The Blogging To Do List: Content ideas.

Welcome back to my Blogging To Do List series, we have already covered a few areas of the to do list and today we will cover one more. This post will cover creating content and different ideas of content you can create in case you get stuck. Even if you’ve been a blogger for a while and you’re going through a creative rut right now, this post could help you in deciding what you might want to write. So here we go!

How to write your content!

First off you need to find a style of writing you find the most comfortable and true to yourself, this can be anything really and it should reflect how you and your content should ideally come across to your audience. Then you need to have a rough idea of the post you’re going to write. You will need to work out a catchy title full of key words, the points you’re trying to get across, then work out what information will go where in the post, you should ideally make it at least 1,000 words and include multiple pictures. Make sure your post is tagged and full of clickable links for your audience. Try to add some questions throughout or near the end of your posts so that your audience can get involved and find something from your post to leave a comment about.

  • Content ideas!
  • For a beauty blog:
    • My spring/summer/autumn/winter make up routine
      My skin care favourites
      Beauty favourites of the month
      Desert island challenge
      Three looks one palette
      Wedding make up tips
      Night out make up look
      Make up Q&A
      Beauty tag
      Favourite beauty influencers
      Everything under £5 make up challenge
      Beauty gift guides
      Make up inspiration
      Make up for beginners

    For fashion bloggers:

    • Spring/summer/autumn/winter staples
    • How to style a certain item of clothing
    • Look books
    • Favourite high street fashion shops
    • Fashion blogging 101
    • Favourite outfits
    • Dressing like *insert celebrity name here* for a week
    • OOTD posts
    • Wardrobe wish list

    For book bloggers:

    • What I’ve read this month
    • Yearly book challenge
    • Different book challenges
    • Book reviews
    • Top 5/10 books of each genre
    • Favourite authors
    • Favourite characters
    • To Be Read Lists

    For lifestyle bloggers:

    • What I do in a day
    • Monthly round ups
    • Advice posts
    • Q&A posts
    • Favourites of the month
      Monthly goals
      Bucket lists
      Travel blogs
      Favourite music
      Favourite films
      Favourite TV
      Favourite accounts
      Tag/ challenge posts

    Any bloggers who want to make a different or educate

      Views on politics
      Views on religion
      Views on current events
      Views on historical events
      Advocate for a charity
      Educate people on a subject you’re passionate about

    General blog post ideas:

    • How to posts
    • Personal experience posts
    • Guest/ interview posts
    • Activity recommendations
    • DIY projects
    • Tips and tricks posts
    • Self care challenge
    • Letter to your past/future self
    • Posts about your hobby
    • Favourite restaurants/places to visit
    • Town/city guide (24 hours in Blank)
    • Seasonal gift ideas

    That is part 2 of my blogging series! Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

    Alex xx

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