Review of the Koi x Helen Anderson’s “Shit The Bed, I Have A Shoe Collection” Collection.

In October 2019 one of my favourite internet folk created a collaboration collection Koi Footwear and man did I get excited for it. If you haven’t heard of Helen Anderson then you definitely need to check her out because she is just one of the most wholesome and cool people you will find on the internet. She has such a cool style which she just owns and creates content which she clearly loves and is just so unique to her, I just adore her and find myself regularly rewatching videos of hers because she’s just so fucking real and uplifts me all of the time. That is why I was so excited to hear about this collaboration. Koi footwear is a brand which creates really cool and unique styled shoes at a decent price, now it isn’t the cheapest brand however their quality is amazing and it likes to bring more luxury fashion to a more affordable price point. When I first watched Helens reveal video I was so so excited for her and for the collection and I also was excited to create a review post for the collection as I knew I was going to buy something from it and also wanted to share my thoughts on it all.

Disclaimer: Images are not my own. I bought the shoes with my own money and all opinions are mine.

The “Shit The Bed I Have A Shoe Collection” Collection

The first shoe I am going to review is the Janice Mustard Ring Boot, this is a really cool and vintage looking boot which will be the centre point of an outfit. It has a pretty chunky heel and is a really groovy 70’s inspired boot which I can imagine a lot of people wearing for parties and as a statement piece. It personally isn’t my style but I can really appreciate the colour and the style of the boots, mustard is so IN right now that this just plays up to that trend whilst also standing out in fashion.

Janice Mustard Ring Boot, £40

The second shoe I am going to review is the Janice Leopard Ring Boot, this is the same as the first one but it is leopard print instead of mustard. This shoe is also a statement boot as it is a chunky heeled and pointy toed boot which is perfect for all types of outfits. This can be worn with dresses, skirts and trousers in smarter and more casual occasions. This is a stunning boot which has so much attitude and personality and can draw some attention to the outfit. I can see this boot being great for someone who wants to branch out in their outfits into patterns or colours.

Janice Leopard Ring Boot, £40.

The third shoe in the collection are the only pair of trainers in the collection, these are the Apollo Matrix Platform K Trainers. These trainers are a really cool black and white pair of trainers which have a bit of a platform. They have a space like feel to them which makes them much cooler and statement as a pair of trainers, they can be a really unique piece in your collection as they are not the average trainer. I love the idea of these but I personally wouldn’t buy them as I only like wearing trainers for working out but I can imagine these being really popular for night out looks or to jazz up any outfit.

Apollo Matrix Platform K Trainers, £45.

Shoe number 4 is the Bolan Silver Star Cowboy Boot. This is the most out there shoe in the collection but it fits Helen’s style and personality perfectly. It has such a vintage and glamorous feel to it and so I can imagine it being popular during the Christmas season. This boot is one which I would buy to add shine and a twist to an outfit but it definitely is not an everyday boot for me. It adds some glam to the cowboy style boot which is really interesting and this is not something I’ve seen before. This is definitely for the glamorous diva in you!

Bolan Silver Star Cowboy Boots, £45.

The fifth style in the collection is the Romano Black Studded Cowboy Boot. This style of cowboy boot is much more toned down in shade and is a great way to start wearing this style of shoe. It still has its own personality by being snakeskin design and having small studs on it but it is much easier to style and wear. This is a gorgeous boot and is so Helen to me but also more everyday appropriate. It covers a lot of bases as it is day time, work, date night, party, and night out appropriate as they’re easy to dress up or dress down.

Romano Black Studded Cowboy Boots, £45.

This boot is the Donnington Studded Chunky Boot and is the second to last style Helen created. This boot is for the rocker inside you, it has so much attitude and sass with the buckles and straps. It is a nice chunky boot which is comfortable and perfect for the winter months. The way this boot is laced up it looks more rustic and has a punk vibe to it. This is a boot I would definitely rock if I was looking for a chunky lace up boot. It is a really classic style with a twist, it is perfect for so many people so if you’re wanting to invest in a good pair of chunky lace up Doc style boots then this is your perfect pair.

Donnington Studded Chunky Boots, £40.

Now my friends, I have saved my personal favourites until last, these are the Thunderstruck Bolt Boots. These boots are my “bad ass bitch boots” and that was the reason I bought them. They’ve got such a gorgeous chunky heel and make me feel so damn confident that I need to tell everyone about them. They can be worn everyday with jeans and a chunky jumper or with a dress and denim jacket which makes them the perfect versatile shoe. These have a great platform so they wont wear down too quickly and fit perfectly with my wide size 8 feet. This is the glamorous but edgy boot of dreams and I absolutely adore it.

Thunderstruck Bolt Boots, £45.

Overall I am loving this collection and think it is SO true to Helen as a personality and also to her style which makes it the bit more worth investing in. I think Koi ave great quality and so I don’t mind the bit more pricey price tag, they aren’t overly expensive but they are also priced highly enough that you want to definitely know they’re great quality before you buy them. I am so glad that I own the Thunderstruck and I will be looking into the other ones in the future. If you were to buy one of these styles which one would you get? Or have you already bought some? Let me know all of your thoughts down below.

I have posted a few pics of me wearing the Thunderstruck so do check out my Instagram to see how I’ve styled them so far.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon. If you enjoy my content then please like, follow and comment so that I know that you’re loving my stuff. Don’t forget to check out my socials which are all down below!

Alex xxxx


  1. I had never heard of Koi or Helen before your IG post, but I am loving her style and this whole collection. You looked so🔥 and bad ass in your post. How you paired the dress and the boots was Bomb! ❤️

    I love Helen’s style – it feels so much like my vibe. Have you seen Luanna on IG? She is my ultimate style inspo and I feel like she’d rock this whole collection.

    I am LIVING for those leopard boots and they may become a Christmas gift this year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to introduce you to a solid fave of mine and hopefully a new fave of yours. The shoes are all so gorgeous and I’m so happy with the thunderstruck and I’m eyeing up the rest of the collection too! I’m so glad you enjoyed it my love and I will definitely check Luanna out!


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