5 best winter/Christmas activities for nursery children.

Hello my lovelies and welcome to my third instalment of my 12 days of blogmas, how has your Sunday been? Today I’m gonna be talking about my favourite Christmas and winter activities to do with the children at work and share some inspiration with you all. This is also great for your own children (if you have any) to help enhance their learning at home. Winter time is the best for activities and learning experiences so I thought this would be super handy for any practitioners or parents out there to do!

Making Christmas lists!

This activity is more based around Christmas but it can be such a good activity to help the children get into the spirit! You could provide checklists for them to mark off what they have and haven’t got, and enhance it by making an elf toy making factory and they can use the checklists to do data representation. You could get them catalogues to do cutting and sticking with, and try to encourage them to start writing words or letters. It also teaches them manners, gratefulness and respect as it is getting them to ask nicely and teaching them to be thankful.

Snow (mainly sensory tray) activities!

For this activity there are a few different things you can do: you can use actual snow, you could use letters, numbers, animals etc frozen into ice, you could use foam or slime. Another one I have found pretty good is using sugar cubes as ice blocks so that they can build igloos or ice castles using fine motor skills such as pincer grips or using tweezers for even more fine motor finessing. The snow activities can be incorporated into maths activities, literacy activities, expressive arts and design..anything you like! You could freeze paint and use that to paint, you could do a scavenger hunt on all of the things that might live in the snow and ice and you could freeze the letters/numbers for the children to find and name! The possibilities are endless.


Baking at winter/Christmas time is always a treat in my eyes! Decorating gingerbread men/houses (depending on how many people you have) is always a win, especially if you have the book which allows it to incorporate different parts of learning into it. You can do a bake sale to raise money for a charity, or the setting. You could make cakes for an old people’s home or refuge centre to teach the children about kindness and the gift of giving as well as making others happy. There are so many different things with baking you could do!

Christmas kindness- Salvation Army donations/ Shoe box giving.

This is one which I feel like is so so important at Christmas time, teaching children about giving and how their actions have an affect on others. It is nice to try to involve the children within their local community and help people in need whilst teaching the children the valuable knowledge of others lives. It is something I always try to do and want to do more often. Even if each child brings one item in it could make a massive difference to somebody this winter.

Christmas crafts

Like baking, crafts are another massive Christmas favourite! The ideas just roll off your tongue, the baubles, the cards, the tree decorations and the reindeer food! It’s all so festive, glittery and wonderful. There are so many possibilities as well as learning opportunities that come with it. You can incorporate shapes in maths, colours, letters etc.

I hope these give you some fun ideas to recreate whether you’re an educator yourself or you have children of your own. These activities are fun as well as useful for their development, and I hope I’ve inspired you to do something on your cold winter days off!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx

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