To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question. (Wishlist/antihaul)

There are so many things coming on the market at the moment and I wanted to go through them all with you and let you know why I’m buying or not buying certain things. For these posts I’m gonna be using images and information from the Trendmood Instagram page as that page is really up to date on new releases in the Beauty world.

Disclaimer: None of the images used are my own, most have been taken from the TrendMood1 instagram page or the actual brands instagram/website

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation

In 2017 Fenty Beauty launched with their Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation and their 50 colour shade range. This product was so massively hyped however the foundation slipped away from many people’s favourites as it does mainly cater towards an oiler skin type or for people who want matte skin. Fast forwards to August 2019 and they are finally releasing the Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation, this product has a significant amount of hype as their foundation range now covers a multitude of finishes and skin types. This launch comes with the same 50 shades as the original launch and so your shade in the soft matte foundation is the same in the hydrating foundation and I think from what I have seen online that the foundation dries down darker in a similar way to the original foundation.

For myself I have dehydrated skin and I also have quite a lot of Peach fuzz on my face which means that I much prefer more hydrating and medium coverage base products, I tried the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte foundation and it was much too dry on my skin. I could personally see myself loving and using this product throughout the entire year, however I would like to try a sample of it before I bought it to make sure. I have found two shades which I can use well with my skin, when my skin is less tanned I am 120 which is a fair/light neutral shade and when I am a bit more tanned my skin goes a bit more olive/yellow toned and so I use the shade 140 which is a light yellow shade. T

To Buy or Not To Buy? I think I will try it out as it is a brand I want to support ( I go into more detail about it in this post here) and this formula is one which would work for my skin better than the original formula. I also think this would be perfect for winter when I want more coverage but not having to compromise with the hydration and finish.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r Hydrating Foundation, £27, Harvey Nichols and Boots, Available 15th August 2019.

ABH x Jackie Aina Palette

This palette is what inspired this post the most as I made a note in my phone of my wishlist and decided (after watching Samantha March’s Will I Buy It? Video) that I would make this. I have posted a few things, including this, onto my instagram stories but I wanted to be able to go much more in depth with it so I’ve brought it to my blog. I saw this picture a few days ago on Trend Moods instagram page and FELL IN LOVE with it, I have never tried ABH as it is slightly out of my price range and nothing has really excited me from them until now. I started getting into makeup when the ABH Modern Renaissance was at its peak and it just wasn’t something I was able or wanting to invest in. This palette really grabbed me as it is different to the palettes I own, it is the first ABH palette which has grabbed me enough to get me to even consider buying it and it has been created by the AMAZING Jackie Aina! I checked out the swatches on lighter skin on the ABH website and I fell in love with it more, even though this palette is designed by a woman of colour which will work the best on darker complexions it will still work on lighter complexions. The shades are so gorgeous and wearable and I feel like this is what is on the top of my wishlist!

Anastasia Beverly Hills x Jackie Aina Palette, £46, Harvey Nichols or Anastasia Beverly Hills UK, Available 15th August 2019.

Revolution Beauty Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer

Similarly to the Fenty Beauty foundation launches, the Conceal and Define foundation and concealers were so massively hyped but were just slightly too drying for people with a drier skin types. The Conceal and Hydrate foundation and concealer is the answer to these people’s prayers, it is a much more hydrating formula with hyaluronic acid which is an amazing ingredient for hydration. The concealers will come in the same size as the bigger version of the conceal and define concealer which is great as there is a significant amount of product in it however though I wish it came in the smaller bottle as well as the larger one so that it is more affordable for the people who want to try it out but don’t want to buy the bigger tube. The foundation however does now come with a pump, in comparison to the conceal and define which comes with a huge doe foot applicator, which I feel is much better as it helps with hygiene and also with getting the most out of your product. The foundation and concealers come in 50 shades and are the same ones to the newest shades in the conceal and define, however if you don’t have a shade with them already then the revolution and Superdrug website have descriptions of each shade which might help you with matching your shade.

I think I will first purchase the concealer to try the new formula and then if I love it I might try the foundation. I am currently trying to get as much use as possible from the original one before I purchase a new one but we will see how it goes. These products are definitely on my wishlist!

Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation and Concealer, £9/£7, Revolution Beauty or Superdrug, Available from 14th August 2019.

Morphe x Jeffree Star Collection

Jeffree Star collaborated with Morphe Brushes early 2019 on a brush and sponge collection, this was Jeffree’s first collaboration outside of his own brand and it was very well received. Then this month Jeffree announced he would be doing a round 2 of the collaboration and this time it will include a set of eye brushes, three sponges, a new continuous setting mist and an eyeshadow palette. The palette contains 30 shades for $35 and is in pretty pink packaging, the brushes come in a pink brush bag and the other items are also pink. I personally did not purchase the first collaboration and I also won’t be buying the second round of collaborations. If I was to buy anything from this collection it would be the brushes but I would never purchase them online as I like to be more selective about my brush choices. If it came into my local morphe store then I would look at it and see if I would actually buy it but I cannot judge that just from pictures and videos.

Morphe x Jeffree Star collection (eyeshadow palette/ setting spray/ brush set/ sponge set/), £35/ £18/ £42/ £16, Morphe UK, Available 13th August 2019.

Too Faced Skincare Good In Bed Hydrating Serum and Hangover Good To Go Moisturiser

I am massively into skincare and have been for years but recently I’ve decided I want to branch out as my skin gets used to products pretty quickly which means they stop being as effective. When I saw Jackie Aina preview these on her channel/instagram I knew they were good as I have a very similar skin type to her and I usually love skincare products which she loves. The first product is an SPF moisturiser based on the Hangover Primer, this is something I have tried but if I was to choose I would rather buy the skincare product over the primer product. I already have an SPF I love but I would love to have a moisturiser which has SPF mixed in so that I can build up my sun protection and also make travel skincare easier. The second product is a hydrating serum which I am dying to try and would love to try out, it contains hyaluronic acid, coconut water, Dragon fruit and Vitamin B5 which are such amazing ingredients. These products are definitely on my wishlist once I have used up the skincare products I have on the go right now and I will definitely be buying them both at some point this year.

Too Faced Skincare (Hangover Good to Go Moisturiser/ Hangover Good in Bed Hydrating Serum), £29, Look Fantastic

Colourpop Strawberry Fields Collection

A collection I saw on instagram which is gorgeous but I knew I didn’t need was the Strawberry Fields from Colourpop. This collection contains a 9 pan shadow palette, a blush and light Stix set, two ultra glossy lips set, two powder blushes, two jelly shock shadows, and a Fourth Ray Beauty set which contains a face oil, face milk and lip scrub. This collection is BEAUTIFUL don’t get me wrong but I just don’t need anything from it, I much preferred the Orange collection and I still didn’t buy anything from that. The Blush Stix I already have and I adore that formula but its already a shade I own. I would love to try something from Fourth Ray Beauty but these oils and milks aren’t on my skincare wish list. So I won’t be buying anything from this collection.

Colourpop Strawberry Fields collection, $87.00, Colourpop. Available now.

September Rose Cosmetics Slush II palette

I own the original September Rose Slush Palette and love it as it contains so many tropical colours in matte and shimmer formulas, I have reviewed it as well on my blog here. This palette is the second edition of the Slush palette and contains all matte colours, it is stunning and would be amazing for all colourful looks which don’t require shimmer. However I won’t be buying this palette as much as I want it because I have just bought the EYN Brights Matte 9 colour palette which contains all matte bright colours which are the same in this palette and I already own. If you are looking for a bright matte palette then buy this because the formulas great and the brand is a UK based indie brand which are diverse and inclusive and they deserve support and recognition.

September Rose Cosmetics Slush II, £24.99, September Rose Cosmetics, Available now.

The Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation and Concealer

A third foundation which has been released this summer is the Urban Decay Stay Naked foundation, this also comes in a concealer range too. Both the foundation and the concealer come in 50 shades which are in a variety of master tones and undertones. This is an amazing system in helping people find their perfect matches which can be the biggest issue with a wide shade range. This foundation claims to be a “vegan, buildable medium coverage foundation with a real-skin matte finish that lasts up to 24 hours” and it’s mean to feel like you are wearing nothing with a flexible and breathable formula.

This is another formula which is more skin like which is a gap in the market but well demanded nowadays, however with it being the third foundation of that nature it is further down on my wishlist after the Revolution one and the new Fenty Beauty one. It is also really hyped and tested online which makes me consider it much more.

Urban Decay Stay Naked Foundation/Concealer, £29.50/£20, Urban Decay UK or Debenhams, Available now.

Pixi x Rachh Loves Layers Highlight Palette

This palette was originally released a few months ago in North America however it has only just landed in the UK and that excites me. This palette was created by Canadian Youtuber Rachh Loves as her first collaboration product and it is so beautiful and versatile. The idea of this palette is that the bottom two shades are the base shades of the highlight and then the top three shades are meant to top the base shades to create different colours and shades. This makes it really unique and allows you to create different looks only using one palette.

I love the layering concept of the palette and the fact that you can create different highlight shades with it. I have never tried anything from Pixi but I think I might purchase this palette because I want to try the Pixi makeup and I would also like to support Rach as she is such a hard working, unproblematic creator.

Pixi by Petra x Rachh Loves Layers Highlighter palette, £22, Cult Beauty

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation

This is the fourth foundation of four on my To Buy or Not To Buy Vol.1 list and this one is at the bottom of my list. This foundation is a “water-resistant liquid foundation which creates a luminous, natural finish” and it is also meant to be radiant, long wearing, medium coverage, weightless, gluten free, gluten free, alcohol-free, non-comedogenic and suitable for sensitive skin. It sounds like a perfect foundation for me however it is going to be £43(!!!) which to me is absolute madness! It is going to be the same price as the Jackie Aina palette and I am just not ready to spend nearly FIFTY BRITISH POUNDS on a foundation when I can buy a £9 one which has very similar claim. I cannot lie it looks gorgeous and has an amazing shade range of 50 shades but it is just way out of my budget.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation, £43, Anastasia Beverly Hills UK or Harvey Nichols, Available 15th August.

That my friends is my first To Buy Or Not To Buy, That Is The Question Vol. 1 post, what did you think? I spent a lot of time on this post and I absolutely loved writing and researching it. I am going to try to do one every month and include all of the launches which catch my eye in a positive or negative way. Let me know in the comments what recent launch has excited you the most and what you’re going to buy?

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. Please like, follow and comment if you enjoyed this!

Alex xxx


  1. When the CP Strawberry collection dropped I wanted it immediately, but now that the hype has died down, I’m not as drawn in by it. The ABH & UD foundations are 100% on my list though – as is the Jackie Aina palette. Can’t wait to see your thoughts on the palette once it arrives!

    I’ve heard that a lot of Morphe brushes don’t hold up well over time though (especially ones that come in sets and especially after they’re washed). I’ve never tried any from the brand, so I can’t speak with first-hand knowledge on the quality though. In terms of affordable brushes, I really like Moda, Luxie, and Real Techniques!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I feel the same about a lot of the Colourpop launches but if I find myself still adding them to my cart weeks later then it’s something I genuinely love! I’m still to purchase the Revolution foundation and concealer as I want to shade match in store. I cannot wait for my palette to arrive, hopefully it’ll be this week when it gets here! I have two morphe brushes, one white haired and one black haired (think the black is synthetic) and the black one is much better than the white. The Wet n Wild eye brushes are pretty good as well as BH Cosmetics and Real Techniques!


      1. No I haven’t tried any elf brushes because they’re not widely available in the uk and they’re also not as affordable in the UK😭


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