The Steps to Starting a Blog: Building up your Socials

Today’s instalment to my Steps to Starting a Blog series is going to be about building up your social media’s! This is something I have found vital because without social media blogs have nowhere to go. I am going to today give you advice and tips on how best to work each social media account and how to make the most of out of them for your blog.


Twitter is the place to be my friends, it’s like the fast food places of the internet: accessible, quick and open 24 hours baby. I love twitter and I have found it one of the most useful tools for my blog. Twitter is a place where you can share your blog posts, meet other bloggers and engage with so many people on so many things.

My first tip with twitter is to be interactive, this is the best way I have found to get genuine engagement with my content because I am out there making friends and supporting them. So when you set up your account I would type in the hashtag #smallblogger or #blogs and see what comes up, if there are some which take your fancy give them a follow and start interacting. You can reply to a tweet of theirs or retweet something they’ve shared to get that interaction going. I’ve met some amazing supportive people on twitter (you angels know who you are) and it has really helped me feel like I have a purpose in this blogosphere.

My most important tip when it comes to bringing people to your blog is utilising RT or share accounts on twitter. These accounts have thousands of followers and will retweet your posts so that they get put onto their followers feeds to read and comment on. On my blogging notes in my phone I have about 9 different hashtags or accounts to tag into my posts whenever I’m promoting my blog. This means that they will check the hashtag or their mentions and RT your post to a wider audience.

My top RT accounts are as followed:

@littleblogRTs using the #littleblogRT

The Cliqué- Blogger Retweet using the @theclique_uk or #TheClqRT

@thebloggingtribe using the #bloggingtribe or #TheBloggingTribe

@BloggerLS using the #BloggerLoveShare

@BloggersSparkle using the #BloggersSparkle

@bloggingbeesrt using the #bloggingbeesrt

The Blogger Gals using @TheBloggerGals

Loving Blogs using the @LovingBlogs

Blogging Babes RT using the @BloggingBabesRT

Tea & Post using the @TEAANDPOST

Female Blogger Retweet at @FemaleBloggersRT

My final tip for Twitter is to make sure you’re posting regularly and promoting your content. Now take this with a pinch of salt because this isn’t realistic and it can be quite damaging so when I say this please approach with caution. You want your content out there and you want people to see it and engage with it, but that’s not gonna happen if you post once a day (that’s what Instagram is for) and so I would recommend scheduling tweets with your content on it and then when you have time to live tweet the more real stuff. This is a nice Segway into the app called Buffer..


Buffer is now your blogging best friend, with it being a free app or you can purchase the full thing to get much more use out of it this app will boost your blogging game. I personally use it for scheduling and posting promotional tweets throughout the day regularly when it just isn’t a priority to me, this is great for if you’re working throughout the day but still want to give blogging a good go. All you need to do is write up your tweet and schedule it for whenever you want it to be posted and it will do the rest for you. This means your account is active but you’re not having to sacrifice your time in the day to be on Twitter.


Another platform which I find fun and also think is great for your blog is Instagram. It is great for finding similar accounts like yours and sharing your work whether that be art, beauty, fashion, lifestyle and anything else in between. It gives you a chance to share snapshots of your life as well as anything else you want to share.

My first tip with Instagram is consistency, you want to post as regularly as you can just to keep up with the stupid algorithm. An algorithm is “a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer” this basically means that you have to follow these ‘rules’ to get your content shown and reached to people. Saying that though it has to be genuine and useful content that can be engaged with by others and not just to keep on top of the rules. It is a balance that you’ll need to find!

  • My second tip with Instagram is using relevant hashtags on your post, that is how people are gonna see it. People like to follow a certain hashtag(s) to find the content they love, for example I follow #makeupartistmanchester because I love the manny girls style of make up so whenever anyone hashtags that it will come up on my feed. So if you’re using relevant and well seen hashtags your posts can be seen by more people.
  • An Instagram tip I heard from Samantha Ravndahl (yes I know I talk about her a lot I just love her okay) is that Instagram promotes accounts that use all of the Instagram features such as IGTV, videos, pictures and stories. This is just another part of that stupid algorithm, so to get the most promotion from the platform you should be regularly utilising all the features on offer. But like the other tips I’ve shared with you you’ve got to be genuine and relevant so that more people will interact with it.

    Another tip I have for you when it comes to Instagram is be patient and intentional, so when it comes to engagement and followers you want them to be real and interactive and not just bots. Being intentional with your interactions and followings is so important for your blog engagement and for your socials in general. It’s much better to have followers who give you a high engagement rating than ones that engage with nothing but are still following you because funnily enough the algorithm is more likely to promote posts with genuine engagement on it.


    This is a social media which is pretty complicated to me and if I’m honest I don’t really know how to use that well but i can tell you what I do know and also link some really good and useful sources which can teach you much more than I can.

    From what I know is that you should create a Pinterest account for your blog because it can bring in an amazing amount of traffic. If you are pinning your own stuff and others regularly then you can get a decent amount of people seeing your posts. I personally try to use it once a day but I find it pretty hard to keep up with it as it isn’t my favourite social media and it also is the one I understand the least. However if you want some real advice on how to succeed using it then here’s some amazing sources for you:

    How to take your blog to the next level by Jenny Marston at Jennyinnneverland

    How I use Pinterest to drive traffic to my blog by Mypassionprojects

    That my friends is my advice on how to create and use social media to help with your blog! I hope that this post was useful to you and that it inspires you to keep working on what you love! Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

    Alex xxx

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    1. Loved this post Alex! I like how you included helpful RT accounts to use, I use quite a bit of those myself. I love Twitter so much, I feel like it’s easier to engage with others on it. I really have to learn the stupid IG algorithm, it’s frustrating to see the likes and engagement skyrocket some days or weeks and then plummet to almost nothing other times. Pinterest is a monster I have yet to fully grasp but I’d love to master that too. Thanks for the great tips! x

      Geraldine |

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      1. Thank you for taking your time to read and comment on my post. I’m glad I’m not the only one feeling these different things and I’m glad you found some use for this post. I hope that you work things out and can get them to work in your favour!
        Alex x

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