My May Favourites!

Well I haven’t done a favourite post since my October Round Up post and so I thought since I’ve been loving so many amazing things that I will recommend them to you so that maybe you can find something new that brings you happiness.


Sweet Talk Palette

If you are a follower of my blog (and twitter..and insta) you will know that I recently bought and received the amazing Colourpop Sweet Talk palette and wow it’s been a hit this month (if you haven’t seen the posts about it I will link them here and here). This palette is so stunning especially for spring and summer and so I’ve ended up getting so much use out of each and every shade. I mean here, look at its glory!

Dead Sea Spa Magik Rich Moisturiser

Since last summer started I have been using a sleeping moisture mask as moisturiser and just like all good things it came to an end. That left me needing a new moisturiser and I went back to this bad boy, I in the past have used up an entire tube of this and I never rebought it because I had that moisture mask to use up but now it’s back in my life. This cream is the richest yet not greasy cream I’ve tried, I have combination skin and it doesn’t make me feel oily but it also keeps me hydrated. This moisturiser is amazing and is about £8 in Holland and Barrett so it’s definitely affordable. If you need an amazing moisturiser then look no further, I’ve found it’s amazing value for money because I need less than a pea sized amount to be moisturise all day.

Cream bronzer

A trend that I avoided like the plague last summer has now become something I adore the most. That is cream bronzer, it just looks so amazing and I feel like an absolute goddess with it on. I personally use the Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick in shade F14 as my cream bronzer and I love it, especially since I always need the tiniest bit to add so much colour to me. I am thinking of posting a summer make up routine on my insta and blog if you guys are interested so I can show you how I do it and what I use alongside it!

Lottie London x Imogenation Cream Highlighter Quad

Something else I never thought I could pull off was cream highlight but friends I love this one. It comes in a palette with four shades and I’m telling you now it’s awesome. It goes so well under makeup, over make up or just alone on your face, it’s so glowy yet so light weight on the skin. It’s a favourite for sure.

The Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Oil

I’ve been using the Body Shop cleansing oil everyday since I bought it in August and I am finally out of it. However this product is a favourite because I have used it to the end. I thought it would make my oily skin go crazy and yet it has hydrated and nourished my skin whilst removing make up and even face paint from work easily. It’s pretty affordable at £12 a bottle and it’s so accessible, if you prefer a cleansing balm though there is a balm version of this cleanser too (however I haven’t tried it so I can’t recommend it or tell you not to buy it).


Hareem Pants are my staple every single summer as they are comfortable, airy and practical for anything that I might be getting up to. I have a pair from ASOS I bought last year and also a purple pair from New Zealand which my step dad got me a few years ago. So if you are a leggings sorta person but don’t want to be restricted in the summer then get yourself some of these trousers you won’t regret it!

Midi Skirts!

Another item of clothing I’ve been loving in these warmer months are midi skirts! I feel like they’re so nice for days which are warm but aren’t too hot as they give you some coverage but also for days when you don’t want to be in short shorts. I find midi skirts especially nice if you’re on your period or feeling a bit self conscious as they are so flattering on so many people! The three that I wear a lot are my sunflower one from Joanie, my orange floral one from Primark and my jersey one from Boohoo.


These past few months have been about two different types of food: Indian food and hydrating fruit and veg. Jack and I have been LOVING going out to our favourite local Indian restaurant and trying out new things. It is so nice to be able to go on a date night which is fairly affordable and is also amazing food in a place we love. We like to go out regularly so that we can break out of routine and have some fun. It’s been so great and I’ve been loving ALL of the curries I have tried!

The snack of the month has truly been a bowl or pot of watermelon, apple, cucumber and pea pods. These have just been the most amazing foods to snack on as they’re healthy and delicious. I take a pot to work or college so that I can get my fruit intake up and also not be tempted by the unhealthiness of the canteen. It’s also been really great for my health and my wellbeing so I’m so happy to have that as my recent favourite snack!

May has been an awesome month for music for me as I have been listening to the same stuff on repeat and not been bored at all with it! Here are a few of my favourites!


I have got a few different favourite people this month that I thought I would share because you might love them too.

First of all is Nicole Renee who is a cruelty free beauty youtuber who has just created consistently incredible content which gets me clicking on every single video she posts. I love her videos as I find them so useful and well thought out because she truly loves make up and shares what she feels like will be of use to her subscribers. So if you’re massively into make up like I am honestly go and subscribe to her because she is amazing!

Here’s just a few of her videos:

Another beauty influencer who I absolutely adore is Samantha Ravndahl! She is amazing as she is so relatable, down to earth and honest. She says things how it is and how normal people would say it which I love. She also posts really useful and informative content which is to help people out and not just to advertise and sell products. I feel like her videos are so nice to watch as you feel like you’re chatting with a friend and not some unreachable social media star. She talks about real life issues which truly makes me love her more. She has also created a podcast with her best friend which talks about some really interesting topics and allows you to learn more about her in a space which isn’t her beauty channel. She’s an all round good egg and she seems to end up being a favourite every month!

Some of her videos:

Her podcast:

My final favourite person of the month is the one and only Lewis Capaldi. You will know if you read my blog that I am so in love with Someone You Loved and the message behind it and it’s video but I’ve really fallen for him this month. His hilarious Instagram antics and no shit attitude really brightens my day and reminds me not to take life too seriously. His album also released this month so I’ve been listening to it none stop as it is incredible. Every single song is so amazing and his voice never manages to disappoint me which is always a win. I’m just so so excited to be seeing him in concert at the end of the year and I can’t wait to see what else comes from him!

That my friends is my May Favourites post over and done with! I hope that you enjoyed it and maybe found something you will love too! Let me know a few of your favourite things in the comments and let’s have a chat! So much love to you all. Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


  1. I’ve been watching more of Nicole lately, too!!! And Raw Beauty Kristi – love how talented and honest both are!

    Also, LOVE seeing some old school Jonas Brothers pop up in your favorites! 💜


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