How to build your confidence after losing your job.

On the 21st December 2018 I lost my job. The nursery I had been in for 18 months was shutting down and it really broke me. This sounds so stupid but as someone just starting out in my field I wanted to really do well and to have somewhere where I could grow and learn until i was ready to move on. None of us were ready. Ever since then I’ve been trying to build up my confidence again and I wanted to share some tips with you, in this day and age I feel like there will be a few of you who will relate with me and may need these tips to help you out.

Let yourself grieve

Losing a job especially when you’re not ready to let go is hard, it really knocks your confidence. People tend to forget that a job is a huge part of your life, it is not just money but it is where you spend 8+ hours a day for up to 5 days a week and it becomes such a significant part of life. However the hardest thing I experienced with losing my job was watching my future plans and security drift away from me. It was painful and sad because I felt so lost and rejected, so what I needed was time to grieve that loss. You need to allow yourself to feel the sadness of the experience and come to terms with the loss. Once you’ve given yourself that space and time then you can start to move forwards.

Busy yourself with things you love and people who care about you

Once you have started to grieve for that loss you should try to busy yourself, you will be in a limbo stage of finding a new job and so you will need to keep yourself busy to stop you from wallowing. If you’re spending more time around the people that support you and care about you then they can help you see things from a different perspective. You will be able to hear your amazing qualities and get advice from people who know you through and through. This will also allow you the time and space to heal so then you can start to find yourself a new job and a fresh start.

Make a plan of action once you’ve grieved

This is something I wish I had known from the second I knew I had lost my job. I didn’t really have a plan I just let myself feel like shit and then ignored everything else. It was a really isolating and backwards way of thinking. I should’ve put myself in a headspace where I could say “right, let’s sit down and brainstorm some ideas for my next steps” because that would’ve helped so much more. If I was able to sit down and think I can do this to help me get a place here or even to re-evaluate my life situation. Maybe this was a good thing and maybe I need to take a complete different turn in life. Use this time as a reflection time to help you make a plan of action.

Tell yourself everything happens for a reason and know that something better will come

This is more about your mindset than what you can physically be doing but it is still so important. You need to reflect and reason with yourself, this pain isn’t always going to last and something better will be around the corner. There are things you never could’ve or would’ve done with that job and so now it is gone think about what you can be doing instead. Let this mindset really build up your confidence and take a more positive outlook on your new job hunting journey.

Rewrite your CV and try to use it as a new adventure and experience.

Press the restart button. I did this and it felt like such an amazing healing process. I rewrote my CV, adding the experience I had gained at my job, and used it as a golden ticket to a new adventure. This allowed me to see what I was capable of and what I really want to do next. It showed me where I wanted to go and where I didn’t want to be. It also made applying for jobs so much easier because I was able to be up to date and honest with everything going on.

Recently I went on my first job interview 3 months after losing my job and I got it. These past few weeks I have felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulder and writing this post has made me look back on my journey. If you read my post all about me losing my job in December you will see how low I was feeling, but now I’ve found a job which will give me a new realm of experience, more opportunities, more stability and a wage I can live on just that bit better. The better thing had come I just needed to be patient and understand that God would never let me down.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex x


  1. Hello Alex! Thank you for being so honest 😊 I lost my job in November 2018. I am now in another job now but I still get a twinge of pain when I remember it. It’s nice to know I’m not alone and your advice is so helpful 😊 Hope you are doing better now 😊💜

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    1. Thank you so much for taking your time to read my post and to leave me a comment. It’s such a horrible situation isn’t it? I’m so happy to hear you have found a new job and that you’re moving forward. No you’re never alone and that’s why I want to talk about situations life this. Alex x


  2. This reminds me so much of when I got fired from my job! I agree with all of these 100% and I’m so happy that you’re on your way to happier things now. It really does massively knock your self esteem but we always need to remember that nothing is temporary and things will move on x

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    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad that you found this post relatable and real. That’s so true and I’m glad you feel the same way. Thanks for commenting x


  3. This is such a great post. It’s so hard losing a job but I believe that everything happens for a reason and it always works out in the end! It’s important to let yourself be sad for a while and then pick yourself up and get back to bossing life again! Thanks for sharing, Alex! x


  4. Thanks for sharing. Losing my job was like losing a child. We built our business for over 40 years and when we affiliated with a “Corporation”, things did not go well and I was eventually “seperated” from the location I spent 10+ hours a day X 7 days a week. I am still grieving the loss of that “child” I had nurtured for so very long. I cannot even enter the premises to visit with the wonderful people that were my family for so long. Thanks for the pep talk. Sandi


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