My August Favourites

Welcome to my August favourites guys! These are all of the things I have been loving in the month of August and going into September, if you enjoy these monthly favourites do let me know so I can do more each month!

First off I want to talk about my beauty favourites! My first beauty favourites are the Colourpop Blush Stix, these cream blushes are my favourite cream blush formula as they are so flattering and long lasting on the skin. I have three shades of the Blush Stix (which you will have seen in my #MakeUpMonday//A Summer Colourpop Haul// and March make up haul), I have the shades Under Pressure, Aloha and 25/8. They’re all so beautiful in their own way and they’re all perfect for different looks and seasons. I love applying them with a foundation brush, a sponge or with my fingers as they’re so easy to use and apply. You can buy these on the Colourpop website for $8 each and if you want money off you can use influencer codes such as KATHLEEN LIGHTS and NICOL.

My second beauty favourite products are also from Colourpop and these are the Just a Tint lip crayons. I bought the You’re a Peach kit which contains the shades Rise n Shine and Z Boys which are both peachy nude shades. They’re so so comfy on the lips and contain passion fruit oil which makes them super hydrating and nice to wear. They’re so easy to throw on and top up as they are not too opaque so they wear off really nicely. They come in so many different shades and bundles so you can get them off the Colourpop website at $12 per bundle and $7 per crayon.

My last beauty favourites are two techniques which I have just been adoring doing this last month, and that is winged liner and faux freckles. For the winged liner I have mainly been using a winged liner brush and eyeshadows to create soft wings of all different colours and formulas. I have been using the Colourpop Angled Eye Brush for it and so many different palettes for this type of look. For my faux freckles I’ve been using a thin liner brush from Bh Cosmetics and the Revolution Brow Pomade in light brown, this makes them look as natural but prominent on my face.

I will leave some pictures here of the different looks I’ve done with winged liner and/or faux freckles:

My Favourite People this month have been Samantha March, Hannah Witton and Bretman Rock!

Samantha March is a Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber who I have been obsessed with this past month, she is the person who has inspired me to create the To Buy or Not To Buy posts (linked here, here, here and here). She creates such amazing and lovely content which is really nice to watch, and I highly recommend her channel. She is so sweet and consistent with her content and I will always watch everything she posts.

Hannah Witton is a British Sex educator who has a YouTube channel, multiple podcasts and has written two books. Hannah is such a COOL person who creates amazing content about lifestyle, sex education, books and other awesome stuff. I love all of her content and she just inspires me!

Bretman Rock is a Filipino Youtuber who lives in Hawaii and creates hilarious beauty and lifestyle content, I watch him whenever I feel a bit down because he is absolutely hilarious and creates great content. Him and his sister make such funny and real videos that make you feel like you’re part of this funny family.

My lifestyle favourites at the moment are swimming and spa days, and working out. The place that I work has an amazing pool and spa where I can go and take some friends with me for free so I have been taking full advantage of it. I have taken friends with kids there and I have also taken my best friends for spa days and so I’ve been loving spending time with people I love in a really cool place. I have also been loving being active and spending time on myself, I love pushing my body and trying to become a better, stronger version of myself. I am trying to take this into the rest of the year and try to have it become part of my lifestyle now.

My food favourites at the moment have definitely been Brazilian rice, fruit and Fish. They’ve been really fresh types of food that I have had regularly throughout August, pretty much everyday at work I have had Fish and Brazilian rice for my lunch followed by some sorts of fruit. It is really good for me, its filling and its so easy to make. I think I might make a post about my go to meals because I want to share this recipe as its so easy but SO delicious! My favourite fish at the moment has been salmon and sea bass and they’ve been what I’ve been eating the most. My favourite fruits at the moment has been grapes, pear, apple, clementines and nectarines.

My last favourites are my media favourites, my first media favourite is my iPad which I purchased in July (as seen on my What I Bought In July… post) and I have been using it for everything. I’ve been writing so much on it like a laptop, I’ve been FaceTiming, using social media and watching shows/YouTube on it. I think its been a worthwhile purchase and I use it everyday for so many things.

My second media favourite has to be the Doing It! Podcast by Hannah Witton, as I mentioned before I have ben adoring Hannah Witton and mainly her YouTube channel but I’ve also been loving her podcast. It is all about sex and sexual education and she always has guests on it who share their experiences or expertise on different parts of sex and relationships to break down stigmas and help educate people effectively. It’s been something I listen to in the shower but also when I’ve been walking or cleaning up, its great to learn from and it can be found on the Podcast App, ITunes or Spotify.

My third media favourite has to be the Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone I bought from amazon and have been using when people come over. It’s great for games nights or parties as people can connect their phones to it and play music to sing along too. It fits my groups of friends so well and I’ve taken it to work a few times to liven up peoples spirits on the harder days at work. Highly recommend it!

My next media favourite has to be Non-fiction books, I have been buying so many and starting to read them this month. I love being able to continuously learn from them and finding new things to become educated on. I have purchased The Secret Barrister, Rife: 21 Stories From Britains Youth, Fully Functioning Human Almost and The Quick Roasting Tin cook book. These have all been great additions to my book collection and have been great for my mind. If you have anymore for me to read please let me know down below any recommendations!

My final media favourites are my favourite songs which go as follows:

That is all for my August favourites my friends! What have been your favourite things of August??

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you liked this post then please like, comment and follow for more posts just like this one!

Alex xxx


  1. Girl – your winged liner application is so perfect … pls teach me your ways!! Also, I love those CP Lip Tints you picked up … I have so much regret for buying the Maui Wowie duo because the colors aren’t what I typically go for 🙈

    Also, I love Samantha March!! She really is so genuine and hardworking with her content!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thanks so much you’re so kind! It’s just taking me so much practice! Aw you should’ve gone for the peach or coconut instead😍 yeah she’s so awesome xx


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