My 2019 goals


I wanted to start this post off by saying I’m not really wanting to set many statistic based goals for my blog this year because I don’t want to turn blogging into something stressful that I will end up hating, I may have one or two guideline stats but realistically I don’t want to make it all about numbers. Ironically that I’ve said that because, one of my goals is wanting to be less stats obsessed but be more engagement obsessed.

I want to use blogging as a way of making connections with people, and supporting others whilst meeting my creative needs at the same time. I want it to be a hobby I do and love which will help me learn and grow as a human. So I want to show my personality off more in my posts, in my real life I am confident, smart, funny, sarcastic, loud and I swear a fuck ton like many other people I’m sure. So I want to be more true to who I am and be more relatable for people. I also want to keep networking with people to create more support and content for each other

I spent a lot of time looking at others blog photos and think I can’t do that shit, like c’mon I haven’t got a £2837373 camera or a million props to make it pretty. But I can try my best to take some nice meaningful and relevant photos to accompany my posts, they’re not essential in my mind but I want to have some imagery I’m proud of as well as the words I’m proud of. They’re always nice to have memories and things I’m proud of.

Another big goal I want to work towards in the context of my blog is to be more brave with my content. Talk about things that really get me going, to sink my teeth in controversial issues or events that I would talk unapologetically about in my real life on my blog. I haven’t before hand because I was too scared to but now I want to be more real, in real life I talk about anything I want to so why not do it here in my own personal space.


In 2019 I want to secure myself a full time job in my sector and request some sort of training course. This was originally something which was already in the pipelines ready, but life has a crazy way of throwing a curveball at your plans and so now it’s even more of a goal.

Be more proactive and create myself a banging portfolio, I set myself this goal before I had lost my job and my potential future job but now this is a much more important goal. I want to make myself as employable and possible but also the best practitioner I could possibly be for the children I care for. I have grown such a passion for this sector and for my role in a child’s life that I just want to work as hard as I can to make myself a great portfolio and to learn so many more skills.


I want to pass college with a highest grade possible, which is something I am working towards the most and I am prioritising. I want to do the best I can to ensure I will pass with as many credits as possible to give me the best chance in the future but also to give me more options and opportunities.

In 2019 I also want to pass my practical driving test so that I can be driving and giving myself the best possible chance to getting a job I can. It also gives me freedom and an opportunity to visit more places and people as well as to be much more independent. Coinciding with this I want to buy myself a car and insure it so that it is something I have done myself, I want to be able to become independent in any ways I can and to be proud of myself for trying to be self sufficient.

I want to read and research more so I can become more educated and well rounded as a person. I want to read more non fiction books and also spend more time in the library so that I can use the facilities on offer to me much more frequently. I want to become the best version of myself I can be and so this feels like a positive step in that direction.

I also want to reconsider different relationships in my life and sort them out, there are people I need to cut ties with and some that I should reconcile with. I also need to work out what type of people I need in my life and what type of people to avoid so that I can be certain I am surrounded by people who can help me grow as a person and are a positive influence on me.

Over the past two years I’ve become more withdrawn and one of my goals this year is to plan more experiences and say yes more. I want to have them memories and experiences with people so that I don’t have regrets when I am older and I also am more active within life. I want to see more and do more because there is so much out there on offer.

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  1. YES to not looking at statistics and being more controversial. I got far too stuck into statistics before I took a break and it made it way less fun, whereas writing for the hell of it and about stuff that’s genuinely interesting is so much better. Sending so much good luck for you this year Alex, you got this shit

    Megan |

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