5 Healthy habits I recommend to replace not so great ones you already have.

Hello my angels how are we? Today I wanted to talk about some healthy habits I am replacing my not so great ones with, and I think might help other people to feel happier and healthier. This isn’t me putting anyone down or saying they need to change their lives but I wanted to share some lifestyle changes I’m implementing to become the best version of myself I can be. I hope this helps someone who feels like they want to add a positive aspect in their life but don’t know where to start.

Keeping your environment clean and tidy:

This is something that can have a bigger affect on you than you could imagine, mentally and physically. First of all keeping your environment clean can help keep you physically healthy as it gets rid of bacteria and dirt which may cause health problems. However the biggest effect is mentally, cleaning helps clear your mind, it helps you be and feel productive because you can see the result straight away and it also gives you something to focus on to clear your mind. I personally feel that when my house is clean and tidy I feel like I can breathe easier and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. My mind feels more cluttered if my house is, but I’m not sure if that’s just a placebo effect of the ‘clean house clean mind’ mindset. I feel like it’s a good healthy habit to start implementing in your life.

Feeding the positivity not the negativity:

This is a massive habit to have if you’re wanting to take steps to a better mental well-being. Negativity can take over and bring you down especially if you let it in. If you try to process the negative thoughts and actively change them into positive thoughts it can really help your mindset and outlook on life. Granted this isn’t one everyone is able to do due to mental illnesses however it is something we could work on collectively to help boost others happiness. I am still trying to do this because I feel so much better when I correct myself and make myself think positively in a situation. So instead of thinking “eurgh I’ve got college tomorrow, I can’t be arsed with it” I now think to myself “you know what I am so lucky to be able to have an education in a job I adore, it’s gonna be hard but it’s worth the hard work”. As hard as that it is really helps me reassess and become a much happier person. I struggle with it some days but I am trying.

Fuelling your body not eating your feelings:

This is important for a healthy body and mindset, your body needs to be fuelled especially with the best stuff you can give it. Trying to have a healthy relationship with food is important to keeping yourself healthy. So try to eat healthily and balanced where you can, feed your body when it needs it and don’t over indulge when you know it’s gonna make you feel worse. Food is important to keep you happy and healthy so try not to let it take over in any way.

Move around more and use your body to it’s full ability:

Our bodies can do so many amazing things like carry children, lift incredibly heavy things and carry us over such long distances that we shouldn’t take advantage of that. I have been a real culprit of this, but this year I’m going to try to change that. I want to have a happy and healthy body who can do some of these incredible things that it is destined to do. Even just going for a ten minute walk to clear your mind and move your muscles is better than nothing.

Reading instead of scrolling:

I personally feel that reading is so beneficial for your mind, regardless whether it is fiction or non fiction. I want to read more than I scroll because it is a much healthier habit for me. I spend a lot of time online interacting with people and following accounts such as Stories About Autism and The Nurse Mum to learn about different things that I want to know such as different additional needs people have, things about the LGBTQ+ Community and mental health issues. However I feel like I should try to spend less time on my phone and more time with my nose in a good book. It’s all about balance and I need to refind that.

Thank you for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


    1. I feel you because honestly I’m the same. I’m just trying to force myself into picking up these habits so it just becomes a natural thing to me x


  1. Loved reading this, I am definitely guilty of feeding my negative thoughts until they stop me from doing what I wanted / needed to do! It’s so hard and it’s just my default reaction but I’m striving to change that this year! I also kind of leave stuff lying around on my desk and not tidying things up in a timely manner so I’ve got to work on this too. Thanks for sharing Alex!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting lovely, it’s great that you’re reflecting and striving for better. That’s really admirable. I’m just too messy for my own good girl so I’m working on that too!
      Alex x


    1. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and leaving me a lovely comment. I’m glad you enjoyed it xx


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