My July Favourites!

Hello there and welcome to my third monthly favourites in a row, I hope you’re loving them as much as I am! July has been a great month over all and I’ve got some really solid favourites to share with you all.

Let’s start with my beauty favourites…

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray has been an absolute fucking STAPLE when it comes to wearing makeup in the summer time. The UK has been having some hot and muggy weather this month and this setting spray has been the only thing keeping it on my face. I don’t know what makes it so amazing but it really really is! I have had long busy nights and my makeup looks incredible at the end of it. If you buy one thing this month make it this because it’ll save your ass one way or another.

Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Rêver Ultra Satin Lip has been my MOST used lip product of the month (if you follow me on Instagram you will be absolutely SICK to death of me wearing it). It is the most perfect orange red and the Ultra Satin Lip formula is something so different yet amazing. It’s long lasting but comfortable which is all I want from a lipstick. It makes me feel like an absolute boss and I’ve had many compliments because of it. Well done Kathleen you babe for creating this shade!

I am on an absolute Colourpop hype at the moment and so there is no surprise that the Colourpop Flexitarian Super Shock Cheek Highlight is in my favourites this month. I use it on the eyes, I buff it onto bare skin, I use it underneath or on top of my makeup and I adore it so much. I bought this product off of Kathleen Lights recommendation in her Best Colourpop Makeup 2019 video and I am so happy I have tried it.

MAC Face and Body is a product I knew I would like and I am so in love with. I previously have loved using my L’Oreal Freshwear Foundation (which I reviewed here) mixed in with an illuminating primer as a lighter coverage foundation mixture and loved it but I wanted a sheerer foundation instead. I had been debating to get it and then I went to Annie Cherry’s Make Up masterclass in Manchester and chatted to her about it and bought it the same day. I adore it and it’s just so beautiful. I use it the way Annie recommended by rubbing some of the product in between my hands to warm it up until it thickens up and apply it using my fingers and that gets the best coverage and finish from it. It’s a beautiful summer product which I will definitely repurchase once I’m all out of it.

Lush Ultraplant is another product I purchased on the weekend of the Annie Cherry masterclass (haul post is linked here!) from the new Liverpool Superstore. I got the smallest size as I didn’t know if it would work with my skin and my Lord is it perfect. It’s my new favourite cleanser and I’m nearly out of it. The only issue is you can only buy it from that Liverpool store so I’m hunting around for people heading down to Liverpool at any point to buy some bigger tubs for me. It’s also great to be supporting a brand which is cruelty free and doing the most of the environment. If you do get chance to visit the new store honestly do because it’s an amazing experience within itself.

Hyaluronic Acid is a beauty ingredient which is so hyped for such a great reason. My skin is combination/dehydrated and therefore needs moisture. Hyaluronic Acid is something which retains water moisture within the skin. This ingredient is found in so many of my skin care products and I am just adoring how it makes my skin feel.

My favourite people…

  • Annie Cherry is a Make Up Artist I found on Instagram about a year ago and have adored since then. Her looks and her attitude inspires me endlessly and I’m so glad that I got to meet her and see her in action. She is someone who I adore as a person and also as a working artist, I just love her. I managed to get some time to chat to her before and after the masterclass which was so lovely. I left there feeling so inspired and motivated to work hard and make myself happy with my passions and hobbies. If you don’t follow her you absolutely have to because she’s a babe!
  • Kathleen Lights is someone I have consistently watched for maybe 3 years now but this month I have just been binge watching her and following her videos so meticulously. I have tried some of her looks and her favourite products which have always turned out well for me. She has really sparked my love for Colourpop and I have been loving her collaborations with them too. She’s just an all round great person on the internet and I always find myself drawn to her lovely and quirky Aquarius attitude. I also know we would be best friends as she adores Taurus’ and I am one amazing, strong headed Taurus.

    Lizzo has been someone I’ve only recently listened to and followed on social media. Her speech at Glastonbury about loving ourselves made me cry and fall in love with her. Her music is amazing and she’s really shattering glass ceilings when it comes to artistry and music. She lets nothing but her talent define her and that inspires me no end. Go and give her a listen and a follow because she’s just doing so amazingly well and manages to make me smile everyday.

    Julia Adams MUA is an MUA who I have recently found and loved. Her Instagram and YouTube is so beautiful and her looks always so timeless and perfect. I find myself watching multiple times just to try to learn some of her skills and her effortless way of doing make up flawlessly. She’s so beautiful and soft spoken that it’s so soothing to watch her as well. I highly recommend her tutorials and posts.

    TV, Film, Books and Music…

    Teen Mom UK is a show that Jack and I have started watching since I signed up to Amazon Prime as it’s on Amazon Video and we’ve been loving it. It’s such trashy TV that it’s great. It’s about a group of teen mothers over the country and their different stories, it’s got 6 seasons and we’ve just finished season one so we’ve got plenty to go!

    Glee is a show I have loved for years and years and I’m so glad it is on Netflix now. I can rewatch it all so easily and just love it. It’s a show about a music club in a high school in America and it’s incredible because it represents so many issues and young people’s stories. I adore it for the musical aspect and the social aspect of it, it’s also a really easy watch. I cannot wait to binge watch on my days off over the summer.

    Teaching Jane Austen in Baghdad by May Witwit and Bee is the only book I’ve read in July and I’m so happy about it. It’s a non fiction book which is about two unlikely friends (one a female English lit professor in Baghdad and the other a British BBC journalist and mum) who fight a battle and share their stories. It’s so beautiful and touching due to the fact it’s a real life story! I loved it thoroughly as I learnt so much from it about women’s rights, lives in other cultures and the Iraq war.


    My favourite clothes at the moment are my Boohoo Leopard Print Midi Skirt, my Primark Pink with White Polka Dot dress and a Tu Clothing orange off the shoulder sundress.

    The skirt I have worn on a multitude of occasions as it’s great for everyday or an evening look, I think it is so flattering and great for pretty much all seasons.

    The Primark dress was one which I bought summer 2018 and never wore but when I had to go to a family meal at a nice restaurant I tried it on as I didn’t have much else to wear. I loved it and felt like it was nice to have as a smarter day dress or more casual night dress. It is also a perfect length on me as it is a ‘mini’ dress but it isn’t too short or long on me so that I’m not flashing anyone.

    The Tu clothing dress was bought in Sainsbury’s and is something I adore to wear as a simple outfit that looks put together. It is a day dress which is in a jersey-esque material which is comfortable and great for a holiday outfit.

    That my friends is my monthly favourites for July, please let me know if you have tried anything I have mentioned today and also what your favourite thing you’ve used or discovered in July was!

    Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

    Alex xxx


      1. Me too! I adore it for so many different reasons and it’s a great show to binge watch I think. Thanks so much lovely🧡


    1. Rever looks so vibrant and lovely. I haven’t tried any of the CP Liquid Lipsticks in a long time, so I think I need to give them another go. Also, I love KL – she’s always so consistent and still seems so down to earth.

      I used to love the American version of Teen Mom… and Teen Mom 2 LOL! Adding Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad to my TBR list!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You definitely need to try Rever as it is just so beautiful and the formula is like no other, I just think she is awesome. Haha I’ve never seen the American teen mom but I’ve heard great things about it! You really do need to add it to your TBR list because it has hands down been my favourite book of 2019!!
        Thank you for all of your support!! Xx


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