#MakeUpMondays//Testing New Make Up Vol. 1

Hello my beloveds how are you all doing? Today I am very excited as I am testing some new makeup products which I’ve recently purchased (you will have seen them in my What I Bought In July… post) and I want to share my opinions and a look with you! If you love anything to do with beauty then follow my blog as I post twice a week and every week you’re guaranteed to have a #MakeUpMondays post which is all about beauty and make up!

I ordered a few different items from Beauty Bay and I decided to create a look with them! The first I bought was the EYN Brights Matte 9 Colour Palette, so for this look I used the shades Pinky Promise, Make Them Wink, Coconut Crush and Purple Rain. I created a smooth, blank base on my eyes using the L’Oreal More Than Concealer in the shade Ivory and then once it has dried down a little bit I blended the Pinky Promise shade into the crease. I then packed on the Make Them Wink shade onto the lid and then blended the edges using the Pinky Promise shade. I then created a winged liner using the Purple Rain shade and a angled liner brush, my last step with the eyeshadow was adding the matte white coconut crush shade on the inner corner and brow bone. These pink shades are beautifully pigmented and also blend nicely with each other, I love the tones of them all and I find that they work well together. I cannot wait to use the rest of the shades and wear all of these perfect colours over summer as these four shades were so easy to work with.

Another item I bought from Beauty Bay was the Revolution Blusher Reloaded in Baked Peach. I am so obsessed with blusher at the moment and so I really wanted to try one of the new ones from Revolution as they are only £3! This colour is a beautiful peachy red and I bought this shade as it looks like the perfect summer blush colour. I find that this colour looks like the colour of a sunburn right before it is about to turn into a tan which I find such a stunning natural colour. It makes it look like I’ve spent a lot more time outside than I actually have. This product is so pigmented so you don’t need to use a lot of it to get colour pay off which I love, this is because I am hating the look of powders and so being able to get away with the smallest amount of a powder product and still get the most beautiful pay off is perfect for me.

The third new makeup product I bought from Beauty Bay is the Revolution Brow Pomade in Soft Brown. I lightly used this product in my brows today using the tiny angled brush which came with the product and I enjoyed it. I think if you use it sparingly it can create an amazing natural brow look which will be long lasting for summer and if you want a more structured look you can go much heavier handed. However the main reason I bought this products was because I wanted a product to make fake freckles with, I used this with a small pointed liner brush and patted them all over the tops of my cheeks and my nose. Once I had pressed the freckles on I patted them down with my fingers gently so that they were more into the skin and more natural looking. As you can tell I love natural skin looks and I’ve been loving the glass skin/faux freckles/your skin but better trend.

These other products aren’t new but I did want to let you know what was on the rest of my face. My base is made up of the L’Oreal More Than Concealer, Revolution Fast Base foundation stick in F14 as cream bronzer, and Colourpop Flexitarian Supershock Cheek. My mascara is the L’Oreal Miss BabyRoll and I just used my Dr Paw Paw lip balm on my lips.

That is my first impressions on three new products which I bought from Beauty Bay recently. Have you guys tried any of them products?? I will be doing an updated review post too soon on the entire hauls I have done so stay tuned for that.

What have you tried for the first time this month? Anything you would recommend? Do let me know!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! Please follow, like and comment if you enjoy my content!

Alex xx


  1. I’ve never tried anything from the Beauty Bay brand, but this palette looks so stunning and I love how you created that pinky-purple look and the winged liner with the Purple Rain shade. Also, those freckles look so so natural so I’m super impressed how you created those using the pomade!

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    1. Aw thank you so much lovely! It’s great for only being £6.50 as well. I’ve been adoring the faux freckles recently and I can’t wait to wear them all of the time with more natural and bright looks!

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    1. I’m not sure how available they are in the US but the sight is great for having US based products/brands in it. Aw thank you lovely! I’m just loving experimenting at the moment xx

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  2. I’ve been dying to get the large version of the Beauty Bay palette you purchased, so hearing your positive thoughts on the smaller version has inspired me to take the plunge and get it when I get paid lol. I love the eyeshadow look you created, it was really bright but also wearable at the same time x

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    1. Wow that’s awesome, please let me know how you get on with it lovely! Thanks that’s exactly what I thought about it! I used to be scared to go out in bright colours and now I don’t care. I always seem to get compliments on it because I just feel so confident in myself


  3. I love paw paw cream – makes such a difference to end result of lipstick. As a make up user I was wondering if you could pop over to my blog and share a few thoughts on why you wear make up and how it helps your mood or anything else that comes to mind. I know why I wear makeup and how it makes me feel but really interested in other opinions. Bring a few ladies along for their points of view as well – cheers and thanks.


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