To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question: Vol. 3 (Wishlist/Anti-Haul)

Hello there loves, todays post is my third week of To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question post and I am love doing these! So here are the makeup/beauty releases of the week!

Disclaimer: None of the images used are my own, most have been taken from the TrendMood1 instagram page or the actual brands instagram/website

To kick off this weeks To Buy or Not To Buy I want to talk about Too Faced’s newest releases which are the Palm Springs Dream palette, peach edition Hangover spray and a peach edition of the Better Than Sex Mascara. Too Faced are in fact well known for their cutesy packaging and scented concepts and this collection is no different. The Palm Springs Dreams palette contains 12 shades, including 6 mattes and 6 shimmers, and is mainly warm toned with a pop of blue. I have only really tried one palette from Too Faced and that was the Sweet Peach palette, with that palette I found the mattes to be rather underwhelming but the shimmers to be stunning. This palette could be very similar as the shimmers in this look metallic and gorgeous. I personally find that these are very similar to shades we have seen before from Too Faced however these are staple shades which sell so I don’t blame them. This palette is a makeup lover and everyday consumers dream palette as it has a nice mixture of tones but also shades which are interesting and bring something else to a look. As stunning as it is though I won’t be buying it BUT I can imagine it becoming a staple palette for a warm tone/neutral tone lover! The Peach Extract Hangover RX 3 in 1 spray is something which I may purchase as it is a product I’ve been eyeing up anyways since I bought the Hangover Primer last week. I love this range as it is make up and skincare which means its good for the skin so this is something on my To Buy list. The Better Than Sex peach edition is gorgeous however I feel like the only difference is the packaging, mascara isn’t something which is high up on my radar but I can appreciate that it is a cult fave and could be something which would look cute on display on your vanity as you’re using it.

The next collection I want to talk about is the new Colourpop Big Ole Peach Collection

Once again Colourpop has released a new addition to their monochromatic palette collections, I really did think that after the rainbow collection I talked about in last weeks post that they wouldn’t release any more of these monochromatic collections. They might’ve done the entire rainbow but now they’re onto shades. Out of all of the collections I appreciate this one the most, I think it is the most wearable and universal collection as it will please makeup addicts and newbies collectively. This collection includes the Baby Got Peach Shadow Palette, Bellini BB kit (which is a peach lip balm and scrub set), U Wanna Peach Of Me kit (which contains 3 supershock shadows), Nothing On kit (which contains a brown liquid liner and mascara), Peach Please! Kit (two peachy just a tint lip tints), the Fresh N’ Peachy Pressed Powder Blush, Frisky Business Pressed Powder Blush, and the Perk Up Pressed Powder Blush. I can see myself using some of these products and I potentially could order a few with an order in the future, especially being the liner, mascara, lip balm, lip scrub and potentially the supershock shadows. I love the look of the blushes as they are my sort of colours but I have many peachy blushes so I don’t think I would purchase these ones quite yet. My one criticism with this collection is the lack of depth in the shadows and blushes, I think to make this much more universal and inclusive there should’ve been a better range of blushes and eyeshadows for the use on darker and deeper skin tones.

The next release I’m wanting to talk about and I am really excited for is the Fourth Ray Beauty Brightside Mist and Elixir Duo. This duo contains the Glisten Up mist and the Raydiate Vitamin C Elixir. The Glisten Up Mist claims to “instantly enhance your skin with a hydrated glow. Infused with Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Camu Camu, and White Tea to support a radiant complexion”. The Raydiate Vitamin C Elixir claims to be a “specially designed bi-phase serum and oil that is powerfully formulated to enhance skin radiance for a brighter, more luminous complexion” and contains Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, Camu Camu and Tumeric. This is something which I will be adding to my basket whenever I next make a Colourpop/Fourth Ray Beauty/Sol Body order as it is something which my skin will love. I am really intrigued to try out Fourth Ray Beauty as they are an affordable and accessible skincare brand which uses really great ingredients and concepts. I think I might make a purely Fourth Ray Beauty order soon just because I want to try so many of their products including their face milks and cleansers. This is definitely on my To Buy List!

Okay moving away from the Colourpop Empire I want to talk about a few smaller and independent brands and their most recent launches. The first being the new Celestial Storm palette from Dominique Cosmetics. Dominique Cosmetics is a brand started and faced by Christen Dominique who is a beauty influencer on YouTube and Instagram, she has released a multitude of palettes now starting with more neutral ‘basic’ palettes such as the Latte palette and is moving more to colourful palettes such as Rustic Glam and now Celestial Storm. Celestial Storm is a 12 pan palette which contains a mixture of mattes and shimmers of different colours and tones. It has a mixture of pinks, purples, blues and browns to create a whole range of different looks. I personally haven’t tried anything from Dominique Cosmetics but I have heard rave reviews about the formulas. If you are in the US Dominique Cosmetics is found in Sephora and on and if you’re in the UK and Europe it can be found on Beauty Bay, however not all launches can be found on Beauty Bay. This Celestial Storm Palette is being released on 4th September on I personally won’t be buying it if or when it launches on Beauty Bay as it is not something I need to add to my collection.

A brand which I am going to be trying very soon is Juvias Place and they are releasing two brand new eyeshadow palettes. The first one which is to be released is the Warrior III palette, this one has a gorgeous purple outer packaging and is a 9 pan palette like the other two warrior palettes. However unlike the other Warrior palettes this one is not a neutral palette, this palette has a matte emerald green, a matte sunshine yellow, a matte muted pink/red, a matte orange, a matte deep purple, a matte mid toned pink, a shimmer blue, a shimmer grey and then a matte sky blue. Juvias is known for their bright inclusive colours and incredible formulas, they’ve been crowned the most pigmented shadows ever and they also work for all skin tones. Juvias place are a pretty affordable brand especially on their website in the US which has sales regularly and in the UK they’re available on Beauty Bay. However there are rumours of Juvias creating a UK website which hopefully will carry all products and also are more affordable than on Beauty Bay. The second palette is The Nomad palette and the only thing which has been teased is the packaging which is just as stunning as the rest of them so we will have to see what we think when it is shown properly whether I will buy it or not. I won’t be buying Warrior III as I have just bought the Nubian II palette but depending on how much I love the formula I may purchase more off the new UK website if that launches soon.

A very luxe launch which is coming on the 6th September is a new palette from Pat McGrath Labs, this palette is a 10 pan palette called the Midnight Sun Palette which contains neutral mattes and magical shimmers with a bronze, a gold, a violet and an olive tone. These shimmers are meant to be multidimensional just like her other palettes and it retails for $125(!!!!!!) at her website and also in Sephora. This palette is not something I can afford but I can appreciate it in all of its glory, I feel like this for all of Pat’s products. Pat McGrath is a very accredited and world respected makeup artist who changed the makeup world, keeping this in mind her brand was of course going to be revolutionary for makeup enthusiasts and also be on the pricier side with more luxury ingredients. This isn’t on my To Buy list but I thought I would share it for my luxury beauty lovers out there.

Melt Cosmetics is releasing a new collection called the Radioactive collection, within this collection there is an eyeshadow palette, some BlushLights (which are blush/highlight product which contains multiple shades in one pan), and some new liquid lipstick shades. The palette contains 8 bright and pigmented new shades, it contains a neon pink, bright red, neon yellow, neon lime green, bright teal blue, deep blue green, bright purple and a more muted dusty purple. The BlushLights come in two shades, one contains a violet, a neon pink and a deeper purple and the other contains a white highlight with a pink shift, a bright orange and a bright red. The liquid lipsticks are coming in two shades Superheat and Atomic, Superheat is an ultra-hot iridescent pink and Atomic is a more purple toned bright lipstick. This will be released in the next week or so and should be available on and at Sephora, Melt is also available on Beauty Bay.

The last launch I’m going to be discussing today is the Ofra and Madison Miller collaboration! Madison is a beauty influencer mainly on YouTube who I adore watching and she has been teasing a collection with Ofra for a few weeks now and its all been released now. This collection contains 2 baked highlighters, 2 blushes, a midi palette which contains 2 highlighters and a blush, a liquid lipstick and two lip glosses. This collection is available on right now and there are many influencer codes which you could use to get 30% off your purchases, one I know of and think you should promote is TRENDMOOD as Trendmood is where all of the sneak peeks and releases are posted for us to know what launches are coming up.

So what do you guys think about this weeks launches? Is there anything that excites you?? If there is please let me know what they are and why!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you enjoyed this post please like, follow and comment to let me know!

Alex xxx


    1. Yeah me too, I’m pretty excited to see it tbh. It could be a really great staple colour palette for people as it has all you would need plus Melt have a pretty good reputation for their eyeshadow formula!

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  1. Dominique Cosmetics is always one of those brands that tempts me but I never end up actually following through and purchasing from. What’s funny is that when I look at the new palette in the pan, I don’t feel inspired… but when I see swatches I want it!

    As for Melt, I’m tempted by the purple BlushLights but I don’t think I’d wear it on my cheeks (I’d likely use it on the eyes!!), but considering I just ordered the KL palette, I will not be buying anything else this week lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah i know what you mean about Dominique Cosmetics, I’m the same with a few brands. I’m not that inspired by it if I’m honest but I can appreciate the beauty of it. I would rather buy the Colourpop palette tbh! Im not too sure on Melt as a brand but I see that they create interesting and unique choices with their colour stories and products!


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