#MakeUpMondays//The Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Palette review AFTER the hype has died down//

Hello there my loves and I hope you’re all well! Today’s post is all about Jaclyn Hill’s original Morphe palette two years after the release. I wanted to review this a. After all the hype had died down and b. When I had tested it out for a significant amount of time. An issue I find with the beauty community on YouTube is that everything is worth the hype straight after the launch but once everyone moves on to different things and the time has passed was it worth you spending your money on so quickly? Since I knew this wasn’t limited edition I thought I would wait a good few months to use this palette and write this post so that I could see whether it really was worth the hype. So for this review I’m going to do some swatches as well as sharing my thoughts on the shades and some looks I have done with it. So let’s get into it!

This palette was released in 2017 and it really got some hype on the old tube, I mean look at all these videos made on it!

Jaclyn Hill has been known for making youtuber collaborations a huge thing as she has done a few of them and also she started them off. She was one of the first big beauty youtubers to collaborate with a big beauty brand on a product. So there was BOUND to be a lot of noise around this product. I watched all the initial videos in 2017 and wanted the palette but never bought it until late 2018. I have been testing it ever since then to try to get a real and true feel of the worthiness of this palette for your hard earned money.

Here is the palette in all of its glory!

Here are my arm swatches so you can see the colours properly!

Row one:

T-B Enlight, Beam, M.F.E.O, Faint, Sissy, Little Lady.

Row 2:

T-B: Creamsicle, Butter, Pooter, Pukey, Hunts, Firework, Queen.

Row 3:

T-B: Obsessed, S.B.N, Hillster, Roxanne, Jacz, Buns, Cranapple.

Row 4:

T-B: Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha

Row 5:

T-B: Pool Party, Jada, Diva, Enchanted, Central Park, Soda Pop, Abyss.

The review!

I have had this palette for a good few months now and so I am able to give it a really thorough review. These shadows blend and work amazingly on the eyes, there’s so many to choose from and so it makes the palette a staple one for looks. I have never travelled with the palette but I never intended to do so so that is not an issue for me. I find the mattes are super blendable and easy to work with, however there is a significant amount of pigment so make sure you don’t initially go in with a really heavy hand or you can apply way too much. The shimmers are easily applied with a finger, a packer brush or with a fluffy brush which makes the application super easy and convenient. I feel like this palette is worth the money if you feel like you will get your use out of it. At £37 this is the most expensive product I’ve bought but it is very versatile and there is a hell of a lot of product there for that price. I personally feel like if I used it so much that I hit pan in every shade I would’ve got 10x more than what I paid out of because there is so much. I have found that no matter how many palettes I buy or love I will always go back to this palette to get a colour I don’t have!

Does this mean that this palette is without fault? No not at all. Some of the shades don’t really work for me or I find are quite similar to one another but that is what you get for a 35 panned palette for £37. This is just something I am able work with. Another issue which may arise is the drama which comes with Ms Hill and Morphe cosmetics but if I’m completely honest I bought it for the shades and not the name on the front. That is your call to make on where you want to put your money. If you want an eyeshadow palette that can make so many different looks and be consistent with ability and formula you won’t be disappointed at all.

Here are just a handful of the looks I’ve created using the palette!

I hope this review was of use to you and that it might’ve helped you with your decision on whether or not you need this palette AFTER the hype has well and truly died down. Have you bought this palette? If so please let me know what you think of it. And if you didn’t buy the palette also let me know why! I would love to know your thoughts on the palette or my looks which I created using it!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


  1. Girl, I am 100% with you on waiting to try and review products once the hype has died down. I’m so worn down by influencers referring to every new release as the next must-have product! 😑

    As always, I love the looks you created and that bright blue shade, Pool Party??, is so so stunning. I think that is my favorite shade of the whole bunch!! 😍

    I’ve actually never tried anything from Morphe surprisingly and haven’t bought any JH collab or launch since her last collection with Becca lol. I’m still on the fence about the Morphe brand, but I do hear that the products are good quality at a very affordable price!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! Yeah I think that it’s best to wait until you’ve tried it over a few weeks or months before reviewing so you’re 100% confident in your views of it. Thank you so much, I had so much fun creating all of them looks and I need to get back into it soon! I haven’t tried anything else from Morphe so I can’t speak for the brand but this palette is very easy to work with and I find this huge palette to be really consistent and varied. I find I can make many different and wearable looks which I know will work every time. I didn’t buy it for the collab status if I’m honest I bought it for the colours. One issue I find with these 35 pan palettes is that there ends up being multiple shades which are so similar. This can be great if you’re a working MUA and working on different skin tones but for just me I don’t need three shades of light brown you know?? It is good though! I think I’m gonna do all of my reviews in this format over a period of time!

      Liked by 1 person

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