The Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette: The Spring 2019 Collection

As seen recently on my blog and Instagram I made my first order on Colourpop, within that order I bought the Sweet Talk Palette which is in their 2019 spring collection. This palette has four different formulas within it the mattes, the shimmers, the brand new pressed glitters and the first supershock shadow in a pressed shadow palette. I knew once I watched RawBeautyKristi’s video I needed to try it, I love anything glittery and shiny so I really wanted to try all of these different formulas.

This palette is such a spring palette with its warm peachy colours, it’s a palette I just want to take on holiday and wear all of the time! It’s such a beautiful palette and I genuinely have nothing like it in my collection. Saying that though I am very aware that it is not the most versatile palette but if you love warm peachy and brown tones you will love it, to me this is something I have got loads of use out of which is always amazing.

Here are the swatches for the palette!

Since I have never tried the Colourpop formula before I have been testing it out for a few weeks to really get to know it. I have found so far that the mattes are pigmented yet really easy to blend which is so nice in affordable shadow palettes. However when using the palette I have found that the shade meadow and the shade West Side have been a bit more powdery than the other mattes, but that doesn’t bother me because the pigmentation of it makes up for it.

I’ve found that the shimmers are lovely, they’re great to apply with the finger or a wet brush which I love. The shades Garden Date and Melody have a beautiful duochrome/shift to them so they look multidimensional, this makes them catch the light beautifully.

The pressed glitters however are harder to work with, I would definitely recommend laying a glitter glue down first so that you don’t get fall out all over your face but the glitters are so so stunning, I personally use Inglot’s Duraline for my glitters. They can be a bit harder to work with but honestly they’re so worth it when they are on your eye, especially when the sun is shining. A warning about the glitter is that it can chunk up and fall out of the pan and it gets EVERYWHERE I find it in my hair, in my bed sheets and even on my socks, it’s a messy messy vice in my life glitter is!

My favourite of the entire palette, and because of that I’m so sad there’s only one in there, is the super shock shadow. It is so incredibly beautiful and I’ve worn it so much. I’m so glad I ordered a separate supershock shadow because I love the formula immensely, I definitely need to get some more of them when I next put in an order.

Here are my different looks using the palette!

Look 1:

Shades used: Meadow, ICYMI, Feel Free and Side2Side.

Look 2:

Shades used: Dream Maker, Meadow, Catch me and Garden Date

Look 3:

Shades used: Work it, West Side, ICYMI, Feel Free and Melody

Look 4:

Shades used: Dream Maker, Meadow, ICYMI, Side2Side and Early Mornin’

Look 5:

Shades used: just Side2Side for a ‘natural’ easy eye look.

Look 6:

(The blurry picture is the only way to really show some of the colours of the glitters)

Shades used:

Dream Maker, Meadow, Feel Free, and Prima Drama

Thats my review of the Sweet Talk Palette from Colourpop, thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting lovely! I have a post about my favourite base make up up on my blog and I would highly recommend any products in that post! I will also have a few more reviews coming out soon so look out for them!


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