#MakeUpMondays//A Summer Colourpop Haul//

Hello my fellow beauty lovers and welcome to yet ANOTHER beauty haul! Today I’m gonna be sharing with you my most recent Colourpop order, I was going to include this is my June Beauty Haul! But I asked you guys on Twitter and you all said you wanted a separate post so here it is!

The first thing I bought was an angled eye brush, this is one of the only type of brushes I don’t actually own and I’ve heard great things about Colourpop’s brushes so I wanted to try one out. I will be primarily using this for liner or eyebrows.

My next product I picked up is be Flexitarian Super Shock Cheek highlight, I bought this highlight due to the fact it was in Kathleen Lights 2019 Colourpop favourite video and she has raved about it for years. It’s such a stunning highlight and it just looks like you’ve got a natural glow on the skin. I’ve worn it a few times and it doesn’t seem to disturb the foundation underneath and I have also tried it on bare skin and it honestly just looks like a glow. I can’t wait to play with this incredible formula more and hopefully buy some different shades!

I have heard amazing things about the Colourpop lip products in general so I thought I would pick a few different ones up. One which I’ve heard AMAZING things about is the Curvii Lip Pencil which is in collaboration with ILuvSarahii. This pencil is a deeper brown pencil which is great for all over the lip or to line the lips for a nude lipstick. It is a staple colour to have and I cannot believe how creamy the formula is.

BFF Lip Pencil is one which is recommended and used regularly by so many different people that I knew it was something I needed to pickup. This pencil is lighter than Curvii but equally as creamy and long lasting. I use this one to go under my Fenty Glow Gloss Bomb on the regular which I’ve been loving as it is quite close to my natural lip colour.

Pencil sharpener is something so useful especially since I have just started to buy lip liners and it was just something that I needed. It specially fits my Colourpop liners which I know I will be using on the regular so it was just useful to have.

Under Pressure Blush Stix is the whole reason I made this order because these Stix are what I wanted the most! I originally wanted the poppy blush stix set but it was sold out so I bought one of the blushes from the set and I absolutely adore it. The colour is gorgeous and the formula is amazing. Cream blushes are absolutely perfect for summer time.

Rêver Ultra Satin Lip is a product I’ve been eyeing for over a year now since Kathleen announced the dream street collection. It’s the perfect red orange for me and the formula is so great. This is the first lipstick I’ve tried from Colourpop and I’ve already worn it so many times. A perfect colour for summer!

The Aries single eyeshadow is something I added last minute because Kathleen Lights and Colourpop announced they were making the zodiac palette into singles and this is one of them. I wanted to try this orange golden shimmer shade because I knew it would be one I could use on holiday or as a quick one and done eyeshadow look. I also wanted to support this collab and I adore anything zodiac so I wanted to buy something in this cute packaging.

Mr Bing Eyeliner is a beautiful chocolate brown eyeliner, this colour is one that isn’t as dark as black but still as sultry. This one is for creating a smokey sexy lower lash line or to create a nice brown liner. It claims to be long wearing and creamy so that it doesn’t drag on the eye.

Vitamin Sea Ultra Blotted Lip is a summer brown nude which I wanted to try instead of a matte lip. This formula is meant to be lightweight and long lasting which is what I love. This shade is just darker than a nude for me but is still super flattering. This is one for date night or a day trip which I love.

That was my latest Colourpop order shared with you all, what do you think about hauls? I would love to know if you own anything from Colourpop and if so what are your favourite products? I am going to be making another order soon as there’s so many more beautiful things I want to try out so stay tuned for another haul soon (ish).

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xxx


  1. Loved reading about your Colourpop haul! I had one a few months back and all of the products were incredible. Literally, every single one. I wish they were in the UK, but I think my bank account is grateful that they’re not lol. The highlighter looks stunning I’m jel!

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    1. Haha me too! I don’t mind getting them shipped here though because I always spend enough to get free international shipping and just pay $10ish for tax/customs which is cheaper than the shipping anyways. Thanks so much!


  2. I haven’t bought anything from colourpop in forever. I need to go on their website now! I love how they are always coming out with new products. I love those lip liners that you got. Such pretty colors!! Great post!!

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    1. Thanks so much Colleen for taking the time to read and comment on my post today. They’re amazing, I’ve only just started purchasing from them and despite the fact I have to get it shipped all the way to the UK it’s pretty stress free! I am in love with all of the products by them I own which is great and they’re so affordable!

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  3. Girl, you picked up so many amazing things!!! It makes me want to place an order right now lolol – but also little did we know that those little berries would be a clue to ColourPop’s new eyeshadow palette/collection!!

    Aren’t the patterns on the Super Shock products so beautiful?? The swatch looks amazing, too! Also, I’m so intrigued to try more of the Lip Liners. I really like the Kylie Cosmetics ones but they’re so expensive and I always hear that the ColourPop ones are amazing dupes! Plus, I want to pick up the iLuvSarahii lippies from her collabs. Her makeup is always goals.

    The Blush Stix shade you grabbed looks perfect for bright, fresh looking cheeks for the Summer.


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