June Beauty Haul!

Hello my loves and welcome back to a new beauty haul, my last one I did was my March make up haul and if you haven’t seen that one then head on over and check it out! Today’s haul is less of a make up haul and more of a beauty haul as there is some other items than make up! So let’s get into what I’ve bought!

My first two items I have purchased are from Lush, and they are the Ultraplant Cleanser and the Mask of Magnaminty. These are new products to me which I’m so excited to try. I visited the new Lush Spa store in Liverpool recently and I was chatting to one of the girls and she told me that ultraplant is the vegan and newer version of the ultrabland cleanser which I have previously tried out. It is made with oils instead of bees wax and so it is much thinner and oilier which I loved the sound of as I want to use it to help remove my make up. The mask of magnaminty I bought originally for Jack because since he has been back to playing football twice a week he has started to get chest acne, the sales assistant said this is what would help him and I thought I might as well use it for my face too so it’s a win win all around.

On the same trip to Liverpool I went to to Boots and bought a few items, three from Fenty Beauty and then one from Pixi.

The Fenty Beauty items which I bought was the bronzer mini’s set in light and then the Fenty gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow.

The Fenty Gloss Bomb is a formula I have heard raved about time and time again for so many reasons. It’s meant to be universal for all skin tones/colours, the formula is comfortable and the scent is amazing. So I was so excited to pick it up, the colour Fenty Glow was one in which I was so happy they had because it is much more of a brown nude instead of a pink one. However they do have a pinker shade in Fu$$y and a clear with shimmer called Diamond Milk if that’s what you prefer.

The bronzer set consists of a mini of the Sun Stalk’r bronzer in Inda Sun and then one of the mini matchstix in Sinamon. I wanted to purchase the set to try out the formulas of both the powder bronzer and the match stix to see whether they’re something that I would like to invest in in the future.

The third item I bought in boots was the oh so famous Pixi Glow Tonic, this is something I have never tried before but wanted to try after talking to one of the staff there. This lady had gorgeous skin and as she was checking out my Fenty products I told her that her skin was stunning, she informed me that she used to have awful acne and I couldn’t believe it. She told me that she uses the Glow Tonic to get rid of her scars and keep her skin clear and after that I HAD to try it. I will keep using it and hopefully it helps decongest my skin and get rid of any scarring I do have.

After Boots I headed to Primark where I bought some essentials. I got some lashes which were a pound each just to start learning to apply them, as well as the Duo Clear drying and latex free lash glue to go with the lashes. I then also bought a lash curler as my lashes are so straight that they would look ridiculous with lashes on if they weren’t curled. I bought some nail clippers (self explanatory really). I got a cool mat for cleaning brushes on instead of my hand which I was really excited to get hold of as it’ll help me deep clean my brushes easier. lastly I bought a Carmex Mint lip balm for my work bag as I don’t have a lip balm for work and sometimes it can get so hot at work that my lips dry out.

My last stop in Liverpool was to the Body Shop where I picked up some repurchase items, these are the Vitamin E Moisture Protect Emulsion SPF 30+ and then the Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Sleeping Mask (which I mentioned in my Autumn essentials post). This SPF I use everyday and am running low on so I thought I would stock up on during the buy one get one half price offer and then the sleeping mask because it is hands down the best moisturiser I’ve ever owned. I have tried a few since that ran out and nothing was ever good enough, so I’ve gone and got myself a new one so I can live in all its glory once again.

In the last week in June I placed an order on Harvey Nichols to buy some Fenty Beauty products. I ordered the Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo in Lightening Dust and Fire Crystal and then the Pro Filt’r Foundation Primer. Despite the fiasco I had with the foundation I wanted to support the brand so I wanted to purchase some more products from them, this Primer is perfect for my skin as it blurs but it also adds some hydration. The highlight is gorgeous too as it has a more natural/subtle side and then a much more intense side which is great for mixing and matching for looks.

In June I also went to a Masterclass with the oh so amazing Annie-Cherry on Instagram and got a few products in a little goody bag we received which I thought was super nice. First of all we received the IsoClean make up brush cleaner which allows you to quickly wash and sanitise your brushes in between washes and uses. This is something so amazing and useful because I am the ultimate worst at cleaning my brushes regularly so if I can give them a quick wash in between when I get round to doing it it can help reduce any spots and contamination.

We also got a few goodies from other brands such as a Helen E lipgloss which is gorgeous, a single eyeshadow from Lick and Lash, a cream lipstick from Ainsel London, some Himalayan Bath Salts from Serenity with Sarah which I’m so excited to use and also a discount code from Helen E Cosmetics. This was a nice little extra to what was an amazing amazing day.

When I left Annie’s masterclass I found myself in MAC in getting shade matched for the oh so loved MAC face and body. One because I was hating the sample of the Fenty Beauty foundation I was wearing and too Annie raves about it and it looks perfect on her. It’s a lighter coverage which I love atm (if you don’t know that go and check out my Instagram where I post all of my looks). However they didn’t have my shade in stock so I sat in the train station and ordered it online using my student discount (yay!). Summer makeup is my jam and this my friends is the perfect product for it. I also got a sample of the Mac strobe cream which I will be saving for my holiday in September to use on my skin and if I love it I will be buying a full size.

That my friends is the beauty bits I’ve bought in June, I hope you’ve enjoyed this type of post and if there’s anything you want a review or post on please let me know!

Thank you for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xx


  1. OOOO so many goodies in this post. How have you been liking the Fenty Matchstix and Bronzer? The Matchstix shade you picked up looks STUNNING. I’ve always wanted to try the MAC Face & Body Foundation because it is such a classic in the beauty world and a great reference for figuring out foundation matches in other lines!


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