To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question Vol 2. (Wishlist/Antihaul)

Welcome back to my “To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question” series on my blog where I discuss new launches in the coming weeks and whether I want to buy them or not and why. If you like these type of posts do let me know so I can continue to make them for you each week!

If you missed last weeks post then I will link it here for you to go and check out!

Disclaimer: These images are not my own and are taken from either TrendMood1’s instagram page or from the individual brands pages. I take no credit for the images.

Dose of Colors foundation is another foundation which has been launched this summer, 2019 has been an ICONIC year for base products which the Fenty Beauty concealer launching in 50 shades, the Pur Love your Selfie Foundation which launched in 100 shades and the more recent release of many skin like/hydrating foundations which has occurred in the months of June, July and August. This foundation claims to be high pigment, has a natural matte finish, is buildable, lightweight and long wearing. In the UK this foundation is available on Beauty Bay for £27.50 and all 42 shades are available on the Beauty Bay website. I personally will not be buying this foundation as I already have a foundation I love which has a natural matte finish and I am still much more interested in the Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation.

Dose of Colors Meet Your Hue Foundation, £27.50, Beauty Bay

Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer

This concealer is claimed to be a full coverage liquid concealer which is 24-hour longwear, waterproof, meant to look smooth and caked, and is aimed to conceal dark under eye circles. This concealer claims to be a lot! This sounds pretty perfect until you see the shade range…it literally only comes in 12 shades. It has 3 fair, 3 light, 3 medium and 3 ‘dark’ shades. That is an absolute joke. With companies such as Revolution and Fenty releasing 50 shades in every launch why would a HUGE company such as Benefit only release 12 shades. That is embarrassing to see and I will not be buying it even if I have a shade that matches me because 12 shades is definitely not enough. I do love Benefit products but this is not acceptable in 2019.

Benefit Boi-ing Cakeless Concealer, £18.50, Debenhams

Colourpop End of the Rainbow Collection

Colourpop has once again released another collection and this one is the Rainbow collection which seems to be the final collection in the monochromatic/rainbow series they have been releasing in the past year. However this collection doesn’t come with one of the plastic palettes, it comes with a palette full of 24 single shadows called the She’s A Rainbow palette. The palette contains mattes, shimmers and pressed glitters of every colour of the rainbow. The collection also contains a set of 2 Supershock and Jelly Much Shadows called the Rainbow Road in the shades No Rest for the Vivid, Shy Guy, Origami and Fizz. There is also the Colour Me Happy mascara Kit which contains Yellow Goodbye, Lovers Coral, Pink Inc, Purple Rose and Kiss n Teal. There’s the Over-Chromatic pencil liner kit in the shades Puppy (Orange), Crssd (Yellow), Electric Daisy (Green), Prance (light blue) and Piggy Bank (purple). Like their over recent monochromatic collections, this ones comes with an eye brush set which contains an angled eye brush, a small tapered brush, tapered blending brush, small shader brush and small fluff brush. This collection then lastly has a collection of 5 face milks from Fourth Ray Beauty, this contains the watermelon, papaya, turmeric, matcha and açai face milks. This whole huge collection has a lot in it and I can see some individual items I would buy but I will not be buying the entire collection or any of the bundles. Out of everything in this collection I would purchase one or two of the face milks, the jelly much shadows or the brush set. I hope that this ending of the constant releases because the rainbow theme has finished because it is so hard to keep up with it.

Colourpop End Of The Rainbow Collection (Eyeshadow Palette/Brush-set/Mascara Set/Suspershock/Jelly Much Shadow Set/Eyeliner Set/Fourth Ray Beauty Set/Entire Collection) $40/$20/$38/$20/$20/$150, Colourpop.

Sol Body Glow Oil

This glow oil is a product I wish I had instead of the shimmering dry oil, even though I’ve loved the shimmering dry oil I wish the shimmer was much finer and that’s what this is. I potential might buy this and pass on the shimmery oil onto my brother as he loves that sort of product and it also means I wouldn’t have wasted my money. The glow oil is a beautiful glowing oil which contains finely milled shimmer which is much smaller and glowier than Sol’s original launch. It comes in four opaque shades and is $15. The shades are Champage, Rose, Golden and Caramel.

Sol Body Glow Oil, $15 each or $50 for the set of 4, Colourpop/Sol Body

Benefit Cookie and Tickle highlighters

Earlier this year Benefit launched the Cheekleader palettes which contained brand new highlights called cookie or tickle, depending on which palette you bought. I personally bought the bronze mini cheekleader palette which contained Hoola Bronzer, Goldrush Blush and Cooki highlight. That purchase was only made due to Jaclyn Hill mentioning it in a favourites video and it was just so beautiful. I have gotten so much use out of this palette when I first bought it because all of the shades work so well for my skin tone and for that i highly recommend it for light skinned gals and guys. But if you don’t actually need a new blush and bronzer than just buy this highlight. Actually just buy the highlight regardless of what you need. Cookie is a perfect and beautiful highlight. Tickle is much more pink whilst Cookie is white/champagne based. I won’t personally buy these products however I already own one of them and wanted to recommend them to you.

Benefit Cookie/Tickle Highlighters, £26, Debenhams

ABH Summer Collection

Anastasia Beverly Hills has been shit hot with launches recently and this summer collection is not an exception, they are releasing loose highlighters, a liquid liner, and loose powders. The loose highlighters are in the shades Vegas which is a radiant gold and Peach Fizz which is a coral gold. I personally would not buy them as a loose highlight is so,etching I don’t need to make mess with as I make enough mess with pressed highlighters. The liquid liner is a black brush tip applicator and it claims to be true matte black, highly pigmented and waterproof. I also won’t be buying this as I am still learning how to do winged liner and so I won’t be spending £21 on one to practice with. The loose face powders come in 5 different shades which are translucent, banana, vanilla, deep peach and golden orange. These shades cover a multitude of skin tones which is so great and the container contains so much product which makes it worth the money. I’m currently working my way through a loose powder so I don’t need another one anytime soon.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Summer Collection (Liquid Liner/Loose Highlights/Loose Powders), £21/£25/£39, Anastasia Beverly Hills UK

Fenty Beauty Brow Products

Fenty Beauty is working towards a full Fenty face and so this summer they are releasing brow products! These come in 14 shades which is the most extensive range I’ve EVER seen when it comes to brows which plays up the inclusive ethos which Fenty stand by. They are going to be retailing for $20 or about £18 which is similar pricing to the Benefit brow products. This brow pencil has a more flat brush type spoolie on it which makes it different from most pencils on the market. However I will not be buying this as NYX have also recently released a brow pencil with a similar type spoolie for less money. Plus I usually only use brow gels and so I won’t be needing a brow pencil.

Fenty Beauty Brow MVP, £17, Harvey Nichols

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette

Last year BPerfect and Stacey Marie made the original carnival palette which was a beautiful rainbow palette aimed for makeup artists with similar styles to herself. This palette was such a hit with so many people and everybody seemed to love it. Then in the recent weeks they announced and released the XL version with new shades (Only a few are from the original palette) and extra highlight shades. This palette is the same price as the original and is great for artists which play with colour or follow instagram trends. I won’t be buying this palette however I still appreciate the beauty of it! This palette is something which would make such an amazing for makeup artists as it is something which contains so many different colour combinations and shades/tones for all skin tones.

BPerfect Stacey Marie Carnival XL Pro Palette, £42, BPerfect Cosmetics

Norvina Vol. 1 Collection

ABH have been teasing a Norvina Vol.1 Collection and the palette has finally been shown. It is a $60 palette which is much more reminiscent to Natasha Denona packaging than ABH and contains 25 shades compared to their original 14 pan palettes. It is full of brights and beautiful colours such as reds, oranges, and purples which is quite different to the shades ABH already, they do have some colourful palettes however these tones are pretty different looking. This collection also came with a set of 4 coral lipsticks which are gorgeous for the summer, this collection is so cohesive in the concept of bright and being able to express yourself in colour. Since I’ve just purchased the ABH Jackie Aina palette I won’t be purchasing this but it is a stunning palette and I can see why people are hyped for this collection.

Norvina Vol.1, Launching 26th August, Anastasia Beverly Hills UK

Bh Cosmetics Take Me Back To Ibiza palette

BH Cosmetics have just released a Take Me Back To Ibiza palette which was inspired by their Take Me Back To Brazil palettes which they created last year. The take me back to Brazil palettes are rainbow palettes inspired by Brazil’s Carnival and they contains mattes and shimmers of all colours. So they’re now releasing the Ibiza version of the palette which is much smokier and contains more party island shades. It has a great mixtures of mattes, shimmers, and different tones. It is a beautiful party palette with also everyday and wearable shades within it too, and with BH Cosmetics prices I can see this being perfect for the everyday makeup lover or makeup beginners.

BHCosmetics Take Me To Ibiza Palette, $20, BH Cosmetics

That’s it for my To Buy or Not To Buy Vol. 2 post, what did you guys think? I’m personally not buying anything from these launches but I can see some strong contenders for the future. Are you guys buying any of these launches?

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. Please like, follow and comment if you enjoyed this post!

Alex xxx


  1. I’m super impressed by your restraint in looking at these collections objectively and being able to rationalize why you won’t be purchasing them. It is super healthy and something that I may need to try lol!

    I agree that I’ll be passing on pretty much everything in this round up because I’ve already purchased some new foundation/concealer products to test AND I have too much eyeshadow for my own good lol.

    The Norvina Palette and ABH liquid liner are the only two things I’m still somewhat curious about. However, after closer inspection, I really like the pink/purple corners of the Norvina Palette and feel jarred by the blues and yellows in the bottom rows…. AND I own so many purple/pink shadows in so many other palettes (including other ABH palettes). The liquid liner is tempting mainly because I don’t like love the liquid liner I’m using now / haven’t found a good replacement for my KVD liquid liner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your comment lovely, I was worried I would come across as miserable for not buying anything from this round up but I’m glad you didn’t feel like that. I’m just trying not too spend too much on makeup!

      Liked by 1 person

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