#12DaysOfBlogmas//Winter essentials and favourites

Lifestyle Essentials and Favourites

Hot water bottle

For me hot water bottles are an absolute essential and favourite for winter, when I was a kid my Dad would make me a hot water bottle every night of winters so its something I love having. It’s something I will cuddle on the couch watching Netflix or have at the bottom of my bed to keep my feet warm in the middle of the night. You can get so many different types of hot water bottle and now they’re even selling body length hot water bottles. Keep yourself warm and cosy this winter girl!

Flask or water bottle

One thing that people don’t realise about winter is that the weather change and drier air can dehydrate you, so something I recommend is an essential for you this winter is either a flask or water bottle. If you drink hot drinks then try to keep one with you, they will keep you warm, give you a little treat and also keep you hydrated. If you’re like me, however, and don’t drink hot drinks then make sure you have a water bottle so you can keep yourself hydrated this season.

Warming meals

During the winter time my slow cooker spends its life on my counter slowly cooking me warming meals every night. I love coming back on a dark cold night to a warm stew, curry or Bolognese already done and cooked for me to eat, this is something which makes me feel great after a days work. It’s easy, time effective and can be cost effective as it can creat multiple meals. I’m also LOVING having homemade soups for my lunch too as it is a nice midday comfort.

Cozy blanket

In winter my mental health usually takes a complete nosedive and so my essentials and favourites are ones which will keep me warm, cosy and happy. Lovely fluffy blankets are one of the items which do all three of them things. I love having a Sherpa or teddy blanket to keep me comfortable and cosy. So get yourself a blanket and snuggle up watching your favourite show on the couch!

Clothing Essentials and Favourites

Waterproof Jacket

Especially in the North of England, the weather in winter can be harsh and so a good waterproof jacket is an essential. I purchased my yellow waterproof jacket from Sports Direct for less than £30 and it is so worth every penny. It is something which I will use and love on a regular basis ALL winter!

Warm jumper

As soon as September hits I will bring out every single jumper I own and they don’t go away until spring. I love warm jumpers as they are so versatile and also practical, they can be worn in a way which will accessorise an outfit but also to keep you warm. They’re easily worn with leggings, trousers or skirts which means that they can work with every single outfit out there. Jumpers are just essential for winter season and they’re definitely a fashion favourite.


I am somebody who will always wear a scarf during winter, I will just drape it around my neck and cuddle into it to keep me warm and cosy. It’s like carrying around a blanket which I am 100% here for. Scarves are another great way to accessorise your outfits whilst having a way to add warmth to you. They also add a level of comfort to an outfit which makes me really happy.

Winter boots

Boots are something I think is essential for winter as they’re fashionable but also great for the winter weather. Boots are durable and they wear well in different forms of weather, they’re great for rain, cold or ice/snow. My winter of 2019/2020 boots are my Doc Martin Chelsea boots with a fur lining, they’re something I was kindly given as a gift and I know they will last me so well. They’re great for all weather and I can wear them with everything. Winter boots are a must for me and for so many others too.

Beauty Essentials and Favourites:

Good moisturiser

The colder winter weather will dry out your skin like a mofo, so what we need to do is make sure you hydrate and moisturise your skin effectively. This goes for your face, body, feet and hands. Even if you have oily skin you should be properly moisturising your skin and especially during the colder months as it will dehydrate your skin out more and cause more oil production. So I personally use the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream on my face as it is a thick hydrating moisturiser which helps lock in some moisture in the dryer climate. I also love the Body Shop body butters on my body and hands to keep my body hydrated.

Physical exfoliator

With dry skin also comes a need to have a good physical exfoliation once or twice a week. I love using a physical exfoliator as i really feel like I’m getting the dead skin cells and debris off my face which is the goal. I use the Dermalogica physical exfoliator and I see real results with it, however I don’t over exfoliate and I am careful with what physical exfoliator I use because I don’t want to tear or damage my skin.

Lip balms

With the cold weather my lips dry out like nobodies business, and so a truly amazing lip balm is an essential. I have started using the Balm Dot Com from Glossier and it is the most perfect lip balm I’ve ever used. It is thick, hydrating and flavoured lovely. You only need a small amount to really moisturise your lips so it lasts so so well.

Hair Masks

Alongside your skin drying out, your hair can do the same and so I feel like hair masks are really essential for winter. They’re great for giving yourself a pamper day during the darker nights and also for keeping your hair in great condition. I love the Body Shop Banana Nourishing Hair mask as it really feeds my hair and moisturises it so well.

What would you personally say are your top winter favourites and essentials? Do you have anything that’s not on my list? Let me know I’d love to now.

Thank you so much for reading today and I hope to see you around these parts again soon! If you’ve been enjoying my content then please do let me know by leaving me a comment, like and follow so I can get your feedback. Also don’t forget to check out my Twitter, instagram and Pinterest which are left below.

Alex xx

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