National library week: Why libraries are so important.

National Libraries Week 2018 was this week and I really wanted to post my thoughts on it. This year their focus was on well being, which I felt was such an important topic to focus on.

Seeing the topic of this years #NationalLibrariesWeek was well being it really inspired me to write this. As you may be aware of if you read my blog is that I am working towards becoming a fully qualified Early Years Educator and the term well being is used in every topic. A child’s emotional well being is at the core of everything, it is the factor between the child succeeding and failing. If a child has a positive emotional well-being they will become self confident, this will lead them to try harder with personal relationships and education which will in turn help them become confident and intelligent adults. The emotional well being of the children is always at the heart of everything we do whilst them children are in our care, which shows how important wellbeing is for adults and children.

Libraries across the country will showcase how they bring communities together, combat loneliness, provide a space for and creativity, and support people with their mental health- Libraries Week

Personally as a child I was obsessed with reading and anything to do with books! Books were the most important thing to me and I would wizz through them like there was no tomorrow. Realistically could my parents pay for every book I would read and manage to keep up with the demand? The answer is definitely not! Now I wonder how you can read around 20 books a month without it costing you a fortune? How about a system where you could borrow books for free, and read and read until your hearts content? Sounds familiar, that’s right a library. My favourite thing on a Saturday was to go down to the local library and get a big bag full of books to read over the next two weeks and swap them all for new ones once I had finished. The library became a really special place to me because it allowed me to fuel my hobby and passion without costing my parents an unreasonable amount of money, it also gave me a chance to socialise with like minded children who were there for the same reasons I was. I found this experience of being able to find all of these different books, fiction and non-fiction, to learn new vocabulary and increase my knowledge on a wide array of topics. It made me become aware of so much more than I would’ve been if I didn’t have access to these hundreds of books and it also helped me develop my literacy to a level which made my parents and school proud of me. I find that a really significant reason for libraries to be important parts of our society because the amount of reading I was able to do due to their service helped build my intelligence endlessly. It helped my with my confidence especially when it came to public speaking and with reading and understanding text.

Why libraries are so important

The library closest to me has many incredible factors which make it unique and important to our community. It has different stands which help different issues in a way which can be anonymous as well as personal, for example they have a whole corner created my Macmillan to provide books and information packs for people and their families dealing with cancer; an especially important feature is specific books designed for kids to help explain about cancer especially if their parents have been diagnosed with it. Another resource stand which I take full advantage of is one with information and personal stories about Autism, I have read multiple books from this stand to help me with both my job and my professional development. A particularly important area of my local library is for young teens which provides books and resources on going through puberty, mental health issues, sexuality issues, and bullying which I feel is so important to be easily and readily available for anybody who is struggling.

Libraries also offer different clubs and sessions to help build a community and promote well being, which is what is the focus of this years Library week. My local library offer de-stressing sessions with different services or tips on de-stressing to help promote the wellbeing of the people within our community, this also provides exposure for the services and companies who come in to run a session within the library. They help promote the community learning and skills programme by providing a space for them to advertise and run sessions to help more people gain a higher education, and along similar lines they run an adults reading club to help older people become more socially active within the community but also help with keeping their brains active with reading and discussions every week.

The number of opportunities for well being coming from one local library is endless and is always building up. The library is a service which should never be considered to be ended because it is so valuable to people of all ages and ability. It provides a sense of community by bringing like minded people together, it offers advice and information for any issues you may have and it gives you a place where so much knowledge is right at your fingertips which is just magical. This is a cause and a place which I will always back up and be passionate about because it did so much for me. Please consider supporting your local library more and check out what they have available because you never know when it might become a lifeline for you.

My local library was a safe place for me, it was somewhere where I could go and read and escape whatever I needed to escape. My local library gave my parents a very inexpensive way to make me happy. My local library provided me with advice when I was questioning my sexuality. My local library helped my Aunty when she had cancer. My local library provides me a place with resources to help my little sister and I to connect and to enjoy ourselves on a tight budget.


  1. Nice post Alex! Libraries are indeed important. I have a love / hate relationship with books but I won’t get into that 😅😆 Love it when I can curl up in bed and read a nice book!


  2. YES, YES, YES!!! Libraries and book are so important. It’s so sad to see how much they struggle nowadays… People don’t realise how much they help people and how they help the development in children. I’m a recent English literature graduate and it’s made me fall in love with books even more. So glad you wrote this post to spread the love! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, they’re so important and useful but don’t get enough credit. I’m hoping this week has helped them get the appreciation they deserve!🧡


  3. Brilliant post Alex!! First of all I didn’t even know there was such a thing as national library week till after reading this! I’m similar to you on getting through books quick as I always find my pile getting smaller and smaller. I think people should go to libraries more, especially with the access they give now (compared to in the past) like easier printing facilities, book clubs and book transfers etc. This was a really love post x

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback, yeah they are so important but they’re just overlooked especially when you get older. I’m glad you enjoyed the post x


      1. You’re right about that one, as I’m definitely guilty of not going to the library as much as I used to when I was younger. I just purchase them online. But I’ll try to visit my local library more and grab a book or two out x

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment, yeah they’re so important to our community and our children. I’m glad you enjoyed ☺️


    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, they are so important and they deserve so much more appreciation! I hope that the more people talk about things like this the more people act upon it, I hope to have some sort of impact somewhere🙈
      Alex x

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    1. Thank you so much! I’m glad you love taking your kids and I hope they love it too! The library has some really exciting opportunities going for all ages and I’m glad they spend time there x


    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post and leave me a comment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it, don’t forget to share it if you think your audience will enjoy it. They really are amazing and I’m so glad that people agree x


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