Make up looks that inspire me!

Hello there my lovelies! I’ve really fallen in love with make up recently and I’ve taken to the beautiful world of YouTube to find some inspiration and found some beautiful beautiful looks by some super talented people! If you want to see what types of looks I’m loving at the moment or who I’ve been following then keep reading!

Look 1:

This is a beautiful look from the incredible Shaaanxo, she is a beauty youtuber from New Zealand. This look is her Virgo look from her zodiac series on her channel which is still on going. When I saw this look on Instagram I HAD to watch it because it just looked so beautiful. I love the faux freckles and the blush’s bronzey skin as it is something I adore doing on myself. The natural lips but stronger brows also look incredible on Shannon and I just adore how bright the eyes are. This is a look I’m yet to recreate but it could be perfect for party season!

Look 2:

This is Sam from Pixie Woo, Sam is half of an MUA duo with her sister Nic who also creates content for the channel Pixi Woo. This look is from Sam’s Peachy Makeup tutorial which shows you a matte eye look or a glossy one. It was shaped straight forward and more natural than the average YouTube make up but that is just their style. I’m just obsessed with peachy warm tones at the moment especially since they bring out the blue of my eyes, and this look was so simple to follow and yet looked so stunning.

Look 3:

This look is by the GLORIOUS Emma’s Rectangle, this look just fulfils my love for bronzed up skin and warm blown out eyeshadow. Emma has such a grungey yet elegant taste in make up and posts such variety of techniques, looks and fashion that she is just one of my all time favourites. This look is simply stunning and suits her big, beautiful, round eyes and strong brows. Love it and it just makes me want to go all out with my eyeshadow and play with more yellows!

Look 3:

This is a look that I would be so scared to attempt but keep looking at and admiring. This is by the infamous James Charles who has just recently released a bright, bold and colourful artistry palette with Morphe. James’ whole concept of the collection with Morphe is to inspire people to release their inner artist and experiment with colour, which these sort of looks do. I mean they’re not your everyday wearable looks but they look beautiful and also bring you an enjoyable experience which is what really matters. Just wanted to give this look an honourable mention!

Look 4:

This look is courtesy of Jordan Lipscombe who has also just released a collection of eyeshadows but with Beauty Bay. This look is once again (surprise surprise) a warm tones eye look but it is so stunning I couldn’t not include it. It’s quite different I Emma’s look as it is more rounded, cut and deeper but it is still stunning; they both are. This look is from Jordan’s Autumn Glam Makeup Tutorial which I loved and found so aesthetically pleasing.

Look 5:

This look is by Alissa Ashley who is a youtuber who has recently done work with NYX cosmetics on their newest launch the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Foundation to ensure their shade range is as inclusive as possible especially for people of colour who are (intentionally or not) left out and ignored within the beauty industry, which is so amazing. This look is from Alissa’s Morphe x James Charles review video and I am just obsessed, to me this is an everyday wearable look which I have worn multiple times since the posting of this video. I also love watching Alissa for the fact that she also has hooded eyes like me and so I can get great hints and tips on what works and doesn’t for my eye size and shape which is always helpful.

Look 6:

This look is by the incredible KeilidhMUA on YouTube, which was originally posted on her instagram page using her SOSU by SJ collab collection. Keilidh does stunning Instagram/editorial looks which put the fun and art back into make up! Her blending is phenomenal and is really inspiring when it comes to colourful eyeshadows. I’m just obsessed with the warm colours in this look (as you would’ve guessed from literally every other look).

Look 7:

Look number 7 comes from the lovely Tammi Clarke on YouTube using the September Rose Slush palette (which Santa brought me for Christmas). This look is so different yet so stunning and it just pushes you out of your comfort zone and into an arty mindset. Tammi always plays with colour which I love and makes her stand out as it is always so complementary for her skin tone.

Look 8:

This look is by an instagram based make up artist who I follow and I think it is stunning. It is wearable yet intricate and I think would be so fun to wear. I am really loving some all matte eye looks recently so this fulfils that definitely.

Look 8:

This look is from the legendary Jackie Aina on YouTube, it’s a dark warm smokey look which I adore with some sparkle! It’s an awesome look using the Dominique Cosmetics Berry’s and Cream Palette and lipstick which just looks so amazing on Jackie’s skin tone.

Look 9:

This look is by the lovely Angelica Nyqvist who is on YouTube. She created a video which contained three different looks using the September Rose Slush Palette which I bought for myself as a Christmas present. This look is also in her review video and to me it just gives Kesha’s Rainbow Album Cover vibes which I’m ALL about! Just so beautiful and colourful

Look 10:

This look is also from Angelica Nyqvist’s three looks one palette video because it is so so stunning and is inspiring me to rock some purple eye shadow! Just so stunning.

Look 11:

This look is by the Instagram account @delaracreates which was shared by KeilidhMUA on her Instagram story. I adore this warm smokey look (LOOK AT THAT BLENDING) and I would love to recreate it. It’s so warm and smokey I think it is beautiful.

Look 12:

This look is from Rachel Leary’s James Charles x Morphe palette review video because I loved the warm ombré on the lid. The warm tones really bring out the blue in Rachel’s eyes just like it would on me so I can’t wait to try it.

Look 13;

This look was shared on the September Rose Instagram story and it’s inspired me to play with the blues in the palette. I’ve been scared of blues but they just look so beautiful and bright that I couldn’t shy away from them. This look is quite editorial but still looks fabulous

Look 14:

This is not the most wearable look but damn I thought it was a fun one, it is from Emma’s Rectangle and it was inspired by the Fairly Odd Parents cartoon which I used to watch as a kid. I always quote their “we’re two halves of one idiot” saying all of the time with my other half so I think it is quite apt. I just love how easy yet creative it is, I really hope she makes this into a cartoon series because that would be so cute and nostalgic.

Look 15:

My final look is by the iconic Jackie Aina, who has shown me a stunning look which I wear on a very regular basis as it is so easy and flattering. It’s just a warm gold-orangey eye which is so simple yet effective. I adore it and I think she is one of the most amazing social media presences I have come across.

That my friends are 15 make up looks that inspire me, and that I’m 100% obsessed with. Let me know which one is your favourite and whether you would recreate them. I hope to recreate some of them or take some inspiration and create my own looks! Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


  1. Oooh thank you so much for this post! I’m definitely going to be checking out these tutorials, need to learn more about makeup for definite

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve picked SO many gorgeous looks here, I wish I was half as talented as these people especially Emma from Emma’s Rectangle I always LOVE her eyeshadow looks but I’d never be able to pull them off myself!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Jess I’m glad you loved it! They’re all so amazing and hopefully one day I can have enough skill to make them work for me. Emma is stunning and just rocks some really cool looks! Alex x

      Liked by 1 person

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