A Prayer For The Love of My Life.

Today is the 19th April 2019 and that marks four years since I sent the best text message of my life saying “so does that mean we’re official then?” (Romantic I know). This day four years ago I started a relationship with the love of my life. My JEC, this post is dedicated to him. I wanted this post to be a prayer for him where I could appreciate and hope for the best for him. So here it is my friends.

From that day you have helped lift me from a broken young girl to a strong loving woman, you showed me the kindness and compassion I had never been shown in the years previous to meeting you. You helped me unravel all that was hurting me and set it free away from me, you showed me how I should’ve been loved and never made me feel like I deserved less. When times have been testing and I have tested you you have withstood it regardless of the challenge, you have fought for me when I didn’t even want to fight for myself. I thank the lord every day for you and your ability to bring me back down to earth and to help me see straight. I am so grateful for all of our differences because that has proven to us we can and will pull through because our love overrides it all. Our love is bigger than the mistakes we make. You have been the one who has pulled me up from a crumpled heap on the floor, brushed me off, straightened me out and lead me by the hand to comfort and happiness. Thank you for your time and patience with me, thank you for seeing potential in us and for giving me a chance. Thank you for letting me in and opening up to me. Thank you for making phone calls for me when I couldn’t and for holding my hand when I was nervous for anything. Thank you for your kind words when I text you that I’m feeling anxious about anything and always believing in me. You’re always right and I just can’t stand it. Thank you for your humility, your honesty, your loyalty and your stillness.

Today of all days I pray for our happiness and our future, I pray for our plans which will succeed and fail. I pray for our health and the strength we will have if something goes wrong. I pray for the good and the bad because at the end of the day you’re my lighthouse in the storm and you’re the anchor that keeps me from floating away. I pray for your success and your internal happiness, I pray to calm the storm inside your heart which makes your smile dampen every so often.

This was a different post I know but the Lord put it on my heart to write a prayer for the love of my life and right now was the perfect time to do so.

Thank you so much for reading today, I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx

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