Being a Woman on International Women’s Day

Hello my friends, how are we all on this fine International Woman’s Day?? Do we support it? Are you living it up? Do let me know in the comments.Two years ago today I posted my first International Women’s Day post it was one of my very first blog posts and I am still so proud of it. Within that post I talked about my journey with feminism, about women who inspired me and why I believed in the movements such as IWD to celebrate us as women. Today I want to take that further. Today I want to tell you what I’ve learnt, and what it means to be a women for me personally. I want to big myself and other amazing women up so you feel like you can too.

So come one come all, no matter what type of woman you are you’re welcome here. This can be a space for you to feel yourself and to feel safe. I won’t judge you and I sure as hell won’t mock you. You can always leave your thoughts and feelings here and I will always be someone to listen to you.

First of all I want to thank my father for contributing an X chromosome when I was conceived so that I could become a woman. Despite the fact that being a woman is hard, it is worth the extra work. I love being a woman. I love being a strong willed woman. I love being a hard working woman. I love being a maternal woman. I love being an emotional woman. I love being a monogamous woman. These are all things that piece together to start making who I am, I am all of these things and more. I am somebody who adores to watch others succeed and help them break through the glass ceilings which are places before us before we’ve even started. From the moment I could talk I would get told “you shouldn’t be this loud/opinionated/standoffish/*insert a normal emotion here* because you’re a girl”. To them I asked why not? Why can’t I voice my opinion just as loud as Ewan sat next to me? Why can’t I disagree and argue back about things I genuinely know more about that Chris in the corner? Because I have a vagina? Yeah, I don’t fucking think so. So I continued to talk louder, more often and with much more emotional force because fuck your ideas that my genetic make up means I have to act differently. Fuck the though that women should sit quietly in the corner brain dead painting our nails. No I’m gonna attend that debate club, I’m gonna say my piece like the rest of you and if you don’t like it that sounds like a you problem to me. Don’t get me wrong though, I was never nasty, I was never insensitive and I sure as hell wasn’t as rude to people as they were to me. Granted this was just a season in my life, the people that treated me this way went away as quickly as they came about, but it helped me to grow.

The sector I work in is based around stereotypes from the people who aren’t close to it. I work with children, and with that comes prejudices that should not be a thing in 2019. I am not going to go into too much detail now but I want to say a few things about it. First of all I am in this job because I’m fucking good at it. Second of all the other people in this sector are in this job because they’re passionate about it. Third of all their gender is irrelevant to it. People say “women are the maternal ones so no wonder men don’t work with kids” there are two possible factors to why men may not work in the childcare sector: one being THEY JUST DONT WANT TO WORK IN THAT SECTOR and two being society tells them it’s a women’s job and that they’re probably gay or a paedophile if they do want to work with kids. Well no fucking wonder it’s majority of women working in this job then. One reason I want to work with children is to help teach the next generation of kids that they can be whoever the hell they want to be, and they can do what they want to do without judgement and without fear of being stereotyped. I want to contribute to helping children handle their emotions effectively, learn about looking after their mental health and not become judgemental and discriminatory people. They can be happy and kind people regardless of their gender, sex, sexuality and so many other factors. I want to destroy this idea of anybody being inferior for things they cannot change or didn’t choose.

I wanted to be as positive as possible on this post because the world is very aware of women’s struggles and what they are up against. I want this post to be as honest and as uplifting as possible because that’s what today is about. As a women I am proud to be part of this movement, I am proud of the people who contribute to it and I will egg them on at all times. I am so proud of all that has been achieved so far and what is in the works for what can be achieved in the future. Being a woman on International Women’s Day is incredible, it means being part of something that brings us all together and makes us proud of who we are and who we’re becoming. My whole life I was told that my loud voice and opinions will be the downfall of me, then I got to college and had to do a presentation on what we need to improve about ourselves and mine was that exact thing. My tutor sat in front of me with such confusion and said “why do you think that’s a negative thing about you?” And I told her how it’s gonna be my downfall because I’m going to cause upset and I need to be much more on the fence about things. She looked me right in the eye and told me “don’t you ever listen to people that tell you that. The whole reason you are who you are is because of those feelings that you so passionately feel and express. That’s how the people with less of a voice get heard when somebody with passion and a loud voice can speak with them. It will not be your downfall at all, it’ll be the downfall of people who wrong you and get in your way. It makes you a strong person and it makes you you. Don’t let anyone tell you any different”. To me that is what International Women’s Day is about, it’s about not taking the shit that anyone gives you and not doubting yourself. I now don’t take any shit because I have taken it for so long. Now you don’t have to take it either. I will be your monumental moment if you need it that says “you know what yeah I am amazing and this is who I am. If you don’t like it I don’t care”.

Today I want to thank the entire suffragette movement for starting this incredible journey off and getting some of the valuable rights we have now and have built upon. I want to thank the queens of England who have defied odds and ruled the country despite the heinous wrong doings against them. I want to thank people like Malala Yousafzai for taking a bullet for the rights of education for girls in countries in less fortunate parts of the world. I want to thank women in jobs who are discriminated against daily yet still do their job to their best ability because being a women doesn’t stop you from doing so. I want to thank people like Ashley Graham, Demi Lovato, Kesha, Cara Delevinge and so many more for sharing their stories and their beliefs that nobody should be torn down by men who feel threatened by women. I want to thank characters like Hermione Granger and Mary Poppins for being women who will stand up for themselves and stand their ground for who they are, and for teaching young girls it’s okay to be how you are. We are becoming stronger each and every day because we are coming together. Each year our voices get louder and people are getting more susceptible to our voices. I am so goddamn proud of you all for doing what you can to make things right. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being women and not letting your message getting drowned out.

Right now I want to tell you that if you don’t feel like fighting I will fight for you. That if you feel worn down and weary of what others are constantly hailing you with I will uplift you. If you are sad and hurt because of others belittling you then I will comfort you. Because as a women I want to uplift and help other women, I want to create a united front against prejudice and discrimination. Against sexual harassment and sexual violence. Against toxic stereotypes. Against honour based violence, FGM, forged marriage and radicalisation. Against the wage gap and the very idea that women are less because they have two X chromosomes instead of an X and a Y. Emmeline Pankhurst didn’t take this bollocks and I sure as shit won’t either.

I am not gonna make a disclaimer saying “this isn’t about bashing men blah blah blah” because if you take it that way then that’s your problem. That is you reading between lines that aren’t even fucking there. I am here celebrating the women who deserve to be celebrated and if you don’t like that and feel threatened by it. Leave this page, have a think, block me and try to find your peace. Try work on that for your own sanity.

Happy International Women’s Day to all of you and I hope you’ve celebrated the amazing women in your life and are feeling inspired to be the best version of yourself possible.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon.

Alex xx


  1. Damn, this post has made me ready to take on the MF’in world today!! So well written. A little bit of anger and a whole lot of hope and strength! I love being a woman, too. I love being able to stand alongside my gals and fight. I love being told to quiet down so that I can do the exact opposite. Our platforms might not be as big as celebrities but I believe doing our part is helping even if it’s just small. Such a great, inspirational post, Alex! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Abby this comment has brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on my post. The support means more than the world. This is why I continue to do this. You’re amazing and I really appreciate all you do for this community. Keep shouting out and keep being yourself lovely. Alex x


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