September Rose Cosmetics Slush Palette Review.

Hello my friends, today I have a very exciting post where I will be reviewing the September Rose Cosmetics Slush palette for you. This palette is from a British, black owned brand which is cruelty free, 100% vegan, and paraben free which is awesome. So for this review I’m going to do a few looks with the palette, brush and finger swatches on my arm and then my overall thoughts of the palette. So let’s get into it!

As you can see this palette is bright, colourful and beautiful! These are just finger swatches which are never a good indication of an eyeshadow however I wanted to show you the colours on my skin tone. They’re really smooth powders which contain a lot of pigment which is always nice, I feel like this is what you want with a colour palette as you want them to be as vibrant as possible!

This palette contains 25 colourful shades, 7 of which are foiled, 15 mattes and 3 satins. This palette costs £24.99 on their website and there are multiple influencer codes floating around to get a 10% discount (I used Tammi Clarke’s code which is TAMMI). I personally have found that most of the matte shades are incredible, they’ve got decent pigment and blend really nicely together. However there are some which seem to be pressed too hard and don’t release much pigment no matter how hard you swirl your brush in them, for example the top pink shade cotton candy is very hard to get pigment out of. However it can make it easier for beginners as well as nice for a light subtle transition shade. This palette has a beautiful variety of shades of each colour, a lot of rainbow palettes have one of each colour but this palette has 5 variations of each colour scheme with different formulas which I feel is very versatile. The shades I feel that have performed the best are the warmer tones and the metallic foiled shades, however I am aware that cooler tones are much harder to formulate and work with. I have really enjoyed the purples, pinks, red/oranges and yellows as they have all worked beautifully together. I found myself struggling with the blue shades however I am not a make up artist and I am fairly new to eyeshadows especially blue so it could be more down to me than the palette. But once you get the colours working they’re stunning. Another slight issue I had was that for some smokier looks I’ve wanted to do there just hasn’t been enough deep shades for it, however I am aware I can just use a black shade from another palette to get the desired look but I just wanted to make note of that in case you’re only have that one palette with you. I believe this palette was aimed at darker skinned people than me and so the colours will be a lot different on me than who they were typically aimed for, obviously any body can buy and wear it but I feel like that’s what it was aimed at.

Here are the swatches, I’ve done two of each colour so the first one is with a finger to show off the colour and the second is with a brush to show the blendability

Now we’re at the end of my review I thought I could show you some looks I have created with my palette! Let me know down below which look is your favourite and which colour you love the look of the most in the palette!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex x


  1. omg this palette is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve heard Angelica Nyqvist talk about September Rose brand on YouTube, but I’ve yet to try anything from this brand. I really love the looks you created – especially the smoked out pinky eye! 😀

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    1. I have seen her looks on YouTube and loved them. It’s a stunning palette and is black and British owned so I’m happy to support an indie brand. Thank you so much I’m glad you liked them!

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