21st December 2018.

The 21st of December marks one of the saddest and toughest days of my life. The job which I have adored for over a year now has disappeared from underneath me. The job that was going to my future step into my career has now gone to dust. My kids that I cared for for over a year now have to find other care. The parents who trusted us with their children now have to find someone else to trust. My girls who I have adored working with will no longer be my work girls. I am truly heartbroken. This feels worse than a breakup.

20th December 2018

At 3:30pm we got a phone call, our dear nursery will no longer exists from 6pm the next day. The company who we have worked so hard for had been selling off different places and are going to be bankrupt. With one days notice. Bastards. After many phone calls and sad parents I walked home sobbing. I walked home with so much sadness and grief for a job I had and a career I could’ve had. I grieved for the children I adored and for the lives which now had been torn apart a week before Christmas. I panicked at the fact I would have to find somewhere else which wasn’t my job with my girls or my kids. I watched people crumble as they found out they had to spend Christmas worrying about money and their bills. I watched a pregnant woman cry because she didn’t have any security for her child which is due in 3 months.

21st December

I wanted to document today because it was a life changing and sad sad day, I wanted to show how I was feeling so I can look back in the future and see how far I’ve come. I wanted to show you that the lowest lows can happen and you can rise up from it. I want to show myself that. So this is kind of my goodbye for the year because I don’t think I will be active at all. So thank you for your support this year it’s been mind blowing and I hope that you have a great festive season.

Thank you all for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon.

Alex x


    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate all of the support. I was just so in shock but now I’m going to take it all as a new adventure and put my strongest foot forward. Merry Christmas and I hope you have an amazing New Years x

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