The Keilidh Experience and what I got from it.

Hello there my lovelies, today I am gonna be telling you all about the Keilidh experience and well my experience there.

Keilidh Cashell (aka KeilidhMUA) is an Irish you tuber who is known for her full glam, her crazy insane make up looks and her recent collection with SOSU. In December 2018 she announced she was doing a masterclass tour around Ireland and the UK, which I instantly grabbed tickets for. She was going to do the main bulk of the class herself but she also did a competition to get an MUA for each show local to that area to do part of the class which I thought was incredible. It was something which gave some really amazing artists the exposure they deserved. The masterclass also involved a meet and greet with Keilidh herself as well as some stalls and an area to socialise with the other people attending the class.

The Masterclass started at the Renaissance Hotel in Manchester at 1pm, when I arrived we were allowed to wander the SoSu stall, the sweetie cart and use the selfie station provided. Then we were given our goody bags and shown to our seats. The room was nicely sized so that it fit everyone in comfortably but also felt like an intimate show. The stage was lit up purple with a giant foam K set up behind the make up chair and ring light, there were also screens set up either side of the stage so everyone could see everything comfortably and clearly.

After about 10 minutes of music playing and people chatting, Lorna who was assisting Keilidh on the tour introduced herself and explained that she was going to be doing a demonstration before Keilidh comes on. She did a beautiful bronze smokey eye and gave some amazing tips for anybody who works on clients, she also told some really funny stories about working at Inglot. She had a lovely stage presence and was really chatty and warm. Then after her demonstration Keilidh came on stage. The girls explained that there was gonna be opportunities all throughout to ask some questions which made the whole thing seem much more personal and useful. Keilidh did a beautiful look of glowy skin and warm cut crease smokey eye, she went into a lot of detail of how she does things and also the products she loves to use. The whole masterclass lasted about 2.5 hours which was a nice amount of time to learn but also not too long before people became tired or restless. After the masterclass everyone lined up to get their picture with Keilidh and we all got an opportunity to talk to her which was great and felt so nice. Yes she does look that flawless in person. I can promise that.

I felt like I learnt a lot from that masterclass and I would love to share with you a few things that I feel like some of you guys would love to learn too.

  1. I learnt that no face is perfect and so you’ve just got to work with what you’ve got and feel confident with it. One person at my masterclass asked a question about whether they should shave their face to get a flawless base and the reply was that faces and bodies aren’t always gonna be a smooth canvas and that everyone has small hair or texture on their skin which is normal and you should only want to change it if it comes from you and not from someone else. It’s so true because a lot of make up pictures are smoothed and edited to hide texture and hair on their face which makes people (including me sometimes) think that that is how they truly look and want to change it. However it is not true. On Keilidh’s posters and promo images for the master class you can see that she has normal textures on her face and it just makes you feel better because that is just how a face should be and that you shouldn’t have to change for anybody else or because of anybody else.
  2. That make up is a work of art and that it should take time, I mean the Mona Lisa wasn’t painted in a day so enjoy the process just as much as the result and it will show. Allow yourself that 30 minutes on eyeshadow and to blend until your heart is content because at the end of the day it is something you love to do and that’s not just the end result. The process is just as fun as looking like a goddess and feeling like one too. It’s about taking that time for yourself and on yourself which is nice
  3. That you should do things by yourself and for yourself. This is a personal thing that I learnt from this experience. I took the trip there by myself for the day alone and it was something that I really wanted to do for myself. I booked it in December a few weeks before I lost my job and I never knew I would need that break until I was about to have it. I explored a city alone for a bit and loved it. It was amazing to spend time on myself.

So what else did I get from the Keilidh Experience? I got a lovely lovely goody bag! We got products from Inglot, BPerfect, SoSu and Blank Canvas to name a few, and it was amazing because Keilidh also used them products in the masterclass so we could see how to use them best. As you can see in the photo I got the Blank Canvas F20 foundation brush (which I adore), the BPerfect Concealer, Carter Beauty Blush Palette, Carter Beauty Lipgloss, Benefit Lipstick, SOSU x Keilidh lashes, Inglot Duraline, and some SOSU fake tan . These products are amazing and I’ve loved testing them out, they’re not brands I’ve used much from and so it’s nice to try out new things from new people. I have been especially using the blush palette, the duraline and the foundation brush. I also purchased the SoSu x Keilidh Urban Rebel Brush set for £20 instead of £26.95 +shipping on Beauty Bay I definitely feel like they’re worth that money and I’m glad I took advantage of the sale because they’re incredible brushes (but I will do a whole post on these alone)!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! xx


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