Useful presents to get for children for Christmas

I find children so difficult to buy for so today I have decided to show you some cool yet useful presents to buy children for Christmas. I usually try to steer away from buying toys unless they’re of educational use because I want what I buy people to be of use and meaningful. If you have a child in your life that you struggle to buy for then here’s a few ideas for you.


Books are always such a good gift for a child as they can help teach them so much and also expose them to different literacy skills from such a young age. Here I will tag some books which are great for their development in some way or another.

Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids is a book all about teaching kids how to be kind my telling them everyone has a bucket of kindness which fills up when they do something kind and causes happiness and which empties when they do something unkind and causes unhappiness. I use this book at Nursery and it works really well for behaviour management and also making children aware of their actions and feelings of others.

Any Julia Donaldson books are great books to buy children because of the rhyme and rhythm of them, and they’re just lovely books to read.

The Complete Book of First Experiences is great for young children as it can prepare them for and normalise changes and events which they have never experienced before. We have a similar collection of books like this but it tells stories of children dealing with things such as getting siblings, starting school and going to the dentist to help the children feel comfortable with them situations and actually learn what is going to happen during them situations.

Sensory books such as touch and feel books are awesome for babies and younger children as they help them use their senses to explore and develop whilst being exposed to literacy. These books are robust and great for their learning.

Clothes and PJ’s

Clothes are always a good shout since kids grow out of clothes all of the time, especially if they go to nursery any spares are great. I usually go for a nice outfit, some shoes or PJ’s because they’re always useful and needed in households of kids. If I’m buying for an older child I will tend to buy nicer quality clothes just because they will appreciate and look after them more whereas younger children want and need less robust outfits.

If I am buying for young children I will buy from

  • Sainsbury’s
  • Primark
  • H&M
  • For older children I usually buy from:
    • River Island

    Educational toys

    This obviously depends on the age group of the child but educational toys can be really great and useful. Home learning is so important for children as a lot of their learning depends on consistency so buying an educational toy which is essentially part of an extension of their educational setting at home.

    For 0-2 years

    • Stacking cups
    • Anything black and white
    • Bath toys

    For 2-3 years

    • Chalk board or outdoor chalks
    • Puzzles
    • Role play sets (cooking, dressing up etc)

    For 3-5 years

    • Story cards
    • Magnifying glasses and outdoor exploring kits
    • Building blocks

    Memories over material items!

    I personally love spending money on memories and experiences rather than material items, they don’t even have to be very big or very expensive trips but I feel like the memories are 10000 times more valuable. So here are a few tips

    • A trip to the local zoo
    • Tickets for a kid friendly theme park
    • A ticket where they can choose where they go for the day (within reason) but they only have one choice. (Inspired by Vickybooker0774)
    • Treat them to dinner out

    They’re my ideas for useful presents for children and I hope that’s inspired you with some ideas! Thank you for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! Alex x


      1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting lovely, yeah I think so too. Yeah they’re just essentials which are always nice gifts so the parents don’t have to buy them x

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