My June favourites

Welcome back to my monthly favourites and wow do I have a lot for you this month! If you read my May Favourites and enjoyed it then welcome I hope you love this one. I’m gonna try to keep this up each month because I love writing this type of post and sharing my tried and true with you all. If you have any feedback for me please leave a comment so I can make these as interesting and useful for you!

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(Disclaimer: some images are not my own)


June has been the month of buying and trying new products for me, so I have some amazing products I’ve been loving at the start of this summer.

My first beauty favourite of the month has to be the Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Tangy Cherry. This gloss has been such a staple in my make up routine this summer already, for every day errands or nights out I have been wearing the FUCK out of this gloss. The shade Tangy Cherry is an orange red colour and it is my absolutely favourite shade of gloss. Alone it is a nice juicy wash of colour to the lips but paired with a red lip liner and/or lipstick it creates the most amazing orange red lip combo ever. I bought it off cult beauty for £16 which is pretty pricey but I would honestly say it’s so worth it! It’s a really nice formula of gloss which isn’t sticky and it wears nicely, however it will need topping up as it is a gloss. Something else to note with this gloss is that it smells incredible, it smells like fruity sweetie which I think is amazing! I cannot rave about this product enough!

My next Beauty favourite is lip liner (and pretty much lip products in general) I have really fallen for the lip liner craze which I’ve ignored for the past few years and wow has it changed my make up game. I have currently only tried two formulas and I’ve ordered a few more because I just think they’re a staple for me now. One reason why I bought into this trend is because I wanted a banging orange red lip and for it to last and look amazing I needed a lip liner to go with it, so I bought the Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in 104 Call Me Crazy and wow do I love it! It’s amazing all over the lip for a long lasting lip colour to go under my lip gloss or to line my lips for a red lipstick. Another lip liner which I have used and love this entire month is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lip Liner in 1000 Kisses, this is a beautiful pink based nude liner which I have used with my nude lipsticks and glosses this month. It’s been so great for adjusting the colours of lip colours to my skin tone. In March I bought the Hades lipstick from Colourpop (haul for it is here) and I found it was too pale and peachy for my skin tone however I have used this lip liner on the outsides of my lips and then used Hades in the centre and now it works so well with my skin tone.

Let’s be real though my main beauty favourites of June have been mainly lip products so I’m going to show you ALL of my favourite ones as I have been using them in rotation in my make up routine ALL month.

First of all I have my lip balm of choice which is the Vaseline lip therapy in Cocoa Butter which I have been using under my lip colours to make sure my lips aren’t dry and so the products look beautiful on my lips.

Then I’ve been loving my red lips this month and there has been a few. My first is the Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink in the shade Heroine, this is a long wearing matte liquid lipstick which I have been loving this month. Pretty much every time I’ve needed a confidence boost or been out in the evening I have worn this lip colour, however I don’t usually wear it alone as after a while it can feel slightly dry on my lips so I top it off with the Lime Crime Tangy Cherry Gloss which makes it the most delicious orange red lip ever!

Another red lipstick I have been loving is the Colourpop x Disney Villians matte lipstick in Evil Queen, I bought this colour in March (as seen in my March Makeup Haul ) and I haven’t really worn it but this month I’ve really started to wear it. This is a darker and vampier lip colour which is gorgeous for date nights or smokey looks. It’s quite long wearing and also comfortable on the lips.

My final red lip colour is the Lush Santa Baby Lip tint which I got a few years ago for Christmas, this is great for a wash of colour and stain on the lips for long days or nights. I use this either alone or with a gloss to brighten up my look, it’s amazing however I do find if I don’t use a lip liner it can bleed out onto the skin around my mouth. My favourite way to apply it is by using a dense blending brush and buffing it onto the lips just creating a slight stain.

(From left to right: Colourpop Evil Queen, Lush Lip Tint, Maybelline Matte Ink in Heroine, Rimmel lip liner in Call Me Crazy, and Limecrime Tangy Cherry Gloss)

My next lip faves have been nude lips! I have a mixture of lipsticks and lip glosses for this category and I want to show you them all!

My first is the Soap and Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Lipstick in Matte Cinnamon Beige. This Lipstick is a more brown nude which I love as it is seems quite flattering on my skin tone whenever I’m pale or with a bit more of a tan, and so it is a staple for any look. It is comfortable AF on the lips for a matte and is easily topped up when need be. This is one that comes in my handbag whenever I’m on the go as it is so easy and handy to reapply.

My second is the Colourpop Créme Lux Lipstick in Hades. This lipstick is much more of a nude peach and only really works on me when I have a slight tan and also when I use a lip liner as it can be quite unflattering on me if not played with. If I just applied three layers of this alone it wouldn’t look great but paired with a lip liner and applied sparingly it makes a brilliant nude lip. It’s also so comfortable as it’s a cream finish but it fades in a much more flattering way than other cream lipsticks I’ve tried.

My next is the ELF Lip Plumping Gloss in Mocha Twist. This gloss is definitely a pumping gloss as it does tingle the lips and has a minty taste to it, after a while the sensation does go away and it leaves your lip really nice and juicy. This gloss is much thicker than my Lottie London one or my LimeCrime one but it’s still gorgeous and so so affordable. I find reapplying this gloss so easy and it pairs with my other nude lipsticks beautifully as it has a much browner and more neutral undertone. I find this better for evenings as it is thicker and less practical for the day time especially if you’re busy. I will usually just apply one swipe to m bottom lip and then try to distribute it over all of my lips by rubbing them together. This means that it doesn’t get too thick or sticky but since it is so opaque I don’t lose the colour pay off.

My final lip product of my June favourites is the Lottie London x Imogenation Ultra Glow: Gloss’d in shimmer in the shade Bee. This is one of the nicest gloss formulas I’ve tried, it isn’t sticky at all and since it is a lip gloss oil it is super hydrating. This gloss will go with absolutely any lip as it is a clear gloss with a golden shimmer so it is great for the handbag or for no make up make up looks! I took this on holiday with me and wore it with cream highlight, brows and mascara being the only make up on my face. So versatile and affordable that you cannot go wrong with it!

(From Left to Right: Rimmel 1000 kisses lip liner, Colourpop Hades Lipstick, Soap&Glory Matte Cinnamon Beige, ELF mocha twist, Bareminerals California dreamer, and Lottie London Bee)

My final two beauty products are ones which I have never cared for until this past month, very similarly to lip products. These are mascara and brow gel. I have been known to go without putting mascara on or doing my brows because I never really thought they were worth my time. Since I have naturally full brows and they’re not especially light I didn’t want to fill them in however this month I have been loving making them fluffy and darker using the Benefit Gimme Brow in the shade 3. I just will brush it through my eyebrows once I’ve finished the rest of my make up and it really seems to finish off my look and frame my face more. I am also actually loving mascara which has never happened, I’ve always found it annoying due to the fact that I wear my glasses full time. However when I have been wearing less make up due to the warmer weather I have been enjoying wearing the L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara to frame my face and bring more attention to my eyes. I especially like to take pictures without my glasses on and so my eyes look much better when I have it on. I’m officially sold to mascara and brows now!



The show that I have been watching throughout the month of June has been Riverdale. As a fan of Gossip Girl I started watching Riverdale and we were hooked from the start. We are about half way through the second series and we love it. I find it such an easy watch but with some real and interesting issues addressed in it. It’s just a great show and I love each character for different reasons. My two ultimate faves are Cheryl and Jughead!

Recently I’ve gotten back into stand up comedy and the comedian I have been watching the most is Katherine Ryan. Katherine is someone who can talk about real issues in a sarcastic and self deprecating way which makes you laugh but also makes you aware of the issues. I think she’s hilarious and I keep watching her different stand ups online and also her netflix special.


My food favourite of the month has been cooking in general, I’ve loved experimenting with new recipes and trying to find staple and healthy meals we both love. A few recipes I’ve tried this month are:

Turkey Burgers in bagels with new potato and salad

Salami and Rocket homemade pizzas

Homemade chicken and veg paella


This month I found the incredible makeup artist Pricilla Ono, Miss Ono is the global makeup artist for Fenty Beauty and is Rihanna’s make up artist. I found her via the Fenty Beauty YouTube channel and fell in love with her artistry, since then I’ve watched all videos on the internet that includes her and stalked her Instagram for inspiration! I am just in love with her!! If you are interested in finding a new makeup artist to follow them check her out because honestly she is incredible and got such a lovely personality and story to tell.

Another person I’ve been loving this month is The Newbury Girl and her Twitter/Instagram/Blog. Not only do we rave about makeup together, she always supports my content which I appreciate so much. She is always the first to comment on my posts or my Instagram pictures and will always encourage me whenever I’m feeling less than happy. She has such incredible content every time she posts and I always love reading and interacting with her posts. She’s also a really hardworking and dedicated person who I look up to when it comes to blogging and social media. So I wanted to share her with you all in case you haven’t followed her!

That my friends was my June favourites! I hope you have enjoyed this post as much as I have loved writing it. Please let me know some of your favourites for the month of June and whether we share any of the same favourites! Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xxx

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    1. Thank you so much for that comment. I appreciate that you have acknowledged my hard work thank you. It did but I enjoyed it so so much!


  1. Omg look at all of those shades! I am in love with all of them but I think my favorite is the one you mentioned first, the Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss in Tangy Cherry. I always love seeing you show these lippies off on IG (besides your makeup looks, which is BOMB!). It’s so nice you mentioned LP in your post, she’s such an awesome gal!! Overall loved these goodies you talked about, I haven’t heard or tried most of them 🙂

    Geraldine |

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    1. Thank you so much Geraldine for reading my post and leaving me such a great comment. The lime crime gloss formula is life changing and the colour is gorgeous! I’ve just been loving lip products recently so I wanted to share some bomb ones with you. Thank you so much for the love for my Instagram, I love posting on there about makeup bits. I’m gonna try do more get ready with me’s on there too! She’s the best isn’t she?! She deserved a mention sooner or later. Well if you do end up trying anything then do let me know gal. Have a great day🧡
      Alex x

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  2. OMG you are the sweetest!!!!!!!! I’m so sorry that I literally took my break during the time when this was posted!

    Also, I really like the look of the Maybelline Heroine Liquid Lipstick, the CP Creme Lipstick in the shade Hades, and the Soap & Glory Lipstick Matte Cinnamon Beige Lipsticks. 😀

    And OMG – Priscilla Ono is such an incredible and talented MUA!! I always admire her work, as well as Chinchilla (Ariana’ Grande’s MUA), Patrick Ta (Shay Mitchell’s), Hrush and Mario (two of the Kardashian MUAs).


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