To Buy or Not To Buy, That Is The Question: Vol. 4 (Wishlist/Anti-Haul)

Welcome back to my To Buy or Not To Buy series, this is Volume Four of this series and I’m loving it! What are your thoughts of these type of posts?

To start of this weeks post I wanted to just add an update to my last To Buy or Not To Buy post, in that post I talked about the sneak peak of the Juvias Place The Nomad palette. They had only leaked the packaging of the palette and then this week they released the inside of the palette for the world to see. This palette as you can see is one of the more neutral of the Juvias Place palettes and is very autumn appropriate. I think this palette should’ve been released as the Warrior III palette as it is closer to the Warrior I and II than the actual Warrior III that was released last week. It is one of their 9 pan palettes with two shimmers and seven mattes, there are 4 cooler toned shadows and 5 warmer toned shadows. This palette is perfect for the everyday work makeup wearer but also for MUA’s which is great and versatile. From the pictures and swatches I think this palette is great for all skin tones because it has shades which will show up on all colours of skin. Since I have literally just got the Nubian 2 palette I won’t be buying this but this is my type of palette, it is gorgeous and is so wearable for all types of people which I love. This palette is available on the Juvias Place website and is only $15.

This week Natasha Denona has announced a new shadow palette called The Metropolis palette, this palette is a 28 pan palette for $128 and is available online on Sephora on 10th September. This palette has a nice mixture of warm tones and cool tones, shimmers and mattes, and wearable and bright colours. I will definitely not be purchasing this palette but I can appreciate the luxury that a Natasha Denona palette brings to your beauty routine. I know that there are many people I follow that love Natasha Denona shadows and so I wanted to share this new launch with you all in case you want to add it to your Christmas list early. In the UK you can get Natasha Denona at Cult Beauty but I am unsure when this will launch on Cult Beauty.

Next I will be talking about the new Colourpop launches, and there are a few of them this week. The first ones are the product bundles which Jesi (from MesiJesiBeauty on YouTube) and Shae (from That Girl Shae XO) curated and released. Jesi created a lip bundle and a supershock shadow bundle. The lip bundle is called the Jess Shade bundle, which contains the Obvi lip pencil and Echo Park ultra satin lip, this bundle is made up of two nude products which pair perfectly together and it is only $12. She also created the Forget Me Not supershock shadow foursome, this bundle contains Tea Party, Sequin, Nillionaire, and Ritz, this bundle is $20. You can also buy both bundles together for $32 but it doesn’t matter which way you buy them because it doesn’t make it cheaper to buy them together as a bundle or not. Shae created three mini bundles consisting of lipsticks, supershock shadows and loose pigments. The lipstick bundle is called the Ultra Femme bundle which contains Most Likely To ultra matte lipstick, Beeper ultra matte lipstick, and Dopey ultra satin lipstick and it is $18. The Supershock foursome bundle is called the Rosé Romance bundle, this contains Brady, Sequin, Elixir and Muse Supershock shadow and it is $20. The loose pigment bundle contains Elysian, The Dunes and PWR Up loose pigment and is $12. The whole @thatgirlashaexo collection is $50. Now as gorgeous as these collections are I’m unsure if I will pick any of them up, if I was going to it would be one of the supershock foursomes but it would only be one of them as they both contain the Sequin shade and I wouldn’t want two of the same shade. I would probably go with Shae’s becaus it contains both matte and shimmer shadows. You can shop Shae’s collection here and Jesi’s collection here.

The most recent Colourpop launch is their newest collaboration with Kathleen Lights which is their very first mega palette called the So Jaded palette. This is a 30 pan palette based upon birthstones and precious gems, this palette contains five different formulas which are matte, shimmer/metallics, satin, pressed glitter and supershock shadow. Kathleen’s palette is quite a unique one in concept for Colourpop however I can see some similarities with the Misunderstood palette which some of the shimmer shades. This palette offers a multitude of shades and tones which is essential for being a versatile palette and I feel really inspired by this palette. This palette is $39 for 30 shades which is amazing especially when it comes to the fact its a collaboration palette and they have to make money off it too. I won’t be buying this palette right now but I do plan to buy this for myself for Christmas as it will be part of the permanent collection. What do you guys think about larger palettes?

You can shop this palette on the Colourpop website once it has been restocked!

Revolution have released their Halloween collection, this collection contains special effects blood, white base, and liquid latex, some vampy liquid lipsticks, three liquid highlighters and an eyeshadow palette. This collection has been very well greeted due to the lack of Halloween launches in the beauty industry, I personally don’t care for Halloween but I see a lot of people online excited for it. It’s great that an affordable drugstore brand are creating special effects products as it makes it more accessible for everybody who wants to experiment with that art form. The liquid lipsticks come in reds, pinks, blacks and greys so they’re perfect for dark Halloween looks. The highlights look gorgeous and the red one is really unique to anything else. Their other sister brands are releasing spooky nail varnishes, face paint palettes, a Halloween house palette, an eyeball highlighter, two chocolate bar palettes and some other eyeshadow palettes. The prices range from £3-£10 so it is all so so affordable. If you want to shop this collection it is all available on the Revolution Beauty website.

That is that for this weeks releases, there aren’t as many this week as there are so many holiday launches which I will be covering in my next To Buy or Not To Buy post! What do you think you guys are wanting? Is there anything you’re interested in? Please let me know down below!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you like what you see please like, comment and follow to see more posts like these.

Alex xx

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  1. I agree with you regarding the Nomad Palette. Def looks like it belongs to the Warrior line!

    Also, even though I bought the KL Palette I’m actually not a huge fan of mega sized palettes. I’m very curious to do search comparisons to other CP palettes or singles to see if this is that unique!

    As always, your restraint in not rushing to buy products always impresses me!

    Liked by 1 person

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