The Juvias Place “The Nubian 2” palette review

Today I am going to be reviewing a palette from a brand I have never tried out before, this is the Juvias Place Nubian 2 palette. Juvias Place is a brand which has been highly hyped for a few years now by influencers of all calibre including the notorious NikkieTutorials, their eyeshadow palettes have been dubbed as favourites by many people as they claim they are the most amazing formulas on the market. Juvias is a black owned indie brand which incorporates the plethora of African cultures in their palettes, all of their packaging contains references to the different cultures and tribes and their shades are really inclusive in shade and tone. Juvias Place eyeshadow palettes are deemed as pretty affordable due to the amount of product you get for the price, the pans are much larger than the a average palette which makes them very good value for money. Their palettes either come with 6, 9, 12, or 16 shades and the highest price point on their personal website is $25 or £29.50 on Beauty Bay for anybody outside of the US.

Each shade in the Nubian 2 costs $2.08/£2.45.

I contemplated many of the different palettes over a period of time to try to decide which one I was going to purchase, I wanted a good mixture of mattes and shimmers, as well as wearable but interesting colours. I found that that was a thing that Juvias Place were very good at in-regards to their palettes, they seemed to have a great mixture of different shades and formulas which could suit all skin tones. I went with the Nubian 2 palette in the end as I felt it has the shades I would use the most in different ways and for different occasions as well as having the different formulas. I will give you a run down of the shades to show you the versatility of it and also the variety it offers.

My Swatches of the shades:

Top to Bottom: Morocco, Madagascar, Sheba and Yaa

Top to Bottom: Jezebel, Zuri, Cleopatra and Nefertiti.

Top to Bottom: Nairobi, Leyla, Kenya and Egypt.

Disclaimer: These shadow images aren’t my own, they’re off the Juvias Place website.

The shades in the palette:

Morocco: Matte Dark Orange

Madagascar: Matte Beige

Sheba: Metallic Fawn

Yaa: Metallic Auburn

Jezebel: Matte Maroon

Zuri: Shimmery Ivory

Cleopatra: Shimmer Royal Blue

Nefertiti: Shimmer 18k Gold

Nairobi: Metallic Yellow Gold

Leyla: Shimmer Royal Eggplant

Kenya: Matte Chocolate Brown

Egypt: Metallic Royal Green.

These shades are something which I would use regularly in different ways but also have some uniqueness to them so that they’re not boring. Something I have noticed about Juvias is that they include a blue or green in pretty much all of their palettes, the pop of blue and now green trend has been a huge thing recently and Juvias do the same. However I feel like having a pop of colour allows you to experiment with colour in different ways and adds interest to a palette. In the Nubian 2 palette there is a blue and green shimmer shade which means that I can experiment with blue/green shadows without buying a full colour palette. I also think that these colours work so perfectly with all of the other shades in the palette and that it is a really cohesive colour story. One thing I adore about Juvias Place’s colour stories is that they are always so rich in tone and shade that the shadow will be flattering for all skin tones and all can use them. The jewel tones are very on trend at the moment and so they make Juvias palettes so much more interesting as they have so many rich jewel toned shades in their range.

I have had this palette for a few weeks now and I have been thoroughly testing it out, I have used every single shade at least once so I have a good idea of how best to use them. I have found with the matte shades that they are pretty pigmented and also really easy to blend, the pigment within the shadow carries and so it can blend out nicely. In regards to the darker shades such as Kenya and Jezebel I find the best way for them to blend nicely and also not go patchy is to pack that shade on first lower down in the crease and then use a lighter shade such as Madagascar and Morocco to blend the edges, this way the pigment doesn’t get dispersed to far up the eye and then looks patchy. It is not usually the way I do my eyeshadow but once I worked out the best way to use the darker shades I haven’t had a problem since. The lighter matte shades such as Morocco and Madagascar can just be tapped into the base and blended out easily enough, I’ve also found with the lighter shades that they build up beautifully so that you can just use that one shade in the transition and the crease and there still is dimension. When it comes to the shimmers they are so easy to work with, since I have hooded eyes I will use a small flat brush to map out the outline of where the shimmer will go and then I will either use my finger or a flat brush to fill in with the shade. I find I get the most dimension and a more foiled look from a shimmer shade when I use my finger due to the warmth and natural oils on my fingers but the flat packing brush still works well for a more metallic look. I have also used the shadows dry and wet and much like any other shimmers the wetness helps it bind more and makes it more metallic than shimmery, but if you want them to look less pigmented and more shimmery then you can use a more fluffy brush to blend it on the lid. I have had very little issues with any of the shades in the palette and I’ve found that the palette is pretty consistent in regards to formula and quality. I would 100% recommend this palette to anybody who likes this shades and I would definitely want to purchase more from Juvias Place in the future as I was so impressed with the formula and colour story.

These are the looks I have created with this palette:

Shades used: Madagascar, Kenya, Zuri and Cleopatra

Shades used: Morocco, Nefertiti, Nairobi and Zuri

Shades used: Jezebel, Leyla and Kenya

Shades used: Madagascar and Sheba

Shades used: Kenya, Madagascar and Egypt

Shades used: Morocco and Yaa.

Shades used: Madagascar, Zuri and Cleopatra.

That was my review of the Juvias Place The Nubian 2 palette! What do you guys think about this palette? Have you tried anything from Juvias Place? What are your thoughts if you have? Please let me know in the comment!

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you like this sort of content then please like, comment and follow so you don’t miss out on anything I upload!

Alex xx


  1. Wow I cannot type clearly lol – literally that 2nd grouping of shades in this palette is calling to me. Also, as I kept scrolling through all the looks you created I kept thinking, “this one is my favorite,” … “no, this one is my favorite” LOL! Obsessed with that super smoked out, purple-red eye!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw you’re so sweet, thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my post. To me the top row gets me the most but the whole palette is incredible. I’ve not found a shade I dislike and really they all work together well. I’m glad you love my looks, I adore the purple one as it really makes my blue eyes stand out but I also love the orange and yellow look as it warms my warm tone lovers heart😍


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