Colourpop Pretty Fresh Line Review.

Colourpop has recently released the Pretty Fresh range on their website, this line contains a Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Face Primer, a Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturiser, a Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Setting Mist and a blending sponge. This line absolutely spoke to me as I adore lighter coverage bases and also products which will hydrate my skin, this is mainly because I have dehydrated skin which doesn’t have many blemishes so these products are perfect. This range is full of Hyaluronic Acid (which is known to hydrate and support healthy looking skin) and coconut water (which is known to support hydration and skin softness). All products are also dermatologist tested, gluten free, paraben free, and vegan.

I purchased the primer, setting spray and sponge as a set which is available on the Colourpop website, this costed me $25/£19.49 instead of $31/£24.17.

The Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Primer ($12/£9.36)

“Lightweight, hydrating primer that refreshes and preps skin for makeup application. Ideal for combo, dry, and normal skin types”

This primer is a gel type of primer which is really lightweight but hydrating. It blends it out beautifully on the skin and leaves your skin looking glowing and healthy. It personally reminds me a lot of the Too Faced Hangover Primer as it has coconut water in it and it is also really hydrating in a light way. This primer doesn’t do everything some people buy primers for however it doesn’t advertise to do that, it is the perfect hydrating primer. So if you have other needs such as enlarged pores then this primer isn’t for you but if you need hydration and plump skin then this is the primer for you. This primer does have a coconut scent but it hasn’t broken me out or irritated my skin so that hasn’t been an issue for me. I love how the primer is so lightweight because my skin can get oily and it gets oilier when there is too heavy of a moisturiser on it so this being light and water based fits my skin perfectly.

The Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Tinted Moisturiser in Light 6W ($14/£10.92)

“A hydrating tinted moisturiser with skin-perfect, lightweight coverage for fresh and healthy skin”

The tinted moisturiser is the absolute STAR of this show, when I saw this product being released I knew I wanted it straight away and I would check socials every day for a few weeks to get it as quickly as I can. I ordered the shade Light 6W, the reason I ordered this shade was because I much prefer yellow toned foundations on my skin than neutral as they end up becoming much more pink toned on my skin. What’s amazing about this range is that the shade range for an affordable tinted moisturiser is unmatched, there are 24 shades in a range of neutral or warm undertones, and what’s even better is the fact that it is a sheer coverage product so each shade can cover multiple shades of people because of how light the coverage is. This expands the amount of people this range can cover which is so great and at such an affordable price.

This tinted moisturiser is exactly what you should expect, it is a sheer-light coverage which is a lovely texture and feels like nothing on the skin. This is a product which I have adored using because it looks so stunning on the skin and it keeps my face hydrated but not greasy. When using this product I have tried it with and without translucent powder and it still looks great either way. I have also tried it using powder and cream products on top of it and it all works amazingly, which makes it such a versatile product. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know I adore lighter coverage products because of the way they look and feel on my skin, since i don’t have many issues with my skin I don’t feel like it needs more than a medium coverage foundation and concealer. In regards to concealer I always use a small amount of it underneath the tinted moisturiser to cover any dark circles or blemishes I may have, this is so it looks cohesive and there isn’t a stark contrast from light coverage tinted moisturiser and full coverage heavy concealer.

I’ve tried this tinted moisturiser with my hands, a flat top foundation brush and also a few different beauty sponges. I’ve found that it applies best with the beauty sponge, either the pretty fresh one or the ElF one. I thought the sponge would remove product or coverage but it really doesn’t, it just gives it a beautiful even finish.

The Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Setting Mist ($12/£9.36)

“A micro-fine, refreshing setting mist that hydrates for healthy looking skin. Ideal for all skin types”

This mist is such a refreshing and gorgeous mist, the mister itself is very fine which makes it lovely to use and makes it effective when you’re wearing make up as it doesn’t spray a huge amount of liquid onto the face which could ruin the makeup. I don’t find this does much in regards to longevity of the makeup but if I’m honest that’s not what it advertises, just like the primer it aims to hydrate the skin and the spray actually finishes the look off the makeup by helping all of the powders melt into the skin and look more healthy and skin like. I don’t use it to set my makeup all day but I do use it after application for another boost of hydration and to make my makeup look more skin like and glowing. If you just need a spray that will do that for you then this one is perfect and affordable.

The Blending Sponge ($7/£5.46)

“A reusable, multifunctional complexion sponge that evenly and effortlessly blends makeup into skin for flawless application”

This sponge comes in my favourite shape and form, I love that one side is pointed and the other is flat as its really great for multiple uses and products. I love using the flat side of a sponge for my base product and then the more pointed side for concealer under the eyes and in any other crevices, in addition to that i will use the sides of the sponge to sometimes blend in cream bronzer as its the perfect shape for it. This sponge is affordable, soft and very useful, it is a tool I like to have with me as it can be great for finishing touches on the face. For example I will always press over my whole face with my sponge whether I have cream or powder products on to press it into my base and to help it merge effectively and seamlessly.

Looks created with this range:

My overall review:

I adore this collection and everything it stands for, it is definitely the type of makeup I buzz off and it really inspires me to look after my skin more when I’m doing my makeup. I completely overhauled my skincare mentality recently and its made me realise how my skin is dehydrated and so I’m focusing on repairing my barriers much more and keeping my skin hydrated, this means that my skin gets less oily. This collection contains hyaluronic acid and coconut water which adds and retains a lot of hydration in the skin which is what I’ve been looking for. For someone with dehydrated skin and someone who enjoys lighter coverage i cannot say a bad word about this range and I really hope they expand it into other base products because that would be amazing

If you would like to see anymore looks using these products please check out my Instagram at AllThingsAlexx_W

What do you guys think about this range? Is this so you or so ew?


    1. Thank you so much! I’ve adored using this line, I was so hyped for it and I’m so glad it didn’t let me down. It’s a real staple in my collection and I love all of the line. I hope that they add to it soon because I can see it being a hit with a lot of people! That’s so kind thank you, I’ve always found sheer-light-medium coverages much more flattering on my skin than fuller coverage because I don’t have very problematic skin. Please let me know your thoughts if you do get it because I’d love to know what you think of it!


  1. OMG your skin is goals!!! Literal glass skin.

    I loved reading your review because you raise a good point that it is important to remember that this is a tinted moisturizer and not a full coverage foundation… so it will behave as such. I am tempted to try this when I finish my current tinted moisturizer b/c I prefer foundations/skin products that apply best with sponges.

    The Hydrating Hyaluronic Face Mist has certainly caught my eye because sometimes I go way too heavy with my face powder and I need to breathe some life back into my skin lol.

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    1. Aw no it isn’t but thanks so so much. Thank you, I have seen it compared to full coverage foundations and I don’t think that’s how it should be reviewed. Girl do bc it’s a great product for a great price and I’m so excited for the concealer! The face mist is lovely, and it feels so nice when it melts the powders together!

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  2. YESSSSSS. I saw this collection and it grabbed my attention immediately, so I’m really pleased you’ve written a review on it. I always go for full-coverage foundations as I like that poreless, perfect skin but my god if I had skin like you, I’d wear sheer-light coverage products all the time. Your skin looks AMAZING. I’m shook. Once I’ve got through some of my foundations, I’m 1000% going to try this range. Thanks for reviewing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my post today, the support is really appreciated. I’m telling you my lovely that you can get Poreless and perfect skin with this product if you use the right skincare/primers underneath. It might not be as flawless as a full coverage foundation but it can look beautiful. Thanks so much for that comment it is really appreciated. I recommend using the pretty fresh primer for hydration and then the ELF Poreless putty primer underneath this tinted moisturiser for that perfected base look!


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