The ABH Jackie Aina Palette Review

This launch was something that I was so excited for from the minute I heard about it and I bought it 15 minutes after it launched on the UK website, this launch is the ABH Jackie Aina palette. I saw this on Jackie’s Instagram a few weeks ago and I was so happy about it, I was so happy for her and I was so happy about the palette itself. The palette is a gorgeous mix of ‘wearable’ shades and pops of colours which change looks and bring them to the next level.

So this palette contains 14 shades with a multitude of formulas such as mattes, pigments, shimmers, metallics and glitters. The palette is $45 or £46 on the Anastasia Beverley Hills websites and is a limited edition palette, however it has been said by Norvina on instagram and twitter that there is a significant amount of palettes and so it won’t sell out really quickly which is a great thing. So if you are needing to save up to buy one of these palettes there should be stock around for a while as there is a lot of supply to quell the demand.

This palette was made by the incredible Jackie Aina who is an American/Nigerian Youtuber, she made this palette with Women Of Colour in mind. This is amazing as there aren’t many palettes which are solely made with that deeper and darker skin tone in mind. However I have found that this palette works really well for my skin tone as well, I have a light neutral skin tone and I wouldn’t say that this palette is too dark for me which is what a few negative people online have been saying. I have done some swatches for you all just because I want to show anybody who is of my skin tone how the shades will come across.

All credit for these pictures of the individual shades goes to Alissa Ashley as she created them for her YouTube review which you should check it out!

My favourite shades:






The shades:

Soleil (Metallic soft peach with a gold shift)

Supreme (Matte rosy pink pressed pigment)

Pinker (Matte mid-tone cool plum pressed pigment)

Big Wig (Matte rich purple pressed pigment)

Dwollahs (Metallic golden olive)

Credit (Deep matte plum brown)

Lituation (Metallic deep taupe with a violet shift)

Zamn (Sparkling rose gold)

Wiggalese (Metallic cranberry red)

Shookington (Metallic violet with a blue shift)

Trust Issues (Sparkling white gold)

Edges (Matte deep peach)

Sponsored (Metallic chocolate with a teal shift)

Ginger (Matte caramel brown)

The Looks I Have Created:

Shades Used: Ginger, Edges, Credit, Dwollahs and Trust Issues

Shades used: Supreme, Pinker, Big Wig, Credit and Shookington

Shades Used: Ginger, Edges, Credit, Sponsored and Soleil

Shades Used: Ginger, Credit and Zamn

When this palette arrived it came in a small cardboard package (yay for the environment!) with some bubble wrap to ensure it was safe which I love. It then had a beautiful shiny box which matches the outer packaging on the actual palette, the box also came with the ingredients on it. The packing of the palette is a multi-dimensional alligator skin cover with a green/pink shift on it, the palette has the standard Anastasia Beverly Hills logo on it but it also has a Jackie Aina logo on it too. It also has a mirror and comes with the same dual ended brush which with all of the ABH palettes. This is my first ABH palette and so I don’t have anything to compare the formula to in regards to ABH palettes, and it is also my first higher end/expensive palette and so I have had high expectations for it. I have found using the palette about 5 or 6 times that some shades work better for me or on the other hand some shades require a bit more work than others. I have found that the pressed pigments require a little bit more work than the other matte shades just due to the fact that they are pressed pigments and not eyeshadows. Once I’ve played with them more I’ve found a way in which makes them much more effective than when I went in blindly, I’ve found that the best way to do it is to stamp small amounts of the shadows onto the eyelid and then I take a clean brush and gently blend them, I then will keep adding more colour and blending until I have the desired shade. The other matte shades however blend beautifully and are the formula that I expected, in my opinion the warmer toned mattes blend easier than the cooler tones but that is standard for all shadows. The metallic shades are absolutely stunning however they can require some work to get them to a perfect intensity without getting them everywhere, for example Zamn has a significant amount of fall out and shookington requires a wet brush and a finger to get it to be as pigmented as I want it. Once you find the perfect way to work with these shadows you will find them so much easier to apply and more beautiful on the eyes. The more I have experimented with this palette the more I am falling in love with it and I have worn it a lot.

That my friends is my initial review of the ABH Jackie Aina palette, what did you think? Did you buy the palette? If so what were your thoughts? What are your favourite shades in the palette?

Thank you so much fir reading today and I hop to see you around these parts again soon! If you enjoyed this post then please like, follow and comment!

Alex xxx


  1. I love the looks you’ve created with it so far, I honestly think this is a stunning palette!! I dont think I’m going to rush out and order it, just because of the price to be honest and I have SO many eyeshadows, but it looks stunning!! Probably one of the best looking colour selections for ABH palettes IMO xx

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  2. I can understand why you wouldn’t be running out to get it as it isn’t something completely unique but I just fell in love with it. I don’t own too many palettes so I didn’t feel too guilty about getting another palette. It’s the only ABH palette which really grabbed at me xx

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  3. GIRL – this is a gorgeous palette and I think the complaints about the “dark” color story is such BS. There are shades in here that work for all skin depths!!

    Also, all the looks you created are stunning, but I’m IN LOVE with the purple look!!!!! So so beautiful. Some ABH shimmers can sometimes be difficult to work with (like the ones in the Norvina Palette), but I found that using my finger, a super flat brush (like a small concealer brush) works really well or wetting them, as you’ve done! The brush in the palettes don’t work with the more difficult shimmers!

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    1. Thank you so much! It is such a stunning palette and it works with so many skin tones!! Like I found no problems with blending the lightest transition shade out and didn’t need anything lighter if I’m honest I just used less product. I think once you get into the groove of working with the shadows they look and perform stunning but it’s just getting used to them. I found the metallic ones like sponsored to be incredible though! I cannot wait to use this palette more and create more looks with it!
      Alex x

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  4. I got the Jackie Aina palette for my birthday a couple of months ago and I love it! I had seen pictures on Instagram and Youtube, but when I opened it, I was like “wow”! The colors are even more gorgeous in real life.

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