My thoughts on the BBC’s “The Cry”

Doesn’t this picture just give you the chills?? Anyways..

If you are from the UK you will be aware of the BBC’s love of creating dramas which have a high level of shock factor to get the British public thinking. The most recent four part drama series they released was The Cry which debuted on the 30th September 2018 and finished on the 21st October.

The Cry starts off showing a family of three: The mum Joanna (Jenna Coleman), the Dad Alistair (Ewen Leslie) and their 4 month old baby Noah. It shows Joanna’s struggles with being a mother and how she felt prior to their trip to Australia. As the trailer shows the story is all about how baby Noah gets kidnapped and the tale of what happens before and after the crime is committed. This topic is such a horrible and heartbreaking one, it is something unimaginable especially when you find out the full circumstances. It has caused massive discussion and conversation about the idea of Joanna having post natal depression and of the actual crime itself. Even just in my personal circles I have seen huge conflict of opinion of the characters and the events of this show, which has been so interesting to listen to. I think what causes the differences of thinking is how far along in the series you are and how the different truths affect you personally. The BBC created these different feelings for each character which change throughout each episode to make you feel more involved in the story, which I feel like is such a clever move from the creators.

The show consistently shows flashbacks throughout all four episodes to show the viewers the progression of the story, it shows to when Joanna and Alistair first met, it shows back to their plane journey, it shows back the trip to and within Australia multiple times to show the viewers what happened and also a court case back in Scotland which is not fully explained until the end.

The first episode shows the main bulk of the story line, it contains their life before the trip to Australia and then the start of the case of the missing baby. It shows the story from the view points of most of the main characters to get you thinking about who committed this heart wrenching crime. The second and third episode carry on the flashbacks to that dreadful day as well carrying on the events after the fact and the police case. The final episode though is not one to miss, the finale pieces together the whole story and gives you a real shock. Despite the fact you feel like you know what happened to that baby all along, it shows you the whole truth. I felt shocked about the revelation and I actually found myself getting angry about it all. I am not going to spoil anything for you but it was incredible and something short but interesting to watch. I definitely recommend you to watch it if you can because it was thrilling to watch and worth the hype it’s gained.

The conversation around this series has been super interesting and I have read multiple articles all about it, so I felt like I wanted to add to it and to recommend it to you lovely lot to go and watch it if you can! I personally found it thrilling and I just couldn’t imagine being in that situation, I found the actions and the thinking of each character involved especially interesting.

Thank you for reading today’s post and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex x

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