#MakeUpMondays//Summer make up look featuring the reverse foundation technique//

Today my friends I am going to be showing you my favourite glowing summer make up look which I am wearing ALL of the time. I also would like to share a new skin technique which I learnt from the oh so amazing Samantha Ravndahl called the reverse foundation technique, now if you guys haven’t heard of that then I would recommend checking out her video about it because it is so informative and interesting.

Step one: Prep your skin!

Make sure you that you have moisturised appropriately to your skin type and used SPF. There is no compromise when it comes to SPF people okay?! At all. Then if you need to add a mattifying primer or a hydrating primer then go for it. I personally didn’t today but I occasionally will go in with the Benefit Porefessional to help fill in my pores when they’re particularly large.

Step two: Reverse foundation

Now ladies and gents this is the crazy part, you’re not gonna believe me but I’m gonna tell you to now put your cream bronzer, blush and highlight on your skin. Yes before your foundation and here’s why. I always found myself applying so much cream and then powder bronzer that I looked insane especially since I’m usually pretty pale. So when I saw Sam’s video about the reverse foundation technique and decided to try it. It makes the creams look so flawless and like they’re part of your skin. It also makes your powders apply so beautifully too as you don’t need much on top but enough to definitely set it in place.

First I applied my cream highlight which is the Bare Minerals Bare Pro Glow drops in the shade Free, I applied it using an LA Girl beauty sponge and pressed it into my skin. Then I applied my cream bronzer which is the Revolution Fast Base Foundation stick in F14 and blended it out using a Real Technique Expert Face Brush. Then I applied my cream blush which is the Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Blusher cream stick in the shade Onomatapeacha, I blended it out using the same Expert Face Brush as I did with my bronzer. Make sure when you’re applying them to apply them a bit heavier just so that they can stand out when they’re blended with your foundation.

Once these steps were done I got my foundation, which was the L’Oreal Infallible 24H Freshwear foundation in the shade 20 Ivory (which I have reviewed), and put two pumps on the back of my hand. I got my damp LA Girl sponge and worked some of the foundation into the flat side of it, once the product was on it I started on my jawline and blended down my neck on both sides and then my chin in the middle. I then started to dab small amounts into the cheek, nose and under eye area until it is all blended out. Then lastly I blend whatever is left into my forehead. Once that’s done and blended it left me with a beautiful and quite ‘natural’ base, it didn’t look heavy handed but you could still see each element of make up on my face.

Step 3: Finesse the face

Once your foundation is on you can now finish your face, two tips I have recently got from multiple different sources are about duality and about application of powder products over creams. My first one came from Sir John I saw in an interview that to make long lasting make up he uses duality which means he will use a cream and powder bronzer, blush and highlight so this is exactly what I do. Then to apply it I heard from my fave make up gal Annie Cherry on Instagram to make your powder products sit best and last you should stamp them on rather than buff so that is also what I do. For my bronzer I took the Benefit Hoola Bronzer using the Wet n Wild Contour Brush and stamped it on very lightly to the areas where I applied the cream bronzer. Then I applied my powder blush which was the Milani Luminoso using the Real Techniques Powder Brush, I smiled and then stamped it onto my cheeks. Then I got my Real Techniques Blush brush and used the tip of it it to blend out the powder bronzer and blush, then I sprayed my face with the Revolution Hyaluronic Setting Spray. I then applied my powder highlighter which was from the Soph x Revolution Highlighter palette using my Morphe M510 brush with a very light hand by pressing it on and then blending it out softly. Once that was done I took my damp LA Girl sponge and pressed it gently over all of the powdered areas to melt them into my skin a bit more. Once that’s done I give my face a final spray with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting spray and move on to my eyes.

Tip: you want to set you face before you do eyeshadow or mascara if you can so that they don’t get wet and smudge or run. If you do your eyes first then try to cover your eyes when you spray so that it doesn’t disturb your eye make up

Step 4: Add the finishing touches

For this step I added two eyeshadows to my eyes from the Colourpop Sweet Talk Palette (which I’ve reviewed here) which were ICYMI and Melody. I used my Morphe M433 to blend ICYMI into my crease and really buffed it out. Then I used a Wet n Wild Large Eyeshadow Brush to buff Melody onto the lid to get a light wash of peachy gold. I then added the L’Oreal Miss Babyroll Mascara to my top eyelashes and brushed the Benefit Gimme Brow in shade 3 through my brows to give them a natural and fluffy look. My final touch is the LimeCrime Wet Cherry Gloss in Tangy Cherry all over the lips for an orangey glow on the lips.

That my friends is my finished glowing summer make up look using the reverse foundation technique! What do you guys think about this technique? Have you heard of it before? Would you or have you tried it? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.

This is the look after about 8 hours of wear so that you can see how it naturally just fades throughout the day without any signs of distress

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! Sending all my love and best wishes!

Alex xxx

9 thoughts on “#MakeUpMondays//Summer make up look featuring the reverse foundation technique//

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    1. Thanks so much lovely! I’ve been loving it because it makes my face feel so much less makeupy (if that makes sense?) it’s just so much more lightweight than a load of power products! Sam is such a genius and I adore her so much she could tell me to wear a full face of red lipstick and I happily would😍😂

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  1. The reverse foundation technique worked so well I’m shook! I’ve heard about it before but never thought it would work because in my head it made no sense, but it looks amazing. So happy you shared this post as I’m going to try it for myself now 🙂 thank you for sharing! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much that’s so kind of you! It’s something I love when I want my makeup to be much more natural! If you do try it out please tag me in it or send it to me so I can see how you do it too!


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