Follow Friday! Stories About Autism!

I thought I would start a new thing on my channel where in the last week of the month I shoutout a blog or social media account which I believe deserves a #followfriday. The month of October is dedicated to one of my favourite instagram/blog accounts which is Stories about autism.

James (who runs the account) is a dad of two young boys with autism, his blog/instagram is all about his sons journeys living with autism. James shares achievements, reflections and woes about parenthood and his family regularly, and updates us on how both of the boys are doing. I find this account so interesting to keep up with because it shows the everyday life of autism parenting, and it shows the struggles and the adaptations as well as the happiest moments and the proudest moments. To me it is also really helpful in the job I want to do because it shows me firstly two different stories of autism but also the struggles the child and family has and where I feel like help is needed.

Not only has James got a blog, an instagram with 9,000+ subscribers, a Facebook page which has 34k followers but he also makes an incredible Podcast with other people somehow associated with autism to create an awareness within society. It also highlights the huge differences there are between every human with autism. He gives people a chance to talk about their experiences and helps people who listen to know their story and journey and become aware and accepting of these people and their families. I personally find these accounts and the podcast super helpful for my job and especially my professional interest which is SEN.

Stories about autism is the daily life of James, his son Jude (10) and his son Tommy (7), he shares their stories from the day and daily battles which they all face as a family. The stories about autism social media pges make it easier for other autism parents to interact and feel less alone in their parenting journey, this is one main reason why I believe James should have more followers. If one page can provide so much insight and support for people walking the same path then it should be widely recognised and be more appreciated than it is. You can see the support and advice in the comment section of every post, which is so lovely to see on the internet that can be such a negative place sometimes.

Something else which I love about Stories About Autism is the contrast and similarities between the two boys and their personal struggles. The different traits and battles both boys have makes them so unique yet so similar and I love the representation of it. When I started working with SEN children I hated the representation of them in the media, especially when it came to autism. How many more shows can you make about a human with high functioning autism before you realise there is the rest of the spectrum to cover? (That’s another issue for another time) but the fact that James is showing his reality and the different parts of autism is refreshing for all involved.

So please check all of James’ socials out and have a listen to the podcast because he deserves the support and the awareness that he is raising to be spread to as many people as we can!

Thank you so much for reading and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex x


  1. I will definitely check his blog out. I think people sharing things like this helps so much with educating people and making them more aware of what life can be like for others – although you are totally right the media seem to just have one go to type of autism and ignore the rest of the spectrum. X

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    1. Thank you so much for your comment Jenna it means so much! I am so passionate about this subject and I think people like James who are doing their best to raise awareness and fight for his kids best life need more recognition! I loved writing this post and I can’t wait to write more like it.
      Thanks for the support🧡 xx


    1. Thank you so much for your comment and your feedback. Yeah I think it’s great to support other bloggers especially when they’re doing such amazing things!🧡

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