#MakeUpMondays//Eyeshadow bingo ft September Rose Slush Palette!

This post is a little fun one as it is a challenge-esque post which I’m really excited to do and share with you! I have just watch Alissa Ashley’s video called the “numbers pick my eyeshadow challenge” and I thought it was so fun and inspiring that I wanted to do the same!

I used a random number generator online to see which shades I would be using, I typed in 1-25 and generated it three times. These are the numbers I got:

The corresponding shades are:

So these are the shades I’m going to be using: a matte bright pink called Pink Lemonade, a shimmery purple called Grape and a matte red/orange shade called Tigers Blood. These are the only shades I can use to create an eye look so let’s get going!

Firstly I primed my eyes with concealer and set it with some loose powder. I dipped my Morphe M433 brush into the shade pink lemonade and buffed it into my crease multiple times. I started it off with a small amount and then kept building it up until I had a really blown out and blended wash of pink.

Then I packed on and buffed out Tigers Blood into the crease lower than the Pink Lemonade shade. I pressed on the red shade with the SoSu x KeilidhMUA SK02 brush and then gently buffed it out using that brush again. Then once the colour was down I blended the edges using my Morphe M433 with left over Pink Lemonade shade. I also brushed Tiger Blood under my lower lash line and buffed it out using my Morphe brush and the pink.

Third and finally I then picked up the Grape on my SoSu x KeilidhMUA SK05 brush, sprayed it with some setting spray and started to pat it onto my eye lid. I built it up more on the inner corner and closer to the lash line and then blended it out towards the edges. Once I got my desired pigmentation I also packed some more Tigers Blood onto the outer corner using my SK02 brush and blended it all with the Morphe M433.

This my friends is the finished look for my Slush Palette Bingo! I hope you enjoyed my first Make Up Monday post and that you guys get inspired to do this challenge too! Thank you for reading guys and if you want to see more looks I’ve created using this palette and so many others check out my Instagram.

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  1. I’m not too sure, I love them all for different reasons but my most used is Tigers Blood so maybe that


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