5 present ideas for the strong women in your life

Christmas is only around the corner and if you are like me and LOVE buying people the most perfect and personal gifts then the panic is on. So I have found the coolest and sweet presents for the strong women in your life to either give you inspiration for your gifts or make your life so much easier by providing the ideas and links right here. It was hard for me to choose only five but I felt like these were different yet so great gifts for anyone you want to treat.

*all images aren’t my own*

My first gift has a really special meaning and is also so affordable so it is perfect for a stocking filler or secret santa gifts, so this gift is a necklace from Avon’s Coppafeel range/campaign. The necklace comes in gold or silver and is only £5, it may not be the most expensive piece of jewelry but it is so great because it supports a great cause and if you want a more expensive and precious piece of jewelry keep reading as I have one more piece for you to check out. This range is a campaign which Avon are running to raise money and awareness for breast cancer and so it makes an awesome gift as it not only gives to a person you care about but also to a brilliant cause. It also comes with a guide on how to check your breasts for cancer which is also so useful.

My second gift is a book all about 21 incredible women who have formed and built Britain throughout history, I personally am a huge book lover as well as a massive history nerd so I would love to recieve this. That being said I also believe that this would be an awesome gift for the amazing women in your life who could do with the empowerment and self esteem boost as well as an education on british female history. The book includes Queen Elizabeth I, Emmeline Pankhurst (QUEEN) and Nicola Sturgeon and teaches the reader about the amazing work these 21 women have done to help this country get to where it is now.  So this is a really cool and useful book to recieve as it is imformative and quite easy to read because its non-fiction.

My third gift is The 100 Day Happiness Planner which is a cross between a planner and journal, this book is undated so you can use for whichever 100 days you would like and it also includes inspirational and wellness quotes and ideas to help them 100 days be happy. I feel like this is a lovely gift as it can be used by so many different people for different things, it helps people stay organised and can help with mental health needs. I feel like it can be really thoughtful and useful for the busy women in your life.

My fourth gift is a piece of jewellery from the lovely site Rachel and Joseph who create custom pieces such as wire names, hearts and other beautiful pieces. Now these are the most expensive of the gifts on this guide but it could be a really lovely treat for someone who deserves it. This jewellery looks so special and would be so lovely to receive as it is personal and great quality! My mum has one of the twisted name necklaces with my little sisters name on it.

My fifth gift is another personal yet lovely gifts which I have used multiple times before and it is a photo shoot gift voucher. I booked one for my mum when my sister was little so that she had pictures of us both which is so nice to have as treasured memories. Depending on where you live you will have to search online for a photographer but if you’re from the Lake District then I highly recommend Luiza Oliver who I have booked multiple shoots with and she is incredible.

That’s 5 gift ideas for the amazing women in your life, I hope that it gives you some inspiration and if you like or end up buying one of them do let me know!

Thank you for reading today’s post and I hope to see you around these parts again soon.

Alex x


    1. Awh no problem, which gift inspired you?? Thank you so much, my favourite thing about Christmas is buying people amazing presents so I’ve LOVED writing the gift guides xx


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