What I Bought In July…

July has been another fruitful month of haulage just like June and this is because it was my first decent wage from my new job and I wanted to treat myself. It’ll definitely be slowing down this next month as I can not afford to keep buying things but after a good 6 months of buying myself very little and having very little money I’m enjoying treating myself. It’ll calm I promise! Anyways into this months collective haul.

I made a Boohoo order which consisted of a few t-shirts, a dress, and two skirts. I got a black t shirt with the white New York skyline on it which I have been frequently pairing with the leopard print midi skirt (as mentioned in my July Favourites post). I also ordered a white star and moon t shirt which goes with basically everything. I’ve worn it with jeans, skirts and other trousers and it’s matched well. I bought a tartan mini skirt to wear for nights out and other occasions like that as it is something that I wouldn’t normally wear but loved the look of. I also bought myself a new dress for days to the lake, nights out and holidays and I’ve worn it a few times on day trips too.

Animal Print Midi Skater Skirt (Boohoo), New York Skyline T-shirt (Boohoo)

Tartan Skirt (Boohoo), Moon and Star Pocket Print T Shirt (Boohoo)

Ruffle Strap Square Neck Sundress (Boohoo)

On the clothes front I also bought two bits from the Asda George range. They were a new swimming costume and another white slogan tee. The swimming costume is paisley printed and quit low at the front but still quite supportive. The t-shirt is white with orange red writing on it saying “you go girl”. I love the quality and affordability of the Asda clothing and so happy I bought them.

I also bought an orange off the shoulder dress from Sainsbury’s for half price and it is so light and comfortable it’s perfect for summer. This too I’ve been wearing when I’m not working and his wandering around the flat or town.

I made a little order on Beauty Bay as I wanted to try out a few affordable bits off there including the Beauty Bay EYN mini brights matte palette, the Renaissance Flick eyeliner from Revolution Beauty, two new eyeshadow brushes and the Revolution brow pomade. I also got a free gift with my order which was a different Beauty Bay EYN Mini brights palette

EYN Brights Matte 9 Colour Palette, £6.50 (Beauty Bay)

EYN Brights 9 Colour Palette, £6.50 (Beauty Bay)

Revolution Brow Pomade in Soft Brown, £5 Beauty Bay

Revolution Renaissance Flick Liquid Eyeliner, £5 (Beauty Bay)

Revolution Beauty Blusher Reloaded in Baked Peach, £3 (Beauty Bay)

Beauty Bay On Point Eyeliner Brush, £2 (Beauty Bay)

Wet n Wild Crease Brush, £2 (Beauty Bay)

I made myself a little Colourpop order, this was mainly influenced by the Halo Top collaboration. The first thing I bought was the Halo Top Birthday Cake Supershock Shadow Duo which contain the Extra Sprinkles and By The Pound Supershock Shadows.

Colourpop x Halo Top Birthday Cake Supershock Shadow Pigment Duo, $12

My second product is the Supershock Cheek in Lunch Money, I own and ADORE the Flexitarian shade and wanted to try another colour. I got this recommendation from Nicole Cutler as she has raved about this shade for years and I felt like this was a perfect one to go for. Lunch Money is a warm champagne gold shade compared to the cooler tone of Flexitarian.


Lunch Money Super Shock Highlighter, $8 (Colourpop)

I also wanted to try the new Just a Tint Lip Crayon formula and so I ordered the You’re A Peach bundle which contains the shades Z Boys and Rise N Shine. Z boys is a brown peach shade and Rise n Shine is a much more traditional peach colour.

Just a Tint You’re A Peach Lip Crayon Bundle, $12 (Colourpop)

In my last Colourpop Order (linked here for you) I bought one of the new Blush Stix and I loved it, so in this order I bought two more shades. The shade I already own is the shade Under Pressure and the new shades I bought are Aloha and 25/8. These shades are my perfect summer shades as they are much browner and peachier. My favourite shades of blush are usually ones which look like a sun burn which are about to turn into a tan and these two fall into that category.

25/8 and Aloha, $8 (Colourpop)

My final product I purchased was the Sol Shimmery Dry Oil in the shade Soft Gold, this is a shimmery body oil which is something I wanted to invest in for a summer glow. I haven’t owned a product like this before and wanted to try one out especially since seeing Kathleen Lights raving about these types of products and especially this one. Sol is a new sister brand to Colourpop which is sold on their website and this is their debut product. I’m very excited to wear this in a swim costume or on date night.

Sol Shimmering Dry Oil, $15 (Sol on Colourpop)

When I officially finished college I ordered myself three new books from Waterstones. I ordered the Rife 21 stories from Britain’s young people, Melanie Murphy’s If Only, and The Secret Barrister.

Rife Twenty One Stories From Britain’s Youth edited by Nikesh Shukla and Sammy Jones, £9.99 (Waterstones)

The Secret Barrister, £16.99 (Waterstones)

If Only by Melanie Murphy, £12.99 (Waterstones)

My final big purchase of the month of July was an IPad. It is something I have wanted to treat myself to for a long long time especially since I don’t own a laptop or anything similar. I wanted to treat myself and have something which would support me in my education and my hobbies and I finally have it. Alongside the iPad I have purchased a Bluetooth keyboard and case so that I can up my writing game. I obviously want to up my blogging game but I also want to start writing fiction and potentially non-fiction again, as a child and teen I used to write for FUN all of the time and I want to get back into it.

IPad 2018, Apple Store, £409

Thank you for tuning in to my monthly collective haul and I would love to know what you’ve bought this month!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xxx


    1. I haven’t tried the liner yet but I’ve heard so many amazing reviews! I cannot wait to read the book on my holiday as well. Do let me know if you do buy them and your thoughts on them xx

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    1. I have worn that particular t shirt so many times this month it’s unreal I love it! They’re so gorgeous and I’ve been using them so much too! They’re lovely toppers for eyeshadow and also on my bare lids. I can’t wait to try some more that have a bit more of a base colour but I do love these as they’re so glittery!

      Liked by 1 person

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