Why Someone You Loved is so special.

Hello my lovelies and today I’m gonna share with you a song which is so special to me, and I want to let you know why it is so so special.

Lewis Capaldi (who is an incredibly talented artist) released a song in November 2018 called Someone You Loved. This song is incredibly beautiful and it really hits your emotions strongly, the vocals are full of emotion and the lyrics are just so strong. During the video you see that his wife was an organ donor and her heart was used to save a young mother, by the end the two families were brought together in unison and he knew that his wife’s heart lives on. How beautiful is that? Well Capaldi made this video in partnership with the amazing organisation Live Life Give Life to raise awareness about organ donation. He was told about the organisation by his mum who is a nurse and he immediately partnered with them for this video. He also worked with a fan who is on the heart transplant list to really get this video right and to drive home the message of awareness and importance. I am falling in love with this man and his heart more and more every single day.

If you have read my post about organ donation which has my personal story within it you will know why this means so much to me. Why this video with 7.4 million views is so special to me. The fact that it is bringing awareness to people in the form of video instead of facts on paper is incredible, especially since Lewis Capaldi is such an up and coming artist and the song has been number 1 on the top 40 for four weeks! It is just incredible. The video is such a powerful representation of the struggles of one family losing somebody and the other gaining someone’s life back, the fact that the crossed both together was so beautiful it moved me to tears. I am just overjoyed that so many people will see the video due to Capaldi’s success and so he is helping the cause so much.

I want tell you a little bit about Live Life Give Life so that the awareness can continue. The charity was set up in 2006 by Emily Thackray and Emma Harris as a way to raise awareness of organ donation due to the fact that they both suffered with cystic fibrosis and were in desperate need of new lungs. In 2005 when Emily had joined the 8,000 other people in the UK on the list, she knew that 50% of people died waiting for them due to the lack of organs donated. After watching 15 of their friends pass away due to not getting their new organs, the two girls created LLGL to raise awareness for the gift of life people could give by becoming an organ donor. In 2007 Emily got her new lungs, however in 2014 she was unable to regain her strength and lost her battle to CF. However the charity is still honouring her fight, her name and her memory today.

Their aim is to “encourage people to register as organ donors via awareness, campaigns, events and activities”. They believe, as I do, that the conversation about organ donation should be opened up much more and made less of a taboo within society and should be made as a celebration. Once you have passed away you have lived your life and now you can give life to someone else, I couldn’t think of anything more rewarding than that really. They also provide funds to patients who have either received a new organ or is waiting for one to improve their welfare, as well as providing recognition for the families and the donor themselves. They have a variety of advocates and ambassadors who represent the charity and the struggles it is trying to over come to really capture the good that LLGL really does. They have done many campaigns targeting all sorts of people to raise awareness and to try break down the barriers which society has put up to scare people out of it.

Once I found out about the partnership between Lewis Capaldi and Live Life Give Life it brought me so much joy, then the next day I saw that he was going on tour so I quickly bought Jack and I both tickets because that is the sort of artist I want to support. Once his album is released I will be purchasing it because he deserves the support. I am happy to endorse the career of someone who is willing to make a difference. So please if you haven’t watched the video, listened to the song or downloaded the song please do and also if you’re not an organ donor please sign up because one day you could save so many lives without even doing anything.

There are some important links throughout the post however here are a few more to help you out!

Any resources or support links!

How to donate

Where to sign up

How to get involved

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


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