2018: the yearly round up

2018 has been a fucking year. It has been exciting, busy, scary, lonely, warm, crazy and a bit of a shitshow. I think that everyone is happy to see the back of it and welcome in 2019. This time last year I had formed a plan to make 2018 a much better year that 2017, I decided to plan more to look forward to and be more involved with anything I can be. Some of that I succeeded and some I didn’t. For this post I’m gonna give you an overview of the year and then some individual events which stand out in the year of 2018.

The year started positively, I was hosting the annual NYE party and we had a fab time. However my mental health wasn’t in a great place and I was hating college and nursery because I was just in a terrible headspace. I started to gain massive anxiety and couldn’t leave the flat without feeling horrendous and it just didn’t seem worth it. However as it got to February and March I started to settle and deal with things much easier. The start of the year was pretty uneventful but after the first two months I had multiple things booked and planned.

In March we went to see Wicked which was a birthday present and it was incredible. Wicked is by far my favourite musical and I adored it, the cast were amazing and I had the best time. I spent that weekend in Liverpool with my cousin and we eat some awesome food and just enjoyed the company.

In April I lost my incredible Nan who I was so so close to and it was horrendous. I spoke at her funeral like she had asked too and I was just in such a low. She was my rock and my best friend and I have felt this loss so deeply this year. It kicked me to the ground but it also inspired me to get back up and keep fighting for happiness. Also in April Jack and I had our three year anniversary which we celebrated by going to Another Place which is a hotel not too far from where we live. We got a one night stay plus a complimentary 3 course meal in their hotel. It was such a nice and refreshing weekend which Jack and I both needed and loved. We went for a walk down by the lake, I read whilst he swam and we chilled in the outdoor hot tub.

May was a very busy month, it was my birthday on the 9th which I spent at college and then went out for dinner with my mum, cousin and Jack which was lovely. We also had one of the kids I look after christening which was so different yet so lovely to do something as a family. And as if April wasn’t a big enough kick in the teeth my dad was diagnosed with heart disease which leaves him needing a heart transplant, with Parkinson’s and with really severe gout. This has been and still is a battle we have been facing as a family but we are going into 2019 with a positive mindset on it.

The summer is here. So what happened in June for me? Well I had the Demi Lovato concert I was waiting for since I was 14 years old and it was incredible. So much better than I expected and I found it such a healing experience considering my MH battles this year. It was simply amazing. Then in June we went to Appleby Manor Spa to celebrate my cousin graduating university and it was lovely. A whole day of relaxation, a facial and massage, lovely food and even better company.

July starts and so does summer. This was my busiest month of all. On the 8th-15th Jack and I went on our first holiday together to Litochoro in Greece. It was such a beautiful place (as you can see from the photos) and was such a much needed break for us both. We had the most amazing week drinking watermelon cider, sunbathing, swimming and eating Giros. I can’t wait to head away with him again in 2019. Then from the 17th I started my bank staff job at my beloved nursery, instead of just being a student I was a member of staff and I loved it. I was given more responsibility and was working 3/4 days a week there as well as four nights at my other job. Another exciting adventure that started in July was my driving lessons, I started it this summer and I’m still going with it. I found it so scary and anxiety ridden that I struggled at first but the more my confidence builds the more and I want to do it and to pass. So hopefully an update in my 2019 yearly round up will be passing my driving test which would be amazing.

I spent most of August working apart from a few other holidays dotted throughout. At the start of August I had my family holiday to Portugal which was such an amazing holiday. Since it was my step grandmas 80th birthday all 13 of us got a villa and just relaxed and explored. A lot of BBQ’s and alcohol later we were exhausted but had an amazing trip. We went swimming in the sea and day drinking with some lunch as well as explored Lisbon. It was incredible and I can’t wait to go back to Lisbon because it was an awesome city. Also in August me, my cousin and the kids we look after went away for a week in a caravan in Scotland which was surprisingly enjoyable. We spent a lot of time binge watching two broke girls and lion king whilst eating pies and frozen cheese bites. It was brilliant and we all had fun. I also had my cousins graduation which I was so proud and honoured to be invited to, we saw Paul McCartney there and went for the best pizza in Liverpool afterwards. The pictures and videos from that day are some really great memories I’m happy to have.

  • Moving on to Autumn and my blogging journey begins in September. I started it off because I was lonely now that my friends had gone away to university and I wanted to make new friends. I saw that Megan (Pixi Skies) had posted the self care September challenge by Jenny Marston and I did four weekly update posts on it. I loved it and just started to write and write. As well as being back at college and getting back into that work I was writing and promoting two-three posts a week as well interacting on different social media sites. It’s been amazing meeting new people and I’m so glad that I’ve started it. Also in September I went to Blackpool Pleasure Beach with one of my cousins and we had such a fun day together which started with hashbrowns and gin in Wetherspoons at 10am and ended with Toby Carvery at 7pm. It was a great day spent together before he headed off to big bad Cardiff to start his university career.
  • October came and life was pretty much the same thing of working, college and blogging which was nice. To me Halloween isn’t a big deal so that came and went. But one thing that did happen was that I got my first tattoo. It is a Capricorn constellation but with flowers instead of stars to represent my Nan and her capricornian ways. Like I said earlier I lost her and that loss devastated me, and so to have her with me at all times in the form of a tattoo is amazing. She was so influential on my life that it only felt fair to tribute her because she was my brightest star and now once again she is the brightest star in the sky for me.
  • Now in the midst of winter and November passed pretty uneventful. Here is December, in December Jack and I visited Manchester for the first time and fell in love with the city. We shopped for Christmas presents which is one of my all time favourite things to do and just spent some really nice time together. In December we also booked Russell Howard Tour tickets for next October as well as George Ezra tickets for March and I gave jack some Anne Marie tickets for June as a Christmas present. On the 20th December 2018 my lovely nursery started to go into liquidation and was to be shut down the next day forever, we were all heartbroken and I felt like I lost the place where my future was going to begin. However my boss told me that hard work will always pay off and now I just have a new unknown adventure to work towards and find for myself which I found so so sweet. The week before our closure we had our staff Christmas party which I loved, as someone who doesn’t go out a lot I thoroughly enjoyed it and spent time with some awesome girls who I am sad I will no longer be working with. Then there was obviously Christmas which was lovely, I spent some time with my family and my brothers boyfriend who flew out here from America which was so nice and eat so much cheese. The last event of the year will be NYE and I’m spending it at my cousins house like we used to when I was young, which is gonna be so so amazing.
  • That is my 2018 yearly round up and I hope you enjoyed it. As you can tell it’s been a rollercoaster of a year, and I can’t wait for the next one. If you’ve gotten this far please leave down below your favourite thing that’s happened this year and what’s been the worst thing has happened.
  • Thank you so much for reading this year and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!
  • Alex xxx
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