The Perfect NYE Party: The Finer Details

Welcome to my NYE Perfect Party series, I have three posts all about the perfect NYE party. I have hosted NYE for a few years now and I’ve adored being a host and so I wanted to share some tips and ideas if you were wanting to host New Years too. I’m doing a post about Food, Drink and the Finer Details to give you some information on it all. So I hope you check them all out and enjoy them.

This post is all about the finer details, so the music, the decorations and anything else you’ll need to prepare to have a brilliant party.


Music can make or break the atmosphere of a party, especially at the beginning before the drinks and conversation are flowing. I personally spend a lot of time making playlists on Spotify for a party because I feel like it is quite important to have some background noise. To make a perfect playlist I always consider who’s coming and what music they listen to, especially considering their ages and how you all know each other. I think if the people you party with a school friends for example you’re all of similar age so you will have grown up with the same music. Throwbacks or personal favourites are always a good shout, because it gets people singing and feeling more comfortable. Also consider how long the playlist will last and what types of vibes you’re wanting your party to have based on the music

The party area:

Where you’re going to have your party is very important, luckily for me we have a larger living room space so that it can fit all of my friends with space for them to sit as well as dance a little bit. Make sure you have plenty of seating space as well as table space for food and drinks, this allows people to become comfortable and be able to chat in small groups or as a whole. It’s also important to find an area for your food so that it’s not all over the place and it all fits nicely. Plenty of space allows people to socialise nicely but also to dance along to the perfect playlist you’ve created


There are plenty of things which are necessary for your party to go as smoothly as possible. You will need enough cups and plates to make sure everyone can eat and drink comfortably, you need to make sure you have buckets/jugs for drinks and plenty of ice. Things such as games could always be a hit if the atmosphere just isn’t as fun as you hoped, games like Articulate and Cards Against Humanity are always great to have to hand. You may also want to have decorations depending on the occasion, for New Years you might want banners/balloons or party poppers for when it comes to the countdown. Another option which may be a big hit is if you have a white wall and some props you could make a photo booth area for people to snap a few memories during the night without feeling judged for trying to get the perfect insta post!

These are just a few things which I feel like could be important to have to make that NYE party perfect!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon xx

Alex x

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