The first three months of 2019: what’s happened and what have I achieved?

Hello my friends, how are we? Today I’m gonna be talking about the first three of months of 2019 and how it’s been for me. How has January, February and March been for you? I hope it has been fruitful, rewarding and educational.

First of all I want to talk about a few things that’s happened in the first three months of 2019 and then go into my achievements.

  • January brought a lot of looking for work and tightening the belt so I can keep saving money. It was a lot of family time and working hard for college due to assignment I had to hand in. I was also spending a lot more time at home which gave me time and space to assess my life and find a direction to aim for.
  • February brought Valentine’s Day and snow days. It also brought a job which I applied for and gave me a glimmer of hope in that department of life. It also brought some lows too, ones that have brought my closer to God and to help me make some decisions in the following months. There were a few day trips and the first signs of life were coming out of ground signalling the hard winter was coming to an end and the new beginnings of spring were starting.
  • March was a busy busy month. Going to the KeilidhMUA masterclass (which I’ve talked about more in this post), George Ezra concert (which you can see on my Instagram), a new job, a new aspect to my life, and new people which are really helping me shape myself as a person.
  • As you can see in December 2018 I posted this on my Instagram so keep myself accountable of things I was going to do in 2019. Today I’m gonna talk about my experience in the first quarter of 2019 and what I feel like I have achieved.

    1. Get a new job. Tick, only a few weeks ago I have landed myself a new job at Centerparcs working in the kids club.
    2. Travel somewhere new. I haven’t quite done that yet but I have booked two holidays this year to two places I’ve never been to before
    3. Move to a new home. Nope not yet but the plans are underway, I think this was too optimistic of a goal but we will see
    4. Read more books. That is a goal I have knocked out of the park, in the entirety of 2018 I read 3 books. ONLY 3! This year so far I have read 5.5 and I’m trying to keep the momentum of it up
    5. Make new friends. Not been something I’ve had chance to do yet but when I start this job it is one of my biggest goals
    6. Be more grateful. This is a personal goal I am working towards successfully, with me building a relationship with the Lord I feel like I am becoming much more grateful through prayer and bible studies. In life as well I am much more aware of other people and how grateful I am for them and the opportunities they bring to me
    7. Learn how to drive. This is one I’m doing, I’ve been doing lessons for a while and I am getting so so close to passing. It won’t be too long until I’ve passed fingers crossed!
    8. Be more optimistic. This one is a tricky one because I only ticked this when I was in a shit place mentally. I had just lost my job and felt like everything was crashing down around me. I set it as a goal because I knew it would happen and it is happening. I am much more optimistic about everything especially since I’ve got this job. This is something I have touched on much more in my post about building confidence after losing a job.
    9. Stop procrastinating. This is something I’ve tried to work on my entire life. I just find it so hard to stay focussed on one thing because I’ve always found something else to focus on. If I have a choice between college work, blogging and reading I will always choose one over what actually needs doing. However I am prioritising my time much better and now I feel like I’m making it into a habit
    10. Improve your fitness. That’s something I’m definitely needing to work harder on, this fits massively into the procrastination. I just find something better to do every single time. It’s fine though because I’m definitely eating so much better and so I am going to ease my way into fitness and work outs much more once I’ve nailed the healthy eating
    11. Get organised. This is another issue I have had my entire life and it’s not going amazingly. I have too much stuff and too little place. This isn’t something I’m working on as hard as the rest but it will come once I properly have my own space
    12. Volunteering. This is something I need to add to my list for the year because I really want to do some more of it. I currently am doing a voluntary placement at a school however I don’t think that counts. I will see how it goes and where I can fit it into my life.
    13. Reduce plastic waste. This is something I’m actively doing right now, I have stopped using disposable sanitary products, I carry around reusable bags and I also make sure that I am conscious of how much waste I create each week. There is always more I can do to help and I will where I can.
    14. Save money. I am saving a small amount of money but nothing compared to last year, however I’ve been out of a proper job and so there’s no way I could save it. However I am going to be working so much more once I start this new job and then I can save save save. That is a goal!
    15. Get more sleep. I go through ebbs and flows with sleep patterns I tell you. Recently this hasn’t been something I can do as I seem to be on such a high with productivity and motivation, my brain just won’t shut off. So I’m going to have to work harder at this especially when my new job starts.
    16. Drink more water. I am definitely a big water drinker and so I’m always making a conscious effort to drink lots of water. It’s been something I’ve been working on to help me feel more awake and much less ill on a regular basis.
    17. Cook more. I have been doing a hell of a lot of cooking recently, I’ve been trying new recipes and different ways of cooking so that I can become healthier and also save money on food. It’s been great but it’s also hard to be inspired and motivated to do it.

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