweetest, coolest social media presence I have had the joy of engaging with, she is so kind and loving and teaches her viewers how it’s okay to be yourself and a bit weird. To me this is very inspiring, so i felt like I should make a homage to someone who has had such an impact on my life. For this review I will post as many looks as possible I have done with this palette and discuss how it wears and how it applies and the shade selection.

I am not anywhere close to being decent at make up but I wanted to do this post because I find make up so fun to play around with and I wanted to make sure I supported Imogen and got as much use out of this palette as possible.

Look number 1!

This look was a quick and easy warm all matte eye, I was going out for lunch with my cousin and wanted to do something pretty easy but also something that made me feel great. To get this look I used “2NICE” in the crease as a transition, then I used “GET TO KNOW” all over my lid and in my crease and then I blended “IMAGINE” on my lid closer to the lash line and then smoked it out. The warmth of the browns and oranges really brought out the blue in my eyes which made me feel amazing all day long.

Look number 2!

Today I did a warm orange eye today with a slight shimmer. I wanted something warm but natural because I was just going to work. First I used “LOVIN LIFE” in the crease as a transition shade which I really buffed onto the lid, then I used “HONEYBEE” again in the crease but also on my outer corner and made sure it was also really blended out. Then I added “MILLS” to my outer corner and crease to intensify the warmth of the look. Than I added “YOU KNOW” and “GET TO KNOW” on the outer corner to deepen it slightly and I took my time to blend it all out completely and seamlessly. Then I packed on “HUNS” on the inner part of the lid and blended it out with some more of “HONEYBEE”

Look number 3!

Red/pink shimmer eye for date night! In all honesty this will be the most intense look you will see from me because I don’t have the skills to make anything else dramatic look presentable and also because it just makes my eyes look tiny. Saying that though I did absolutely love this look and it made me feel so good but I just don’t feel like I can pull of dark full on looks. My eyeshadow looks usually consist of matte eyeshadows which are really buffed out, but I felt like that would be boring so I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and wore a dark red sparkly eyeshadow! So I guess that is one thing to come from this. The next look I know will be less intimidating to me but also less exciting, however I do know that not everybody is caught up in the cut creases and bold colours that is the YouTube world and just want simple everyday appropriate looks and that is what I will deliver you.

Today’s look is back in my comfort zone (hurrah) and it is inspired by Nicole Renee on YouTube! Today she posted a video/tutorial of the Emily Edit Needs palette by Revolution and I thought it was stunning. The colours she used I thought were quite similar to the ones in the Imogenation palette so I thought I could recreate it for you all. As you can see Nicole’s look is a lot cooler toned and perfect than mine but I did take huge inspiration from it so I wanted to show her look! To create this look I first blended “2NICE” into my crease and slightly onto the lid as my transition, then on a fluffy brush I mixed “MILLS” and “YOU KNOW” and really softly blended that into my crease to create a soft orange/red colour. Then on a tapered brush I mixed “IMAGINE” and “GET TO KNOW” and places that further into the crease and started to blend it onto the eyelids. Then using the same tapered brush I stamped “SORRY NOT SORRY” on to my entire lid and then blended it all with a clean fluffy brush. I feel like this is a perfect eye look for autumn and it made me feel so comfortable with it being a matte smokey eye!

My final look was a matte sunset eye for my brunch with my girls🧡 I only used three colours and two brushes and it did not take long at all. You can’t really see in the pictures but these orange toned colours really bring out the blue in my eyes which makes me really happy. For this look I used “HONEYBEE” in the crease and the lid using a fluffy brush and really buffed it in. Then I used a smaller tapered fluffy brush to stamp on and then blend in “MILLS” but not as high up as “HONEYBEE” and then I stamped “YOU KNOW” on the outer corner and blended that. I then stamped on “MILLS” on the middle of the lid and “HONEYBEE” on the inner third of my lid and then blended all three shades in with a big fluffy brush. I ran whatever was left from the tapered brush onto my lower lash line to complete the look.

Final thoughts!

I have been using this palette for the entirety of September and I have used all but two shades (“BUTTERFLY” and “LIMO”) and so I feel like I can have a solid opinion on this palette. The palette is very well laid out, the colours which go together are paired together and the large transition colour pans split the warm orangey tones from the cooler pinky tones which helps you be inspired. There is a nice balance of warm and neutral tones with a few cool tones sprinkled in there which gives you a decent amount of variety. The matte shades have a buildable amount of pigment in them but they are also easily blended so that you aren’t left with crazy sharp lines. The shimmers I would say are pigmented but I don’t love the shades as much as I love the matte colours. For example I found “BUTTERFLY” the light metallic blue very unwearable and “ANGEL” just too stark for my liking however I can see other people enjoying them. I also personally don’t like “FOREVER FRIEND” as on my skin tone it shows up more blue/cool toned pink and I just don’t suit the icy tone of it. I am quite a pale person anyways so if they’re icy and light on my skin I can’t see them working great for darker skin tones.

Overall I think it is a very on trend palette which can be used for everyday as it has nice browns, pinks and oranges but also has the deeper and more vibrant shades to amp up your looks more. A very versatile and user friendly palette which I’m very glad is part of my collection. If I had to choose my favourite colours out of the palette I would have to say “GET TO KNOW”, “RAISE AND PRAISE” and “YOU KNOW” as they can be used in different ways to add new aspects to a look.

Have you tried this palette? And if so which shades are you favourite? I would love to know!


    1. Awh thank you, I’m no good at all really but I enjoy doing it and that’s the main thing right? Yeah it’s only £10 and it’s amazing. I found it way better than my £48 too faced palette which was a surprise! Let me know if you try it xx

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  1. Wow I loved this. I’m definitely going to give this palette a shot. I love eyeshadow and make up in general and some of my favourite looks are created with the colours you used. 💖

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