A life update: where I’ve been and what’s happened.

Hello friends, I’m here back again. I’m sorry it’s been a while and I’ve truly missed this. I’ve missed writing and creating content which brings me so much joy but this past month has been so busy that I haven’t been able to do what I love. I mean jack and I went on holiday which was amazing and I had written out a few posts on the plane journey (one of which I’ve uploaded so here’s that for you) but hadn’t really had chance to post it. Then once I got back I was really busy with work and life and then one thing led to another and it was the 2nd October. That was the day my dad passed away. My dad who was fighting for his new chance at life in hospital. My dad who’s body just gave up on him when he was so close to getting his new heart. Obviously this has been a huge huge thing and it has caused me to pull away from things. I’ve not felt up to writing and I’ve just wanted to shut myself away from the world so I can be sad and angry. But now that the funeral is over and I’ve felt what I needed to feel I want to come back. I want to be strong and to keep doing what I love. I want to make every minute matter. I want to live the life he lost out on. So yes of course there will be weeks I won’t be okay and won’t post but there will be weeks where I fill my blog with content I’ve loved to create. I want to do this for myself to look back on and be proud. I want to talk about grief and how it’s effected me, I want people to know that it’s okay to feel and react differently to loss than others. I want to share my thoughts and my passions the right way. So please be kind and be patient, if you love my content then let me know. If you think I can improve on things then please also let me know. I want to collab with people and share their story, I want to advocate for what’s important and promote happiness and positivity. I want to happy and healthy. I want to live a full life and be proud of it. This post is about honesty and connection, I want to let people know what’s going on and normalise feelings. I don’t want to feel ashamed of how I’m feeling and I want to be upfront with people who have supported me. I want to get myself back in track and be okay again.

If you’ve read this post then thank you, if you’ve liked any of my posts thank you, if you’ve ever followed me on social media thank you, if you’ve ever commented or DM’d me thank you and if you’ve supported me in any way thank you. I appreciate this world no matter how big or small of a part I am of it.

Alex xx


  1. You constantly amaze me, Alex. I’m so sorry that you have had to go through this major heartbreak, but your strength and caring for others is so inspiring to me. Sending love your way.

    Will stay on the lookout for whatever and whenever you feel like coming back to blogging. Take whatever time you need. Your talent with makeup will continue to inspire others’ creativity and your honesty and openness will keep touching hearts. You are a truly kind soul. 💜

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