My Current Affordable Skincare Routine (Morning and Night)

Skincare is one of them things in life I have adored for years. It’s something which makes me so happy and gives me 5/10 minutes a day to physically look after myself.

First of all my skin type is normal/dehydrated which means that it gets oily due to lack of hydration but doesn’t really get dry. I wanted to let you know this so that if you want to use these products you’ll know what type of skin it can work on. I also don’t get a lot of spots but if I do they’re usually on my cheeks or around my mouth.

Morning routine

The first thing I do in the morning for my skin care routine is wipe my face with a damp warm flannel. This is to remove the skincare from the night before and to start off my ritual. Then I will use the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser to wash my face and rinse it off using a flannel.

I will then add one pump of the Nip and Fab Dragons Blood Plumping serum to my face and pat it in.

I then pat in a pump of the Alex Steinherr Plump and Go Serum in Moisturiser onto my skin, this product contains hyaluronic acid which is amazing for retaining water in the skin.

My last step for my morning skincare routine is adding two pumps of the Body Shop Vitamin E SPF fluid. I always leave this until the last step so that it is on the top layer of my skin to provide the most protection.

Nighttime routine

For the night time routine I will start with wiping off my makeup using my Face Halo, this removes a decent amount of makeup off of my skin.

I will then go in with the Lush Ultraplant facial cleanser which is an oil based cleanser which will pull all of the rest of the makeup and dirt off my skin. I rub that in for about 60 seconds and wipe it off with a warm damp face cloth. If I feel like I need a deep oil cleanse I will rub this product in using a facial brush to try get it to pull out the dirt deep in my pores.

I always double cleanse even if I’m not wearing makeup, I then go in with the Pixi Rose Cream Cleanser and massage that into my skin for 30 seconds. This I will also wash off using a warm damp face cloth. If I’m going to mask that night I will do it after this cleanse. I have recently been using the Lush Mask of Magnaminty which I hauled last month. This is great for blackheads and active break outs as it dries them out and also breaks them down. If I am not masking I will rinse my face cloth with cold water and press it onto my face to close up my pores.

Once I’ve cleansed my skin, I use a toner. I use the Pixi Glow Tonic on a reusable cotton pad and wipe it across my entire face multiple times. This helps with getting rid of dead skin cells and also with any scarring or marks on my skin.

Then I will add my moisturiser to my face which is the Body Shop Vitamin E sleep-in mask. This hydrates the skin using vitamin E and hyaluronic acid but it isn’t too heavy on the skin that makes me feel greasy. If I’m feeling like my skin needs more hydration I will use the Pixi Vitamin C Caviar Balm to add another layer of moisture.

This is my standard and usual routine however I do have a few products that I use every so often which I enjoy. One of them miscellaneous products is the Body Shop Vitamin C liquid peel, I like to use this product for exfoliating the skin and renewing it. However this doesn’t help with blackheads and when my face is particularly congested I will use a charcoal mask.

That my friends has been my summer/autumn 2019 skincare routine and is one that I am loving. I hope that this helped you with some skincare recommendations and if you have any skincare recommendations for me please leave me a comment.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon!

Alex xxx


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